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For the Girls

From Volponia
My ex's semen smelled and tasted faintly of bleach. Or, considering how seldom he used that sucker, maybe it was formaldehyde...

From Meranda
In my experience, most healthy men don't have much of an odor to the semen itself, although there is a residual odor of sex that is kind of the spent pheromone of the chemical mix of he and she. That being said, I've always had a thing for older men, and most of my partners have been considerably older. I've found that as a man ages, he does develop a scent to his semen, I think it may have something to do with medications or vitamins, or maybe even lack of chromium, which is a natural deficit as a man ages.

From Cervo
Semen has a salty smell to it that is subtle but quite distinctive. That is possibly because there is a background scent that some say is like crispy fried onions, or musk (on an ox which has had several baths).  I believe the scent when allowed to accumulate during a day of active recreational sex tends to be more on the order of the lemony scent of Hollandaise with just a hint of roast garlic.

From Fabienne
Several years ago, I had a particularly nasty sore throat. The Dr. suggested I gargle with warm water with a tablespoon of peroxide in it. I no sooner had the mixture to my lips when I was overcome with a feeling of Deja Vu. It may sound strange but when it came time to spit it out, I felt like I was somehow disappointing a lover. That's just my take on semen.

From Laila
My girl friends and I have often talk about the scent of guy's cum. There was several ideas but all of a sudden we all came to a result -- it is a scent of mixed mushroom and the Camembert cheese. But the main thing is that the guy isn't afraid of soap and fresh water. What can be nicer than soaping each other up and after: Go for it! That's my opinion, and a lot of women's too.

From Anonymous
My guy rubs limes on his forearms after work to get rid of cement splatters. He's done this daily for years and for the life of me, the scent of lime and construction sweat is the biggest turn on. Even after he's showered, he carries this scent like he was born on a sunny day in a lime orchard. Some days I give his body a scrub with limes and brown sugar because it's a scent (and taste) that I associate with him. His gym sweat on the other hand does nothing for me but make me wish he would shower before coming home. I don't know, they shouldn't smell differently and maybe it's only in my mind.

Still, when he is aroused, he smells healthy and earthy like dirt, sweat, sunshine, cold water. There is this smell he has, past the sweetish sour scent of his cum. I can't describe it but man, it makes me hungry for him and willing to take every taste of him I can get. It's like the scent comes from that spot under his cock where his balls meet it. Damn! I've got to call him.

From Kendra, 33
I agree with the people who liken it to a bleachy smell.  I find it offensive—which isn't to say that the man is doing something intentionally to insult anyone, however.

From Jim
Absolutely. Semen has a distinct odor which varies somewhat from man to man, and from when first ejaculated to after a bit. I can smell my own easily, can't say what it smells like ... sex, I would say. It's not a disagreeable scent, although sometimes it is. And has a stale odor when dried. My partner's semen smells different from mine. But yes indeed semen has a scent. And yes, it changes considerable after certain foods, illness, or even times of the month. 

From Sedona
I think as far as women are concerned, most contact with semen either comes from tasting it or wiping it off! First off, I have above average olfactory sense. I can smell sickness, booze, and emotional turmoil in everyone in my family. In my husband I can smell it when he is sexually aroused before the Groucho Marx eyebrows and the come hither stares. I'm the local bloodhound of the family - it kicked up when I was preggers and never went away. Part of our afterglow is me smelling his chest hair. I just can't get enough of it.

Anywhoodle, fresh semen does have a faint odor but it's not very strong. It's almost like that kind of aftertaste of a smooth wine, just the barest hint. In my husband, it's just the smell of him - a little earthy, a little musky. Yes, it does change a bit, but since hubby eats pretty much the same thing all the time, I'd hypothesize that as women have a hormonal cycle, so do men. How to describe the change in smell is difficult, because the taste is much easier to quantify - he is tangy(er) at times. However, when the stuff dries it smells STRONG - Oil Essence of Viking type strong.

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