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Younger/Older Relationships
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Horny at Work
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Swing Clubs
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Oral Sex For Her: Cunnilingus

Talking with your tongue

For serious oral entertainment:

X-Art is a high-end erotic site that features beautifully shot photography and high definition video. The site isn't specifically aimed at women but there's a lot here to admire, particularly the high production values, attention to detail and respect for their models. If you want good-looking porn, you'll find it here.

Liberator Cushions are designed to help people of all ages, sizes and shapes, even those with back injuries and other medical conditions, find comfortable ways to achieve extraordinary pleasure. Shapes like the ramp, the wedge, and the stage are excellent tools for elevation, comfort, and creativity. Treat yourself, and your partner, to Liberator Cushions because sex without them is just plain flat!

Sex Art

From Texas
I really enjoy having my pussy eaten.  I've been married to my husband for 16 years and I remember the first time he went down on me I said 'I must marry this man'.  Not only does it feel great but he really enjoys it also.  Either he will just spread my legs and dive in or he will ask me to sit on his face so the juices can drip right down into his mouth.  That really turns me on.  The turn on is often visual. Sometimes he will finger me then pull his fingers out to suck on them or he will sort of scoop his tongue in and then show me my juices on the tip before he takes it into his mouth to swallow.  I enjoy seeing him do that.  And once I finally come, he just sucks my pussy hole until he's satisfied.  Oral is a huge part of our sexual experience.  Sometimes for fun, we will 69 each other and see who can make the other come first. 

From R
It was always hard for me relax when a man, including my ex, went down on me. I always felt I was taking too long to come. Maybe it was the technique. I also thought my cunt was rather ugly, and I was embarrassed so maybe that has something to do with it. I'd like for another opportunity to try though!

From ShockAdvised
I love all of you boys who love their wives and girlfriends so much, and who write such beautiful and honest words about how their vaginas drive you wild with their taste, feel and scent. You are the best men in the world! You're right - so much of society downgrades females and makes them feel dirty, smelly, second-class, or just a sex-object to receive spunk. Your beautiful ladies are so lucky that you love and adore them in the way they deserve. It gives me hope that not all fellas are nasty brutes, sluts or stereotypes. Hey, do any of you have a single brother by chance? *winks*!

From Byron
I loved giving cunnilingus from the very first time I experienced the taste, softness, wetness, and pleasure of such a nice erotic event. I had a girlfriend that introduced me to the pleasure of a blow job, and it wasn't long before she expected and lead me down to her pussy to give her some equal pleasure. I really didn't know what or how to eat pussy, but was willing to go ahead and give it a try. The softness of her bush felt nice against my face. I was intrigued with the musky scent she had left on my fingers after fingering her, and now my nose and lips were right there by the garden of that scent.

I kissed her gently on each thigh, and moved in closer and closer until my lips were on her labia. She was enjoying the attention and I then started to lick her with my tongue. The softness of her labia folds and the taste of her were so erotic. I had a throbbing hard cock being so close to her pussy and enjoying this new experience. I parted her folds with my tongue and felt how wet she was inside and just enjoyed using my tongue on her. I finished the session using my fingers in her since I really had no idea about going to her clit and working her g-spot. But I was hooked and didn't hesitate to go back down on her the next time we had a chance. She started to teach me what she wanted and it wasn't long before we traded giving each other oral sex. Eating pussy and then receiving a blow job was a great way to share orgasms with each other.

From Brina
I adore having my pussy eaten. Pulling his finger(s) from my pussy, he then does what truly drives me nuts, makes me want to scream his name, dig my nails into his shoulders and drive my soaking wet pussy into his face as hard as I possibly can. He sticks his thumb and possibly another finger up my ass. Oh boy does this make me come so hard, I can feel my legs quivering all the way down to my ankles.  The only way I can describe the orgasm is to say it feels as if I'm having three or four orgasms simultaneously. Needless to say by the time he is ready to fuck, I am soaking wet and have already come multiple times in his mouth.

One quick note for anybody that eats pussy, "Leave your ABC's in Kindegarten." Some Men/Women feel as if licking their ABC's as fast as they can is arousing...IT ISN"T. Thank You for reading my tribute to oral sex.

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