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Sssh, erotica for women

From Francine
I'm a 50-year-old woman, and my opinion is that shaving the pubic hair is a fad that young people have infatuated themselves with. I grew up in the 60s and 70s, and pubic hair was considered sexy. To me, it still is. Woman look like women with hair, they look like little girls without it. I've never shaved it off, but only recently have I begun to trim lightly. No matter what anyone says, I prefer unshaven.

From Georges
I guess I'm surprised, actually, by the number of women and men who claim to prefer shaving.  I don't know why that's surprising.  I used to shave -- at least my bikini line and often my pussy and ass as well, though never my mound -- and I did like the smooth feeling of my skin against my panties.  It was also what my ex-husband preferred.  Ultimately, he was squeamish about a number of things in bed and I've come to resent his preference and the implication that I'm somehow "dirtier" with hair.  With a full bush I am perhaps less neat but no less clean, as I bathe regularly like a normal human.

Anyway, I occasionally trim, but no longer shave.  I know they say it's only a myth that when you shave your hair grows back thicker and coarser, but it certainly seems this way to me.  Aside from that, I prefer it this way.  I like to feel that it's there, tickling me, when I masturbate; it makes me feel sexy and womanly.  My partner likes it, too.  He loves my natural pussy and became almost indignant when I offered to shave for him.  My hair certainly doesn't prevent him from going down on me, which he does often, thoroughly and well.  And, like Rebecca, I have found that men who like natural hair are kinkier and more fun in bed.

From Rebecca
I tend to prefer having a small, triangular shape but during the winter months I usually let it go natural. However, I let it go full bush depending on who I am dating. I have developed a theory about men and the hairy bush; men who enjoy hairy armpits, bush, and legs are extremely kinky in bed and open to all kinds of sexually deviant behavior! Yum Yum

From Anonymous
I think it's true for most males that the appearance of pubic hair is a source of intense pride. I remember feeling so much more adequate about undressing in front of other males -- whether it be my Dad, my brothers, classmates in PE class --after I'd developed a bush. I still feel that way about my own pubic hair (and body hair, for that matter.) It's a masculine trait and I'm glad to have it.

But -- and here comes my double-standard -- when it comes to women, I have to say, I prefer little or no bush. One of my guy friends tells me it's only fair that I should shave, too, if a hair-less pussy is my preference. But I neither have the desire nor the time. And so far, I haven't heard any complaints, either. I strongly dislike women with hairy legs, by the way, but hairy armpits is kind of a turn-on, on the right woman.

From Anonymous
I like a full thick hairy bush in the winter and shaved in the summer. I think a blonde or redhead should show it off though

From Anonymous
After some nagging my wife shaved it all off just to please me. That was years ago. She didn't like it and let it grow back. I didn't mind I just wanted her to try it once. Years later she started to trim it some and I started to shave my cock and balls. Things progressed for both of us. I started to shave a little more. Then she surprised me and went totally bare again. I love it! Since then I have gone totally bare too and we both love it now. I feel so much more kinkier when it comes to sex. It makes for great oral sex too. I definitely urge you to try it.

From Jeff
I shave my pubic area, except for a little spot above my tool. It's been this way for years and I love it. It's so comfortable and I feel much more sexy for my wife and myself. It makes me want to walk around naked at my house all the time. I like it so much when I go out I no longer wear underwear. I just wear the shorts.

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