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Remember Your Best Orgasm?
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What do Women Want's not size

What do Men Want rhymes with 'vex'

The Scent of a Woman

Are you aroused by the smell of pussy?

See lovely women in action at:

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I Feel Myself

From Anonymous
A lot of times when I was doggie style fucking a lady I could smell her pussy. The hotter she got the more I could smell it. It drives me crazy. I would be a pumping fool. Ladies your pussies are awesome.Try leaving your panties out for your boyfriends or husbands. If they tell you they don't sniff them, don't  believe them.  THEY DO.

From Tickled Pink
Wow, now here's the read deal. You people are great, really, all of you. Okay, all of you except that Rattlesnake person. (see Rattlesnake's entry below). I am a woman and when I read the heading to this, I was curious just what the masses would have to say about "the scent of a woman" I am flabbergasted, really. Thank you, to all you honest men out there, women need more of the openness you all express here. And you gals who love "the sent of a woman" kudos to you as well.

As for my own opinion of myself? In a strictly animal world the urge to procreate is caused by pheromones. A male dog will smell the bitch in heat and travel miles to get to it. Now it's also my opinion that animals do not have sex simply because it feels good. I know this because I have breed my dogs in the past and never once  did I catch them copulating unless the bitch was in heat. I did however have to eventually lock the male dog out of my bedroom because at certain times of the month he would indeed eat my panties.

Thank you to all the men out there who profess and confess to telling it like it is and confirming that although we are set apart as humans, there is also the nature of the beast in all of us. Even you Rattlesnake, denial will get you nowhere.

From Rattlesnake
There is no other way to say it: vaginal odor smells disgusting. Ladies please clean thoroughly! Always douche before a sexual encounter with a man. There are a few guys who like it but many of us find it gross but simply don't want to offend and lose you by telling the truth.

[Uh oh, douching is bad advice. Good hygiene is always a good idea, but avoid douching—it's unhealthy. Please read Vaginal Douching: To Douche or not to Douche]

From Anonymous
To quote Tom Robbins, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ. Obviously, wash well externally, but a healthy pussy smells, and most men are attracted to that scent. Everyone, women included, would be grossed out by the scent of an unhealthy or just plain filthy cunt. (I have to say that mine only ever smelled badly or fishy after sex when HIS cum had been in there for a while)

It's sad that some men, as well as some women, have been conditioned to perceive this scent as "gross" instead of incredibly sexy. Yes, pussies smell heavenly, and yes, the scent changes with states of arousal and the monthly cycle (I get a certain smell soon before my period...even if I had no other signs, I would know by that odor).

From Melissa
With so many feminine products out there it is hard for a woman to feel confident about the smell of her vagina. Some women think that it is supposed to either have no smell at all or smell like flowers. Unless you have a flower garden growing down there, it should not smell like flowers. There should be some kind of smell and often it is effected by your diet and lifestyle habits. Obviously poor hygiene is a big factor on bad pussy smell and taste. Certain foods are too like onions, garlic, and asparagus. Lifestyle habits like smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or the use street drugs of street drugs can cause a bad taste "down there" as well so try to stay away from such things if you can.

Personally, I've noticed that the smell changes according to my cycle. For example, I notice a fishy, salty sea smell when menstruating. The fishy smell goes away with menstruation but the salty smell lingers until ovulation. During ovulation is when it smelled like something sweet and buttery. My boyfriend said that it reminded him of a sugar cookie. Now that I am pregnant I have noticed a tangy, fruity smell like apple juice. I'm not sure if that is due to pregnancy or what. But I do know that my boyfriend goes crazy over it and really loves to go down there all the time now.

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