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What Is It About High Heels?

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From Firemermaid
Yeah, they look great...but ohmygoddess do they hurt! My boyfriend found my struggles to walk in the things I'll wear high heels for bedroom antics, but that's it. I love cute shoes & boots, but they've gotta be comfortable. Here in the rainy northwest, almost everyone asks that shoes be removed at the door anyway--we wear a lot of clogs. Besides, no one's been in danger of mistaking me for a boy since puberty--I'm already seriously curvy.

From Arne
We man love heels because they belong exclusively to women's world; it is one of the few "special" clothes which cannot be replicated as "unisex", and which might look grotesque in the case it is worn by a man. Women know this, and enjoy it. Love heels.

From Doug
I just don't understand high heels.  I certainly don't find them sexy.  They look too painful to even begin to be sexy to me.  I think a woman wearing only her Teva's [sandals] and smile is at her sexiest.

From Stiletto Kyss
For me there is no bigger turn on than a pair of shapely legs with pedicured toes in a pair of black patent leather 5 inch heeled pumps. Like many guys who have posted on this very subject, I have been a high heel fetishist since my childhood. I was raised in an era when women dressed in straight skirts, seamed hose and garters and wore high heels be they pumps, mules or straps. 

Women in high heels were very sexy to me as a boy and as a teen. Many of my mother's friends when visiting our place loved to tease me when I was young and I loved it. To this day, I worship ladies in heels and will do anything for them. I even recall my very first wet dream which arose from a dream about one of my mother's lady friends who always wore the highest heels imaginable...she was far from beautiful but she sure was sexy. 

I love the arch of the foot in them, the toe cleavage, the accentuated calf, the walk, they way women feel sexy in them...yes, I love high heels and the women who wear them!

From Larry
The physics of high heels is also quite interesting. For the woman who knows or learns how to walk and dance in them, the are the sexiest and most flattering item of clothing there is. Her movements are so dainty and feminine that it punches the chivalrous button in me, hard! I can't be gracious or attentive enough to a woman in a pair of killer heels. It forces a sexy wiggle and, if she walks very fast (much less runs) in them, all kinds of delightful things jiggle and move in ways that drive me crazy.

The most important aspect of high heels, for me at any rate, is the psychological impact they have on me. First is the vulnerable, perilous, and risky nature of them. There she is, balanced on that tiny point, looking calm and self assured. She walks like the heel is as wide as her foot. The heel comes down first and she navigates across the floor as if on air. If she's on a hard floor, the sound of high heels is an additional sensory reward. I love the sound. She is very vulnerable and a mishap could clearly be serious. All that risk and peril just for me. It makes me very excited.

Finally, the look of her when I have her ankles in my hands, spreading them wide apart (but not painfully so ­ do those groin stretches, girls!), is extremely erotic. So is looking in the mirror or over my shoulder when I'm on top, seeing those high heels pointing at the ceiling. Put her on her knees and move behind her and, when she is thoroughly aroused, those pointed toes come off the bed. Delightful! Mae West said it best "A woman in red stiletto pumps can make a man bark." Amen!

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