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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Oral Sex for Him

For a bit of visual fun:

The Fleshlight is hailed as the ultimate male masturbation toy by those who know best—the men who use it. Made of a soft, pliable material that feels remarkably like real skin, the Fleshlight is designed to replicate the sensations of penetrative sex, and oral sex—and it does with remarkable success. The Fleshlight is easy to use, easy to clean, and is 100% safe.

Adam & EveTV is changing how people view adult content. The website's cable TV-like platform contains high quality, big budget programming with some of the most popular performers in adult entertainment. The story driven adult TV shows include award winning features, parodies, and couples friendly porn on any device.


From Gilbert
I was surprised to read just how many sex partners contributing to this topic begin oral sex WITH oral sex. Don't get me wrong, I have yet to kick anyone out of my bed for landing a face-plant on my yucca bush in the middle of the night, it's just that working up to oral sex makes it all the more pleasurable for me. I'm a 48 yr. old male and have had more than a few sexual encounters so I've experienced the "I don't do that" to the "Whip it out, I've only got 5 minutes before getting back to work".

The best oral sex I've had has been when my partner and I explore each other's bodies first with hot passionate deep kissing, caressing, licking (especially my neck and inside my ears), nipple play (licking and gentle sucking), etc. By this time I'm pretty warmed up and have been known to come simply by having my partner lying on top of me or vice versa (I try NOT to let that happen). At that point, having the sensation of a warm mouth taking in my dick is almost too much to control.

For me, long slow dick sucking is much more exciting than diving in for the kill. I make it a point to verbalize "God that feels good" and "Yeah, yeah, oh yeah". That's usually an indication that I'm ready to blow so at that point the slow up and down sucking becomes more frantic. It's up to my partner whether they want to take it in the mouth or not but to tell you the truth, by this point, even I want to see just how far I can shoot my load! A couple of times I was so worked up that I hit my chin which makes the subsequent bursts just as intense (not bad for a guy in his 40's, huh?). Afterward I've been so short of breath that there was concern that I would pass out (which would not have surprised me).

From H. V. Balzac
Here's the way I like it.  First of all, I think the movie "Deep Throat" set the art of cocksucking back a thousand years.  I like my shaft firmly gripped to imitate a tight cunt.  I only need the top couple of inches in your mouth because all the nerve endings are on my cockhead and foreskin.  There's no way your throat can match the marvelous dance your tongue and lips can perform on my cockhead.  So, (1) suck and massage my cockhead in your mouth, (2) firmly jack my shaft at the same time, (3) use your other hand to play with my balls.

As for the issue of coming in your mouth and you swallowing, I couldn't care less.  In fact I prefer NOT coming in your mouth.  Here's why.  Did you ever notice that most erotic movies place great importance on the cum shot?  This is because they are made BY men FOR men.  Men are visual critters.  We like to watch.  A big part of the pleasure of fellatio is you accepting and (hopefully) admiring my most prized possession:  my sex.  I don't want to come in your mouth, nor on your face.  I want you to see and enjoy my ejaculation.  Ideally, you'll be smiling and enjoying it almost as much as I am.  You should be pleased with yourself for giving me so much pleasure and doing it well. 

Finally, I'm just as happy if fellatio doesn't result in ejaculation.  I consider eating pussy to be foreplay, and women should learn that cocksucking can be, also.  If you suck my cock and play with my balls as part of a wide variety of stimulation and positions, when I finally fuck you and ejaculate (after you've come several times, ideally), I will literally explode with pleasure.  So, quid pro quo? Yes, but only if you truly enjoy it.  If she thinks she is doing me a BIG FAVOR by degrading herself to give me fellatio, no thanks! Keep your charity to yourself, thank you.

From Texas
Growing up 'sucking dick', was simply a NO-NO!  Good girls just didn't do it.  And for years that stayed in my mind.  For the first 10 years of my marriage, I never sucked my husband's dick even though he ate my pussy all the time and I thought I should return the favor. But once I began to view it differently and no longer saw it as a 'dirty deed', it became so pleasurable.  Now sometimes, I can't wait for my husband to come home just so I can suck his dick. The enjoyment he gets brings me joy.  My friends still don't talk about sucking dick and I think its because of the time we grew up in.  But I'm sure many of them are slobbing the knob too. We all just haven't completely shaken the stigma.  I'll suck my husband in the car or while the windows are open at home.  The idea that someone might see turns me on.  I love the fact that I'm pleasing my husband that way and don't care who sees.  I haven't yet swallowed but I enjoy when he squeezes his pre-cum into my mouth.  I don't think I'll graduate from that and we are both ok with it.

From Anthony
Honestly speaking, I think that the sexiest thing that a woman can do to a man (and vice versa) is oral foreplay. I must say I enjoyed all the different viewpoint, but the one thing I have to disagree with is a woman spitting on my dick. I realize that every modern day porno movie highlights this act as though it is the ultimate male fantasy. But some of us old fashioned guys prefer that a woman treat our most valued possession as though it were her own private lollipop. To treat it with tender loving care, with a light touch, making sure to give every inch of it special attention. Use her lips and tongue much more so than her mouth. And last but not least, make love to the head, for as we all know every good story starts from the beginning!

From Jack
I haven't had many different partners, but more or less there hasn't been a great deal of difference, except for one girl that blew my mind. I like the feeling of being pulsating hard while the girl uses only her mouth and places her hands on my hips. If I can be standing up while she is kneeling and in front of a mirror then I'm in ecstasy! I don't like the feeling of teeth and I've yet to find a girl that deep throats me or swallows my cum. The best I ever received was from a girl from Uruguay that went quite deep. Slow and deep and being able to watch it all is what I really like. I'm not bothered about being licked, or having my balls sucked.

From Grace
Giving a man a blowjob is one of the most erotic things I've ever done. I love to be pleasured, and I love intercourse, but  going down on a man is an art form in its own right. Part of what I enjoy is that this is the time when my mind is most engaged in his pleasure - and the mind is the most powerful erotic tool.

I remember the first time I gave a blowjob. I was set up on a date with a friend of a friend who was about ten years older and much more sexually experienced. We were staying in a Boston Brownstone, it was summer, and it was stifling inside, even at midnight. We ended up going up to the roof to catch a breeze under the stars. There was a great deal of kissing and foreplay, and I finally worked up the nerve to confront my own curiosity and go down on him.

It was an incredible experience. I was experimenting, trying out the things I had heard about and read about- deep throating, and sucking, and licking. I was eager, and inquisitive, and sought to make it a pleasurable experience for him. It was a novel experience, and I took great pleasure from his satisfaction. I remember him staring up at the night sky with this blissed-out expression on his face.

Afterwards, I talked about it with my best friend, we talked about it in detail, and had concluded that the defining factor was not our experience (we had little to none) but our enthusiasm and honest desire to see to the man's pleasure, unlike so many women they'd been with before, who'd given oral as a chore or out of a sense of obligation and reciprocity.

 I am a firm believer that if you don't like oral sex, it's because you haven't had the chance to enjoy it, not that you never will. Getting your mind engaged, finding mental stimulation in the power you have over him may even lead to physical stimulation. Remember that there are many techniques- deep-throating may be something you despise, so instead you might try licking and sucking at the tip like he's a lollypop, or using your hands to enhance the experience. Find an element that you can enjoy, and I guarantee he'll end up enjoying it all the more intensely.

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