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Inside the Erotic MindConventional thought is that women go into a silent litany about their appearance, a slide into self-consciousness, embarrassed that their partner may be critically of how she looks, makes love, sounds she makes, or doesn't make. While this may be true to some extent, I can't buy that that's all that's going on in her head. So tell us, what are you ladies thinking about when the clothes come off, and love making heats up the sheets?

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From Anonymous
That feels good.....I love it when you kiss me and suck my're too rough on the clit....I feel pressure to's not going to happen......I keep taking your hand and respositioning it or slowing you down, but it doesn't seem to register....I hope the neighbors downstairs don't hear my squeaky he going soft?  Ugh, now he's going to frantically rub up against me trying to get it back.  Don't worry, I love being with you even if all we do is hug and kiss and fondle each other.  Let me touch you and suck you.  I can bring you off -- there you go, just my mouth and hand and you're back. 

I love giving him pleasure.  The other night I gave him a hand job and he almost passed out from such an intense orgasm.  Me, on the other hand -- I never come, with him or anyone.  Not sure why -- can I not let go?  I can bring myself off with a vibrator or my finger.  I think he takes it as a personal failure.  I've come close, and I certainly feel pleasure, but I don't go over the edge.  Haven't talked about it with him, nor have I had the courage to bring out my vibrator.  Oh yeah, sometimes I've faked it (with him and others) just to get it over with because it's gone on so long and I'm sore.

From Smitten Lady
When my louse of a husband is doing his thing: I hope he comes fast so I can go to bed. His breath smells like something died in his mouth a month ago. Does he really think he's good at this? When I'm with my much younger, very attentive, lover and soul-mate: Why do your kisses make me dizzy? touch me anywhere, everywhwere!

From Ms G
When I'm having sex, I don't fantasize. I'm more into the guy and what he's doing, the sounds he's making and the way he's touching me. I like watching what the guy is doing to me, it's like a 3D porno and I'm the star. I can watch it, hear it and FEEL it all at the same time.

From Ischade
I have my 'short-cut scenerio' fantasies. These are almost guaranteed to get me warmed up fast. God help him and his lips if I'm thinking 'beige, we'll paint the walls beige. . .' because I will never get there. Once I'm into the fantasy enough that my body is responding well then I turn the brain off and surrender to the physical.

The only problem is some fantasies get used a little too much and then they don't work any more. (And then I throw them into a book and let other people use them.) And sometimes they start getting a little too detailed and I start thinking which only ruins things. Do I worry about the cat, the dog, and the kids? Yeah, but at some point this is my home, dammit, and if I can't have an orgasm here where can I?

From Sarah
Oh my lord I am laughing so hard at some of these posts! This is great. Sometimes I have fantasies, like I picture my fiancé and I in another situation, for example cowboy/Wild West saloon kind of thing. Other times I am really into the scene at hand, and these are generally the thoughts: Holy shit, he's hot. Oohhh that feels good. Ooh god! right there, don't move! Dammit, I said don't move!

And I do have to say that I had a boyfriend previously who I always ignored while we had sex... I'm pretty sure he was picturing playboy models while we did it, and I always fantasized about his friends or other guys I knew cause we weren't that into each other. But he had a big cock so it worked for me for awhile!

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