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Anal Sex for Straight Men

A penetrating question

Curious about anal penetration?

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sex art

From Curtis
An old girlfriend introduced me to this many years ago. She was teasing me, alternating between blowing me and licking my perineum.. Just before one of the biggest orgasms of my life, I realized her fingers were in my ass rubbing my prostate.  With my body still shaking, she slid up to me, I grabbed her head, pulled her to me and kissed her while she still had a mouthful of cum. It was a very intimate experience physically and emotionally.  I started wondering then if I'd like to be fucked with a strap on, but our relationship ended before it could happen.

My wife and I tried a feeldoe strap on, but it didn't turn out to be the experience I had hoped for. She's  less adventurous sexually, and she felt it was awkward. Her hesitation and awkwardness didn't allow for the feelings of trust and intimacy I had been hoping for.  When I submitted to her like that I had hoped she would enjoy the control and understand what a huge sign of love and trust this act represented. That's been almost four years ago. I'm hoping with patience I can convince her to try it again.

From Anonymous
I'm a wife of ten plus years, have enjoyed many aspects of my sexual life with my husband. I consider us to have a fun and fullfilling sex life together. I spanked my husband for being bad, of course, which most men are. Then afterwards I lubbed up my dildo and fucked him in the ass from behind and with him laying on his back. I have to say him on his back and me laying on tope of him gave me the best feeling ever to be in control of my husband. To hear him say "oh my god" over and over while I fucked him in the ass turned me on so much. then to watch him jack himself off, while I kept fucking him in the ass with my dildo was the best sight and sound ever. The look on his face was pure estasy. I can't wait to do it again. I recommend any married/couple who want to experiment in great sex should try anal sex at least once or twice in their life, for both men and women.

From Anonymous
I have enjoyed having my ass penetrated for years. I am not gay and have not been with another male. I love the feeling of being penetrated by beads, plugs, my fingers and my new toy, the All American Whopper from Adam & Eve. It is 8" by 1 1/2" and has a suction cup end that really holds it in place. It is made of cyberskin and feels like a real dick. It vibrates for great P-spot stimulation.

From William Jones
I have been enjoying anal sex for over 20 years.  I first learned of it in the military where I met a German lady.  She taught me a great deal about tantra and other things as well.  Currently my wife and I have experienced anal sex. I have awesome orgasms.  I really like it pounded in there but I don't ever consider being with another guy.  She is still shy about doing it to me so it takes my encouragement. But to end this on a good note... girls, most men enjoy being fucked by their wife or significant other (woman).  Try it !

From Bear
You don't hear about straight men having anal sex, but one would be surprised how commonplace it is . It was back in the late 90s when I had my first experience . Soon I got to where I could tighten and loosen up voluntarily and not have an orgasm for an hour and even longer. I recommend a man start off small and work their way up . Like a woman you will enjoy a particular size more than another as it will give a better orgasm and feel . You don't have to have a horse cock to enjoy anal penetration. My comfortable size is 1 7/8 but I can handle up to 2 3/4 in diameter, though I like the fullness. The smaller gives a kind of fullness but yet I can last a long time and the humping lasts far longer as it takes longer to reach orgasm.

From Gary7
It is a special night when the wife puts on the harness and oils me up. She takes me from behind and I'll feel the tip begin to enter me. And with one gentle push I feel her enter me. I stroke my cock as she goes in and almost out and then in again each time it feels deeper. It's not to long before I ejaculate and orgasm anally at the same time. After she pulls out of me and takes her harness off she lies back and spreads her legs and my mouth go to work on her pussy and asshole. When she is nice and wet I'll climb on top of her and fuck her till we come together.

Guys if you've never experienced an anal orgasm before you have to try it. Most dildos work but if you really want something intense beads that start small and get bigger are the best. I am amazed by the things she gets inside me. And I'm not gay but the cock ones with the head and veins are pretty hot too. Try it you'll love it.

From Dan
I am not gay as I do not fantasize having sex with men or having relationship (like picking out curtains or anything) but I have often wondered what it would like to have a real member in me. I have tried a few different toys but they are not the same thing even though I have had some mind blowing orgasms. If given the chance I would love to have a threesome with a couple of lovlies and while I am putting it to one of them the other slides what I assume is the business end of a strap-on but it turns out she is a transvestite and comes in my bum. All three of us could then spend the weekend trying different positions including strap-ons and using each other's bodies including anal dp oral and anything else our perverted minds could come up with. I think everyone should experience this at least once in their life!

From Ralph
After 13 years of marriage I finally asked the question, please finger me! While laying back on pillows in bed with my cock and balls in rings displayed out for the world to see, my wife began to lube by shaft and sack I asked her if she could finger my hole and she said yes! I had a full length mirror on the side and the sight of my naked thighs raising my hips in the air for her to rape my virgin ass while spread eagle was unbearable!  As she penetrated me my cum shot through those confining rings onto my nipples! My arms went numb with ecstasy!

From Paul K
I have been enjoying anal sex for many years, since my wonderful wife first used a vibrator on my then virgin ass. After awhile I purchased a strap-on for her to wear, I can honestly say my wife has a large cock. I really enjoy the pounding she gives my ass, but I have had only one real orgasm from anal sex. And I have been trying to figure out how she made me come without me jerking myself off. Well I think I have finally figured it out.

I have been using a ten inch vibe on myself and normally only get the pre cum dripping from my cock, what I have learned is in order to get the actual cum out is I must go deep in my ass with the vibe until it feels like it can't go any further in then bear down as if I were having a bowel movement. That's when I can feel myself starting to come, not just pre cum but the nice thick man creme starts oozing from my cock, the thick tasty stuff.

From Jonathan (south Africa)
I had no interest in anal sex or being with a man. I then had a massage and the masseur's fingers went between my ass cheeks and past my anus. To my surprise I started getting an erection and every time his fingers passed thru my cheeks I felt myself arch my back involuntary. This happened a couple of times and then he must of realised that I was enjoying it. He then deliberately paused his finger on my anus and each time I pushed back at it. Finally, I could take no more and eventually asked him to put his finger in me. He was obviously very experienced as he got to my prostrate and massaged it. I had the most intense orgasm ever.

I left there with very mixed emotions and questioned my sexuality. After a few weeks I went back for another massage and continued to go back for more. It took about three months before I could muster up the courage and eventually asked him if he would consider giving me the real thing. He obliged and very cautiously and loving broke my virginity. The feeling of his cock in my arse and the banana shape massaging my prostrate drove me wild. I continue to have my monthly massage and of course look forward to being penetrated by my masseur. Sorry that I missed out for so long.

From Stephen
I got into this a few years ago with this woman I knew from the city. I'd been in a sexless marriage for decades... and moving into a much freer relationship meant the door was wide open. We did lots of things, and she thought exploring some backside fun with me was a great idea. We got into it too. I never had an orgasm from it. I think I'm one of those guys where the penetration kind of blocks some of the spiking possibilities (I read about that in Tristan Taormino's book on anal sex), but I liked the feelings a lot. I also got pretty good at doing myself that way.

One last comment, is I've read other postings about anal play where the guys feel they just have to say, "And I'm not gay.." I think that's silly. It's my body, and what feels good to me, regardless of how it happens, is what feels good to me. A loving woman, who's into creating pleasure in my body, is not making me into someone else. Lots of guys on guys like to fellate each other. why not? But because my lover also likes to, she doesn't make me feel gay. She makes me feel great!

From Kevin
Anal Sex for straight men is great. It is not submissive and doesn't make you gay. As with all sex, with the right person, and at the right time, whether you're male or female, whether you're the giver or the receiver, anal sex can be very satisfying. If you have never received anal sex and you would like to try... make some preparation. The anal ring needs to used to stretching to accommodate a penis or dildo - otherwise you are likely to find it very uncomfortable. Buy yourself a small butt plug and get used to wearing it... then buy another, larger, one and get used to that.

Make sure you have a good water based lubricant - never vaseline. Yes, it is wise to be prepared - you don't want to end up with a mess, so have an anal douche before penetration. The first few times - GO SLOW - whether you're the giver or receiver. And if the receiver says "stop", then "STOP"

From Hans
I've been enjoying anal sex ever since my girlfriend put beads inside me. When she pulled them out as I came the feeling was like no other. We began to play with larger objects until she put her entire hand in me. I came like never before. The best part is that she got off on it. That's the key. When your partner enjoys doing it. Since we split it's been hard to find another woman who's into it. I did meet someone who loved strapping one on and we have a 18" double dildo that we both use. It's a lot of fun. I have found that I like really big things in me. She actually put the entire 18" in me. I love women doing me but couldn't ever touch a man. Girls, most men like it. They don't because they think they are gay. Girls like it, are they gay? Play with your man's ass.

From Doug
I can not believe how much I love anal sex, my wife pegs me about once a week. I would never want to be with a man—but my wife wearing a harness and dildo drives me insane. When she fucks me it is so intense. I moan—I tell her I love her over and over. When she first enters me—I go insane until she is done. It scares me how much I love it. My ass needs to be filled at least once a week. I think I am addicted to it. At first my ass was a little sore a day or two after—but a good sore. Now it is not sore at all. Guys if you want it from your wives or girlfriends—just ask. I  am so happy I asked. Best thing that ever happened to me. And my wife loves doing it to me. She can't believe how much I love it. I love her.

From Oxartes
Well, I certainly can't speak for any straight man other than myself. It's not the fear of being perceived (by others or myself) as feminized or submissive but it's the choices one makes about the life one wants to lead & who one wants to lead it with that often obviate the possibility of ever fulfilling a craving or desire to be penetrated. Other desires take precedence over this one and relegate this one so far down on the totem pole of possibility that it's pushed out of reality into a small, well-concealed, deeply hidden section of our consciousness, where it will never see the light of day and indulged only as an occasional fantasy.

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