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The Scent of a Woman

Are you aroused by the smell of pussy?

scent of a womanWhen you first meet pussies, they tend to have a soft, buttery smell. When you really get them to the point of drooling and smirking as pussies like to do, they can develop everything from a deep earthy smell to a lively sour aroma like sweet fruit. I can think of nothing that men discuss more and in greater detail, and know less about, than pussies. Can anyone tell me why pussies all smell and taste so different? Is it a matter of diet? Is it some other factor? Do you know how your pussy smells and tastes? Does the scent increase as you get more excited? Are you aroused by the reactions of lovers who became fascinated by your scent?   —Cervo

Lovely women so close, you can almost smell them...

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From Tony (California)
I'm a single male in my early 50's who has had the pleasure of being with many women. The scent of a woman has always turned me on and made my erections firmer. While in bed with my current lady, I whispered "I love the way you taste" which sent her wild with desire. There is something so sexually basic about not only a woman's pussy but the delightful aroma of the female body.

From Gordonviolin
Reading—no, experiencing—these comments, I am back in the heady day of college romance—the delicious months leading up to a first kiss—yes, it took months in those days, but what wonderful months; walking with her, my arm round her waist, wondering what the rest must feel like.

It was six months before she tentatively lifted my hand against her left (yes, I even remember that detail) breast. The reward for waiting was the evening when she softly told me that there was only one place I hadn’t touched. “I’m not sure how I’ll feel,” she said, “but I want to be ready for you when you do.”  She took her hand down with mine, and together we touched her. She received my fingers into her. Alone afterwards, I relived every minute of our relationship as I savoured the essence of her on my hand. Do they still do courtships like that today? I hope so. Certainly I still vividly remember that first scent, and I have never known a lady whose intimate scent doesn’t go to my heart. I understood it was scientifically established that the scent is so designed, but I never was a scientist. I shall continue to follow my heart.

From Anonymous
Pussy scent drives me insane, The smell on panties, Or sniffing her spread open Kitty, Makes me want to masturbate. Its heavenly smelling. Woman its awesome smelling you. What a turn on. The stronger the better. When I was younger , I would sniff my fingers on my way home after a date, Awesome!

A Reader
This is driving me nuts. My current girlfriend is a bit of a clean freak. She bathes 3 times a day and uses water to clean up after going to the toilet. So she has very little to no scent down there. I can't enjoy fingering and licking her for too long. The experience just isn't rewarding enough.

From David (Texas)
My wife and I are both drawn to each other by our scents. She also enjoys her own scent. I quite often, at least once a day, catch her touching herself and then sniffing her fingers. When I let her know that I saw her, she lets me have a sniff as well. She never washes her vagina with soap and doesn't really scrub it with anything. Whatever soap and water run over it while showering and a scant gentle rubbing is all it gets. Ladies, please don't abuse your genitals with chemicals. Pussies were meant to smell like pussies. They are self cleaning and the natural scent is there to attract a mate.

From Anonymous
I'm 69 and have been aware of scent for as long as I can remember.  That unmistakable pussy scent drives me fucking crazy.  I know from years of experience that it can get a little ripe and beyond enjoyable but that just right amount of scent can't be beat.  Forget the soap.  Another thing from a guy over the hill...what happened to bush?   Trim is ok but wax the bush completely? ...not for me, my friend.   Nothing quite like the feel of bush around my lips and nose. I meant to offend no one...I'm just a guy who loves and respects women.

From Lov3r
Just thought I'd share this. Several weeks ago when she was rather ill, my girl took a lot of medicines. Including some antibiotics. We're Chinese so she had some traditional medicine as well. I visited her the other day as she was recovering and I thought I might as well cheer her up (and get some relief myself) so I went down on her. Honestly it was the worst experience ever. Her juices tasted bitter and had that drugstore kind of smell.

Maybe it was all the medications and/or combination with her illness, but it was simply nasty. Luckily she sensed my discomfort and we talked about it. She got a taste when we kissed and said she understood.

I usually can't get enough of her smell and taste down there. I never thought there would be a day where it actually turned me off. You are what you eat I guess.

From Rex
Right On! I crave the scent of my Baby! I would rather eat-swallow-and bask in her scent and juices rather than being sucked off! Yes each woman is unique when it comes to her scent - mine is athletic and smart. Rides a bicycle - and I absolutely hunger for what I call "The Century Reward" after 100 miles of hot-sweaty ride --- I get to swallow those liquid emotions she pumps. There is no finer item on earth than a girl's pussy taste and scent!

From Jim
The scent of a woman is so enticing and erotic. My first introduction was from fingering a girlfriend of mine. I had been around my guy friends and heard the jokes about how bad woman smell, you know like bad fish. So after fingering my girlfriend, I was heading home and I could detect her scent on my fingers still. I was drawn to that scent and all the way home I kept sniffing my fingers. It was so pleasant and the thought of how soft and wet her pussy had been was brought back with each sniff of my fingers. I learned to not wash my hands too soon after fingering a woman so I could continue to enjoy her scent for long after leaving her to head home.
I have been in love with going down on a pussy ever since. The scent is great, the taste is divine, and the pleasure she receives is unbelievable.

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