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Oral Sex for Her
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Swallow or Spit
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Why Do People Cheat?
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Swing Clubs
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Oral Sex or Intercourse?

What is your preference
Tell us why ...

Lots of preferences here...

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From The Husband
After nearly 40 years of marriage, nothing beats intercourse as the full-bodied expression of your love for each other. It's fortunate to occasionally come together during intercourse, so much the better! Holding each other tightly, feeling the urgency of each other's nearing orgasm—tongues licking, fingers teasing—and then thrusting together deeply as you explode inside her, well for me that reminds me of how much I love her and she loves me.

But for sheer, raw, hot, self-serving orgasms, oral sex is the best! Early on, before we were married, we taught each other what we liked best. My wife was a great teacher! There is just nothing like the sweet taste and aroma of her wet pussy! I love licking her gorgeous labia, looking up at her and being so aware of her pleasure as I part her folds with the tip of my tongue. When she's really, really aroused, her clit is noticeably hard and I know I need to suck it and lick it, then back off, then do it again… really teasing her until I take her all the way. Her heels kicking into my shoulder blades as she screams out and thrashes on the bed makes me so very horny!

This is part of what makes oral sex so great…. You are completely giving to the other person, totally for their pleasure. It's a wonderful and beautiful gift that is intended solely for their enjoyment.

From A Male Viewpoint
I had an affair with a married woman who once casually mentioned that her husband would be happy with (receiving)  oral sex exclusively.  Well, I like it all, but prefer having my cock sucked as foreplay.  When I want to come and ejaculate, nothing even comes close to the feel of a tight cunt.  As for giving, that's a different story.  I like giving cunnilingus a lot!  I like it all, the look, the smell, the taste of a woman's pussy.  I like to help her have mind blowing orgasms and feel her clit pulse against my tongue and her cunt squeeze my finger(s).  And after giving I always have a more intense orgasm.  This isn't all in my mind either.  After licking pussy, I'm practically squirting pre-cum, and when I finally release my semen, my load is bigger and juicier than a quickie, for example.  But that's just me.  Everyone is slightly different.

From Stacy
Oral is good, intercourse is nice, but vibrators rock my world. (my fav is the Mystic Wand). Which means put all three to good use, and sex goes into orgasmic heaven.

From Pat
Well, if I had to choose one or the other for the rest of my life, I'd choose oral in a heartbeat. I get orgasms from oral, where I don't from intercourse. At least, not the same kind or intensity.

From Anonymous
Oral oral oral - yes give me a guy who knows how to kiss a women down under, and straight to bliss. He's a gem of the rarest sort. Afterward he can have all the intercourse he wants, or anything he may want. I'm a gonner, and all his.

From Greg
I enjoy both intercourse and oral sex. But I think right now receiving a blow job to completion is above intercourse. But I think that is because I fuck much more than I get a blow job, so it is something I really want to have a chance to enjoy again. Just thinking of having her lips on my hard cock and her hand stroking me while she uses her mouth is a huge turn on. I would just love to release my cum in her mouth. I don't care if she swallows or spits, I just want to feel a good squirt of cum from oral stimulation.

From ApathyKiss
As with all sexual preferences, it depends on the lover and depends on what I am trying to accomplish. Mainly I would choose oral. As intimate as intercourse is, I also enjoy the intensity of it. But I have to say that a lover's skilled tongue gives me paralyzing orgasms that can't compete with a cock. Especially since I know I don't have to work, I just have to lay back and enjoy. That is what I like about giving oral as well. I can concentrate on the task at hand and not have to worry about if I am going to get off as well. I am only worrying about getting him where he needs to be - enthralled.

From A Man
Hope this forum isn't only for women ... I rather be face down between a women's legs, than dick deep. There is something facinating about women's vulvas, all those folds and lips, clits, such fun to play with. Of course intercourse is good also, a nice way to finish. But not nearly as engaging.

Now as for a blowjob, I'll take that over intercourse anyday, everyday, all day! So yes, my preference is, without a doubt, oral.

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