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Oral Sex For Her: Cunnilingus

Talking with your tongue

If you would be so kindófor some of the less experienced pussy eater wannabesócould you give us some serious tips and techniques on oral sex? I have read numerous how-to manuals, and not much detail emerges. We need the mouth of champions to speak and weigh in on this issue of cunnilingus. Could we please have your input?   óJohnny Tender

For seriously sexy oral entertainment:

Sssh - Ladies, are you ready for something totally different? Women owned and operated, Sssh features explicit stories filled with passion, fantasy and intrigue, sizzling hot picture galleries and videos, relationship and beauty tips, sexy sex ed, games, recipes, and tons more. Sssh is an active erotic community that is hot enough to curl your toes and interesting enough to engage your mind!

Bright Desire features well-made porn that focuses on the positive aspects of sex, intimacy, pleasure, fantasy and fun. Bright Desire offers a variety of adult content that includes all orientations, though the focus is on heterosexual sex — it’s for women, for men, for everyone. Bright Desire is all about bringing sensual pleasures back into porn, and that's rare in adult entertainment.

Adult Friend Finder

From Tony (L.A.)
When I go down on my girlfriend I inch my way down her body and as I get closer to her pussy, her sweet female aroma gets me more and more excited. Her welcoming legs spread along with the squirms as I gently kiss and lick her inner thighs before making my way to her beautiful sweet spot. She loves that I give her clit my complete attention until she has a wonderful satisfied look and wants me in her. We both so enjoy this equally.

From Mansa
Though my husband is not very fond of giving oral sex, he agrees to it without making me feel too imposing. I love to straddle his face after we wake up in the morning. He is still somewhat sleepy at that time and suckles on my pussy for a while. As the orgasm builds up, I pull his head more in my pussy and he gets very attentive. He sucks my soft flesh with force drinking up my juices. I kiss his face after getting off and wipe my juices off with a towel.

Do not get me wrong, I return oral favor at night before he drifts to sleep with my nipple in his mouth.He suckles on my breasts almost whole night.  When I am under stress, he would have me lay in bed  under covers while he dives under and snuggles his face in my pussy. His gentle suckling eventually relaxes me and I even take a nap. Usually when I wake up, he is still at it until he is sure I am fine. So cunnilingus is not only sexy, it is soothing as well.

From Anantuck
My tongue lingers in the nape of her back where her Nubian black skin glows, it moves downwards and  traces along her powerful buttock ,she shudders pimples that rise alongside her African moans as  my tongue falls into the crevice of both taut black buttocks and rasps around her puckered anus. My  white hand in unison lifts her strong smooth powerful thighs high and apart the shower head and steamy water washes over my face and tongue as I move my head biting gently along her thigh towards her dark mound and open pink vagina gasping and her mouth to for my tongue to fuck her. hard.

From Anonymous
I find it hard to imagine a man who does not love...even crave eating pussy. Why? For me at least the very idea is hugely stimulating. It gives you a sense of extreme intimacy and power, knowing that with your lips and tongue you can control her pleasure and give her multiple orgasm...each time increasing the degree of your own excitement. The only reason I can imagine for not wanting to go down on a woman is hygiene....while some may like it otherwise, most guys prefer a very clean, sweet smelling pussy and are eager to "devour" it and drink her juices until she is literally too weak to continue...then give her at least one more orgasm.

Side note on her sucking cock....nothing is more a turn off than receiving a blow job from someone who doesn't want to do it....and you can always tell!

From Scott
I have to just tell you ladies out there, going down on a woman is one of the most pleasureable parts of love making I can imagine. To make her pleasure the object of your evening is such a turn on.  The moans from her, the wriggling, sheet grabbing and quivering thighs are what I look to achieve.  If men don't aspire to this, they are crappy lovers. I love her taste, her aroma, cupping her ass cheeks in my hands or stroking her body...havig her pull my head closer...OMFG!

The up side for me, beyond her pleasure, is her willingness to bring me to that place too!  The sex for both becomes a fun challenge and smiles are pasted on both your faces.

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