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The Scent of a Man

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I was wondering about the scent of men, in particular their semen. Could you tell just by sniffing the air that someone had come, or would you need one of those special detection kits they use in police forensics? In my experience, it does smell, and I've always thought the scent was usually influenced by diet. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? Does the scent of a man turn you on, or off?  —Helen

The best smell in the world is that man that you love.    —Jennifer Aniston

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From Emma
I believe scent is the ultimate turn on - IF the man is compatible with you.  My Ex STANK and often his spunk did not taste very good. My current BF, smells amazing tom me no matter what he has been doing - gym, backpacking, camping, working in the yard.  He tastes fantastic as well.  I think everyone has a scent all their own, after all we are still animals...

From Tickled Pink
My personal opinion is this. We are what we eat. I find the same is true of both sexes. I was told once by a very close friend that taking garlic pills would ward off mosquitoes and guess what? She was right. I went all summer without being bothered by the little bastards. However, my partner shied away from putting his mouth near my pussy. I asked him why one night and he confessed. "Because you smell and taste like garlic! Even kissing you tastes like garlic!" Well, that stopped then and there, I'd rather take my chances with the mosquitoes and enjoy good sex.

He learned one day he loves asparagus, however I didn't need to be asked I simply told him one day. "You're cum tastes bitter and leaves a nasty taste in my mouth all damn day that even toothpaste cannot help. Cut down on the damn asparagus would ya? PLEASE?" It was so cute to see him blush.

So more on the scent of a man. I personally like it, so long as there is a mental commitment involved. If I love him, if I know he's into me, I will drown myself in his dirty T-shirts, and even take a wiff or two of the "front side" of his briefs. The only thing I do not like is when he hasn't washed his ass. Guy's you have more hair in between those cheeks than we do, so if you like us girls tongue bathing your balls get in the crack with the wash rag will ya? In fact knowing you have taken the extra effort makes us feel good. It let's us know you appreciate us enough to give a shit. (pun intended)

From Jane
As a mom with teenage boys, I can promise you that dried semen does have a scent! I discovered this soon after all my expensive moisturizer kept disappearing. Two pieces of advice: boys need to dispose of the evidence so this is a good way to get them to take care of their own laundry. Secondly, take them shopping with you at the pharmacy and comment how they should get some inexpensive hand cream in case their skin gets dry. They'll stop fliching your expensive bottles.

From Cathy
I think man has his own scent but there are some things in common. I believe it does have a bleach scent, not real strong. I prefer when he's eaten sweets, it makes his cum sweeter, and I just love my sweets. But I have found that the smell for me at the end is somewhat that of the ocean. I can't even explain how it is. I have on a few occasions throughout my life have had a couple men that it smelled very unpleasant. I never saw them after that. To me it is like a man saying that a woman smelled really bad. Nothing is bad without a reason.

From Nadine
I was 21 when I first experienced male ejaculate, and I've had about 8 or 9 sexual partners in my entire life. I've found that semen definitely DOES smell, and I liken it to bleach. I've never gotten used to it to the point that I revel in it, but I find it more tolerable than I used to. When I watch a video wherein a woman squeals in excitement at getting a facial, or where she accepts it in her mouth, I always wonder how much they're getting paid. I assume it must be a LOT of money, because I personally don't like the taste OR the smell of it. I will admit, however, that if someone offered me about $1500 or more to film an oral sex scene, I'd give an Academy Award-winning performance!

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