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Semen is not something I would think 'mmmm, the taste'. Indeed I have found it not nice at all, yet men insist it's creamy and yummy—mostly because they haven't tried the drinkie drinkie test themselves. I prefer to spit rather than swallow but I have had one partner get highly offended that I spat. So I swallowed, hated it and resented him. Still a dilemma tho. I guess that it's like soymilk—an acquired taste. Swallow or spit; you either like it or hate it. Personally I prefer soymilk. —Giulia Cosentino 

Swallow, spit, dribble, it's all right here:

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From John
I am a married bisexual male. I have performed oral sex on about 26 men, but only two came. The first pulled out of my mouth and shot his load away from me, I was quite disappointed, but I grabbed his cock and put it back in my mouth and loved the taste. The second guy who came said "Here it comes! It's going to be a big load!" I felt like I had a mouth full of mucus, but I was just so happy that I just swallowed it down. I would love to have some more!

From Simply
My opinion. Every man is different and I think it is based on your feelings for him.  My guy's release as I refer to it taste and smells good to me because that is how much I am in to him. My ex husband who I despised to me had an odor and no way would I think of swallowing because he was not worthy. Also, depending on the last time the man has released determines the thickness and taste if he released the day before the next day will be thinner and bitter tasting.  When it has built up it is thicker and in my opinion sweeter. If we expect men to swallow our sweetness ladies and love it, then you want to keep your man saying my woman is the shit!

From Sue
I'm a retired porn star. The only gift of sperm I can think of [see Judy's entry below] is to the multi-billion dollar porn industry - it's called the money shot. After countless sperm showers on my face, breasts, ass, pussy, I can tell you it's just plain icky - sticky, smelly, slimy. But, the silver lining is we don't have to swallow the stuff. It's not so much the taste, which could range from ok to god awful, it's the consistency that is so unpleasant. Let's face it, sperm is not god's gift to women. It's simply reproductive fluid. We've effectively taken women off the pedestal, thank goodness. Now let's do guys a favor and take his dick and sperm off the pedestal and let him move past the social constructs of what makes a man.

From BJ Jonas (California)
Myself, I think it is on a case by case (or, cock by cock) basis. I am bi, and have been with women and men. I am always clean and love it when partners swallow, it just feels better. Now, some of the cocks I have sucked were on guys that did not feel like washing. I either did not suck them, or I spit (usually on them). Those that were clean, mmmmm, I have to say, I love the taste.

From T
My personal philosophy: If you put it in your mouth, you better be damn sure it's disease free—especially if you swallow.

From S
My personal philosophy: If you can put it in your mouth, you can swallow what comes out of it.

From B
My personal philosophy: Don't ask someone to do what you're not willing to do.

From Sir Kenn
I do not mind a lady spitting, its the ones the gargle that scare me.

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