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Anal Sex for Straight Men

A penetrating question

How many men have a craving to be penetrated, but can't bring themselves to ask for it? I'm not thinking of gay men here, but straight men. Penetration is, semiotically, so full of meaning in most cultures. It is seen as an act of domination. There is also a perception that to penetrate someone is to feminize them. All this might make it very hard for a man to seek out the experience of being penetrated, for fear of all the implications. Anyone have any experiences on this?  �remittance girl

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Adam & Eve

From Miguel
I would really enjoy trying this, unfortunately my wife is a little shy about it. we did d it once and have several fingering expirences that were very exciting for me. I have expirmented with vibs. when no one was around. feeling myself streching and in & out sliding across my prostate can rev up some very wicked orgasems.

From Anonymous
I received regular enemas growing up from my mother and older sister. they were not mean to be sexual, I grew up in the 50's in the south. Most kids got either laxatives or suppositories routinely.

I went camping with 3 older boys for a weekend camping trip for the scouts. We were camped next to a lake and went skinny dipping. Afterwards we were sitting around a camp fire and talking. The older boys had brought beer. I drank one but didn't care for it. One of the boys asked me if I had ever had a pee enema. I had no idea what it was and he volunteered to show me. He had drank 3 or 4 beers so he had a large supple of pee. he had me lay on my back and lifted my legs up and lubed both me and his penis which he slowly pushed inside of me. I tried to push him off but he said it was part of the enema and he had to put his penis in me so that he could empty his bladder.

After a few minutes it felt really good and the other two boys gave both of us advice on what we were doing. This was before the internet and when this kind of information was not readily available for kids. I had no idea what was going on but it felt much better than any enema I had experienced.  after about 5  minutes, he pushed deep and I could feel his penis convulsing. He told me to hold still and wait for his penis to go down and then he started peeing.

The pressure of his peeing was really good, I never had an enema that felt like that. Once he finished, he pulled out and I went into the woods to expel and then to the lake to wash off. Over the weekend all three boys gave me multiple pee enemas. When I got home, I asked my uncle if he had ever had a pee enema and he got really mad and spanked me. He told me that was something good boys didn't do so I didn't repeat it.

From Rob
I've enjoyed anal sex ever since I started jacking off. Have used many items to make me come. Anal orgasms are the best! Had an old girlfriend who really liked it when she found out I liked anal. First one to fuck my ass with a vibrator. Last girlfriend wanted to watch me with another guy. Never happened, but she set me up with a guy who I fucked and sucked. She loved hearing about it. I'm bi and enjoy having anal with both men and women. Most women are turned on by either fucking me or wanting to watch me with another guy. Can't wait for MMF 3some!

From John
I love the idea of a real man coming in my ass, although I have never as actually done it. I stick to a rubber cock and lube. I would love to be sucking another guys cock (something I love to do) while my wife watches. We'll see! I am also thinking about getting a strap on for her to use on me, but she is kind of freaked out about my cock sucking, so I don't know if she would be into it.

From WD
Anal play and penetration lie at the center of my sexuality. Ever since I started masturbating as an adolescent, I have fingered my anus and inserted objects. That desire was strengthened by my college girlfriend, who was older than me and rather dominating. Many times when I wanted to have intercourse she would insist instead on penetrating me. She would say, “Assume the position,” and I would face down naked on the bed as she lubricated my hole and fingered me while rubbing her mons against the back of her hand. She would come first, and when it was my turn, the orgasms were so intense I would shout in ecstasy. That relationship, coming as it did when I was so young, gave me a strong and permanent anal fetish.

From Pluggedman
I'm a gay man, but I am not surprised at the number of straight men who are unabashedly into anal sex for themselves. I've encountered this in many of the forums I read. Perhaps the only disturbing trend is when some men indicate that they are not gay, have no interest in men, and don't feel they should be labeled even a little bit gay because they're into anal sex, dildos, strapons and butt plugs. Is it really necessary to disavow gay men and being gay to make a point?

Straight guys, there's no shame in being into anal. It's great for the prostate, and it's actually good for curing hemorrhoids, especially if you're sedentary, like me. I find a butt plug, kept in place for hours at a time helps work those anal muscles, keep blood flow to the anus, and get rid of the roids. I've only been plugging for about six months on a regular basis, and in that time, my anus is healthy and happy and hungry for a plug. I once went 20 days with my plug in place (with time out only for bathroom breaks, cleanup and re-lubing. I am plugged for most of the day and night.

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