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Talking with your tongue

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From Anonymous
When I was married, I hated oral sex, because my ex wasn't gentle and never complimentary. So now I'm with a new guy. One morning he started coffee and came back to bed under the sheets at my feet and went right for my clit. Before I had a chance to recoil from old memories, his tongue was at work all around. The ideal moves, the perfect pressure. Wow is an understatement. Now I want cunnilingus every time. Another day, I knelt over his face and lowered myself down. He described it as watching a beautiful rose opening up for him. That made me really wet. After circling my hips on him, his chin and cheeks were glistening. He told me he had only heard of a wet face but hadn't gotten one until now. My heart pounds thinking of more...

From Kendra
I am close to 40 years old and have never had an orgasm by intercourse. However, when given oral sex, I have quite intense orgasms. I love the younger guys because they want to please me and are usually very good at giving me the most wonderful orgasms. I'm quite sure that men can always please women this way, with cunnilingus.

From David
I'm a guy that absolutely LOVES performing oral sex. Yes I love the taste and smell but, as one poster suggested, it's more than that. Not a lot of women orgasm from only intercourse unless they add some clitoral stimulation. So part of my love of going down on a woman is that I know she will have an orgasm. As one person commented it's also about the control I have. The woman is laying there vulnerable, exposed, and at my mercy. If I stop the woman will beg for more, if I want to prolong things I know to avoid the clit until I'm ready for her to orgasm, and if I want her to orgasm again and again I've got that control by simply using my mouth. Don't get me wrong though because, for me, it's more than the control issue it's that I love a woman who will expose themselves like that so they too have a lot of power.

The key to good oral though is that the guy must listen. Women don't be afraid to talk to your man and tell  him what feels good. Guys if she's not talking to you about what she likes then ask her. Some women like to be licked lightly while some enjoy it rough. Some like direct stimulation of the clit some are too sensitive. Once you find that rhythm though that she likes and she's grinding herself against your face because she's so into it, there's nothing like it. And when she orgasms and your face becomes slick from her wetness, there's nothing better.

From Mansa
I would love to have my husband perform oral on me. He tried but he freaked out while giving it. Learned later that he had claustrophobia. Smell and taste was not an issue here since I always cleaned myself well before we tried although he did not. I also felt he was reluctant to do it though he enjoyed immensely when I did him voluntarily or on demand/request.

I would like to know from men why they are so reluctant to please a woman when they like her to please them. Sex is always about give & take, not just take. No wonder many women prefer to stay single now. At least they are free to mingle with anyone who cares to please them. A happy woman always will return favors to her man.

From Anonymous
I want a man that loves to eat pussy, but they sure are hard to find.  I want him to finger fuck my pussy and ass hard while sucking and massaging my clit.  All the while, I want him to talk really dirty to me.  Tell me how much he enjoys my taste and smell and how hard I am making his cock.  Get me really wet and threaten to fuck me in the ass if I don't come and then do it anyway. 

I also want to eat another woman's pussy while my pussy is being sucked and while I am being fucked.  Do you exist?  I often think I need a man that's been in prison for awhile, so he appreciates a good pussy and wants to literally sleep between my legs.  Where are you Mr Right?  Do you exist? Bring your wife or girlfriend along to play.

From Anon
Guys, first make sure both of you are in a comfortable position.  It might take her a while to come.  I prefer kneeling beside the bed with her hips and pussy right there at the edge of the bed.  Build up by licking her thighs and bush first, to tease her.  Try different tongue strokes on her clit, various directions, varying pressures - she will let you know what feels best.  Also, don't forget her vaginal opening.  Some women want you to lick around it and probe it with the tip of your tongue or with your fingers.  Some might like something similar around her anus, too.  And when she moans or pushes against your mouth, keep doing whatever you're doing.  If you give her great oral, she'll be yours forever! 

From Mr. Eatemright
So let me get this straight...your boyfriend says giving oral is disgusting, but he enjoys getting head. Poor Umbreon, your bf is out of his mind and perhaps you are also for staying with such a selfish man. I suspect if he's so onesided about oral sex, he's probably selfish about other things also. Ditch him and get yourself a good man. [see Umbreon's entry below]

From Umbreon
I don't like the thought of oral on me. My bf told me that he would never do it and that it's disgusting and that totally killed my confidence about it. Now I just think it's oral sex on a girl is just plain nasty. I don't want it ever. I'm happy to perform oral on a guy though, I like it and my bf really enjoys it too.

From Micky
I find that licking my wife's pussy turns me on almost as much as it does her. Sometimes I go down on her just to help get her wet and a little more turned on before having sex and other times I keep going until I take her over the edge. I think her orgasms are more intense with my tongue than my cock. 

From Susan
One of the reasons I married my husband was because of his "pussy eating" ability. The first time we had oral sex I came so often I thought my heart would give out. This is one of the things he loves to do for me. Once he starts down on me with that tongue of his, I'm know I'm in for it. That tongue just sets me over the edge. His tongue in my pussy and a well lubed finger in my ass, and I'm gone. I come so fast and so hard. I've even hypervenilated a few times. I love that tongue so much I even wrote him a poem about it for a Valentine's gift. He travels a lot, so whenever he reads the poem, he thinks of me, knowing I miss him as much as I miss his tongue.

From Nick
Can I make a plea? It may sound like male chauvinism but I dig ladies who completely shave their pussies. I love cunnilingus, always have done, but not when the pussy is lost somewhere in a forest of thick pubic hair that gets in teeth, on the tongue, at the back of the throat choking me to death! My wife has kept her pussy fully shaven since just after we got married in mid 80s and says her enjoyment is a thousand times better than when she didn't shave. I am able to kiss, lick, suck inside and outside her pussy and please her a lot longer than those awful old hairy days and I've managed to give her orgasms on a number of occasions thanks to my uninterrupted appreciation of her pussy. She says it's fun to check the look of surprise on another guy's face, sucking her through panties to start with, then removing them to find her fully shaven, a sight they obviously don't expect that is both sexy and exciting! From experience I know that my wife's fully shaven pussy mode is not common. So, why are ladies loathed to shave?

[Editor's Note: Nick, check out the entries in To Shave or Not to Shave... for a variety of opinions about shaving.]

From Anonymous
I feel wet just reading these entries....I'm on my own now for a few years and quite horny. I'm not interested in a fuck, but a genuine sex blast that includes skilled pussy eating...I love to have my pussy eaten, licked and sucked on. Many times when I use my vibrator, I fantasize that person tonguing me to the highest heights, I shake all over when I feel the tongue lapping up my juices...btw, I love sucking dick, but not while the person is eating me, I want to savor it and then gobble up the cock

From Susan
Roberto, [see Roberto's entry below] there is a double standard here, that you need to realize—and I suspect you already have a good understand of such things. As recent as the late 90's, many young women were very much aware of the fact that saying 'yes, I love oral sex, first date, last date, so what - just do me!!" would result in a derogatory 'slut' label, and possible the end of a solid relationship with a 'good' guy. Or, alas, there goes her reputation, period. (honestly, just think of your high school days, or small town USA.), And, most unfortunate, there's goes her opportunity for good sex.

The problem is asking before the issue has arisen  - so to speak. Rather then ask about the possibilities of oral sex before sex has even become an issue, is deadly. Meaning, you'll get a false answer - you'll get something that's socially acceptable, rather then what she's really wanting. I suggest you wait until that most important and exciting moment, stress how much you like her glorious beautiful pussy, and you'd like to taste her and ask if that's ok with her. Please note that I'm not suggesting you shouldn't ask, I'm very much suggesting you should ask about oral sex at the appropriate time.  I also suggest all men read up on cunnilingus (how-to guides are beyond value, as many women aren't yet comfortable guiding men, and men are not yet comfortable following directions with feeling a blow to the ego), and understand the social & political issues.

This is profound stuff, Roberto, and I applaud you on bring it to the forefront. The more men who ask questions, the better and easier it is for women to respond.

From Roberto
How do women feel about a man who's willing and ready to go down on you the first time you're in bed together? Do you think he's scummy if he wants to? Do you expect it? Do you assume he does it with every female he's with? Is it right or wrong? You may already know that men have a pretty basic perspective on this when the roles are reversed, right?

I ask these questions because back in the late 90s, I was on a blind date that ended up at her apartment, with the two of us planning to have sex that night. As we talked, I brought it up as a question to her, sort of, "Would you like it if I go down on you?" or "Will you let me" or something like that. I know, I know, it's awkward to ask, right? But it wasn't the kind of question I usually asked as a rule, for some reason, I just did, with her. Anyway, she said it was much too intimate an act for someone she didn't know, and that it would come later in our relationship, if things progressed that way. It's been years, but if I remember correctly, we may have discussed her performing oral sex on me, and she had the same view; too intimate for a first time together.

What's the proper etiquette for eating pussy the first time a man is in bed with you?

From Tiffany
I agree with Heather from Texas. [see Heather's entry below] But I do think there are a few men out there who do like going down on a woman. I've met quite a few and here's why I believe they enjoy it: they realize that unlike when men receive oral, when women are being tongued, they become completely submissive. Men who enjoy it have learned that they can pretty much control a woman if they do this right. Especially since so many guys are bad at it and don't like to do it. 

Let me put it another way: I met a man once who hit on me hard. I had no interest in this man. I was not attracted to him, we had nothing in common. He was persistent over many months. One night he drove me home and when we got to my door he whispered in my ear if he could pleasure me orally. Being horny, I accepted. I was heartless in my determination to get a good orgasm having no interest in the man and told him point blank that there would be no intercourse. Needless to say this guy licked and sucked me to the moon. I wound up dating this guy for almost 3 years and was pretty much controlled by the pleasure he gave me. And yes, it was a challenging relationship because we had nothing in common. But oh God.... the things he did with his mouth and tongue and he also could fuck like nobody's business. 

I feel sorry for guys who don't get how important oral pleasure is for women. Guys who do rule!

From Heather in Texas
Even with all that I have read and heard, I don't think I will EVER really believe that any man actually LIKES performing oral sex on a woman. Over the years, it's gotten into my head that men don't really like to do it, partly based on my own bad experiences (and yes, I'm clean and attractive and all that!). I just can't believe that some men genuinely like it. It doesn't gross me out or anything, and it doesn't really matter at this point, but I still can't believe it.

From TrulyBlonde
This site is awesome. I really enjoy reading everyone's ideas and experiences. Having a man down between your legs is the ultimate. I enjoy being licked, sucked and explored for hours. The slower the better. I keep my pussy fully shaved. It is such a surprise for a new partner to see and feel your shaven pussy for the first time. They really enjoy going down on you and licking the clean shaven kitty. Once you've shaved the kitty, you'll never go back. It is very pleasurable to have him start by licking right through your panties. That way he gets a taste and a smell of what is yet to come. I am not a lesbian, but I would like to lick another woman's pussy sometime. Knowing how I feel, when a man is down on me, makes me want to experience the same pleasure. 

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