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As for ejaculate, now there's a thread for you: Opinions, boys and girls, about the taste of cum? And don't you boys even try to allege that you've never tasted your own cum, though I'm willing to accept that you haven't sampled anyone else's, if that's your claim. I've found that different men's ejaculate taste different, and that there is not necessarily any correlation between how much you like the man and the flavor of his fluid.�   —Vol

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From Dee (Maryland)
My husband and I were swingers for several years. Before I swallowed another man's semen I 'trained' with Gary.  I found that diet, drinking beer, eating broccoli really puts a bad taste on semen.  I remember once at a swinger party the hostess left a spread of fresh fruit-pineapples especially. I had multiples lovers that night and there was no smell or bad taste.

From Bob
I was always curious what it would taste like but everytime just after cumming I would immediately loose interest. I found Mistress Irene, not a true Dominatrix but more a hooker with some SM toys.  Mistress Irene would, as this was my request, get one of her similarly minded girlfriends over. After a little play time, they would string me up, standing, legs kept far apart with a spreader bar and wrists far apart connected to chains from the ceiling.
Irene would then fuck me up the ass with a strap-on, while her friend was on her knees in front of me giving a skilled b-job. When I finally blew my load it was so strong that I was happy for the wrist restraints as my legs just buckled beneath me.

Now with a full mouth Linda would get up, Irene would grab my head while Linda grabbed my nuts and squeezed forcing my to kiss her and take the mouthful from her. Squeezing hard enough to make sure I did as I was told and swallowed.  This was mind blowing. 

I miss those days. I found another girl who will do the stap-on thing and feed me my own but I miss the threesome scenes.

From Anonyman
I used to work for a state agency when I was in my twenties, and I hooked up with a nineteen-year-old co-worker who had the nickname of "Nancy the Nympho." After the first couple of times we had sex, I understood why she had been given that moniker. During the course of one afternoon delight, she told me of how she would like to have wild lesbian sex with one of our other female co-workers, and that made me come in her pussy before I intended to. As I didn't want her to leave unsatisfied, I went down on her and tasted my own load. It wasn't bad, just a little salty. She was delighted and expected me to do that every time afterwards.

From David 
Years ago I heard a phone call to a radio sex-expert in which the caller described her boyfriend's semen as tasting like ajax. The therapist didn't seem to believe it and was trying to tell this poor woman it was all in her approach and mental view of drinking it. However, while not as bad as ajax nobody has found mine to taste any good and that includes me. Whether it's the semen or the liquid it travels on I don't know. But the horrible taste is part of the pre-come as well. Diet? I don't think so. Smoking? Nope. Genetics.... probably .... I've always worked under the theory that if I don't like it I can't expect anyone else to either.

From Anonymous Female
I have to disagree with most of the responses. I do not find it yummy, however I won't refuse to swallow for my boyfriend. I just use tricks so to speak, a lifesaver under my tongue etc.

From J.R. 
Anybody ever notice how those giant Portabella mushrooms, when wetted under a faucet, taste rather like, yes, you guessed it! Semen! If you haven't, try them under those circumstances sometime, for me. Also, sometimes not-so-new lettuce chunks taste like semen, funky semen that is! Oh and I don't know about cum tasting like Ajax (huh, who would ever taste Ajax, isn't that like Comet or Bon Ami? No, no--very good Bon Ami) but my ex girlfriend said she's tasted a lot of semen which has been "Cloroxy"; bleachy. I guess it does smell kind of like that. Don't even say anything to me about janitorial mops. Eew, stinko. Run for the hills.

From Roger
Tasting one's own juices should let you (gentlemen) know just what you are asking your partner to taste. If you expect your lady to take a load  of your lust into her mouth, why not take a load of your passion into yours?

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