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From Veronica
Upon reading this question my immediate response was, "I don't think about anything."  But I paid attention last night, and found that was untrue.  When we were first kissing and touching, my head was all over the place: I was thinking about work, pets, something mean I had said to my daughter that I should apologize for, and a pile of other stuff.  At one point my partner actually asked, "Where are you?"  I don't think I am usually that scattered and inattentive (he doesn't normally have to comment like that!), but I guess I am pretty disconnected sometimes.

Sometimes I do fantasize during sex if I'm having trouble reaching orgasm; fantasizing about giving oral sex to a woman will usually expedite things, and can push me over the edge if intercourse has been going on a long time but I haven't been able to climax.  My partner knows that I sometimes use this fantasy during sex.  If I'm struggling, he will sometimes prompt me into a fantasy, making remarks about how good vulva tastes or asking if I'd like him to bring home a woman next time he comes home so that I can go down on her (he spends a lot of time traveling because of his job).  This often precipitates a threesome fantasy.  If we're in the right position, I love licking his neck while I'm fantasizing about licking a woman.

From Selkie:
"Oh god. I wish he'd hurry up so I can get some sleep! I got to get up tomorrow!" I think about lots of relaxing scenes. Waves washing on a beach etc and try not to think about whether I will have an orgasm.

From HornyWoman
Wow, some of you ladies are so tame. I have wild crazy fantasies of being taken and watched by groups of powerful men while I am 'getting there'. I mean, like an entire NBA team fucking me silly, or jacking off over me, with the fully dressed coach looking on. Or... business men in fussy business attire giving into their most base desires and ganging up on me, one in my mouth, one in my pussy, one in each hand, overwhelmed, and always, always, a serious man or two just watching me, studying. It helps me get me over the top.

From Anonymous
I want it here, not there. Ouch! Why's he pushing my head up against the wall? I wish I were more into it, I'm not feeling as much as I usually do. He's really forceful, wish I had a dick to surprise him with in the middle of the night. Oop! We're not doing it right... I wish I could be a bit thinner, then we could do more acrobatic positions. Whoa! This is absolutely incredible! I wish giving head didn't have to involve as much hurt. He's like an animal! Oh no, I have to pee! This isn't working. He likes this the best, hehehe. Wow, he REALLY likes this! I'm sleepy, just get it over with! We have to finish before 11 or we'll never get any sleep for tomorrow! Did we chain the door? Can we finish this, please?

From Anonymous
Why isn't he harder?  Not this position again, I can't feel anything.  This is so boring, I hope he comes quickly.  I wish he had taken the time to stimulate me first, so I can at least masturbate myself to finish.  I wish he would talk dirty.  I wish he would fuck me like an animal. Is he ever going to kiss me again?  Doesn't he realize kissing drives me wild? 

So there you have it, I bet a lot of married women have these same thoughts and you can bet we have all told our husbands what we want in one way or another, but they don't listen. 

From Galiana Chance
What am I thinking during the act? The range is staggering...

* If the cat knocks over my Diet Coke again, I'm going to make a slipper out of it
* If we weren't having sex and I made that noise, he would have me committed
* Yes exactly that, right there, and if you ever stop doing that I'll kill you.
* We should have brushed our teeth first
* I wonder what the thermostat is set to / if we should open the windows tonight / if it's going to rain
* I hope it's a big one so I can sleep without dreaming about work again tonight - doh! Don't think about work! Close your eyes, breathe, focus...

From Michelle
Hehehe this is fun. Here is a sort of stream-of-consciousness, blow-by-blow description of a typical act of sexual intercourse with my fiancé. It depends on the night.

Hmmm . . . that feels nice. But really? This will make it four nights in a row . . . You know, I love him, but sometimes he can be so predictable . . . I bet he wants me to get on top in just another minute or two . . .  he knows I get all self-conscious about my boobs when I'm on top . . . I wish this was Friday night . . . I would so like to sleep in tomorrow . . .what a pig! Yes, definitely nice. Good thing we both ate garlic. That does work! Nice. Can he smell my garlic breath? I am SO glad we quit with the condoms, this is sooooo much nicer . . . uh-oh . . . Um . .  I DID take my pill this morning, right? I mean, am I positive that I . . . oh, God, this feels good . . . I really do love him . . . I wish that report wasn't due first thing tomorrow and oh, yes, this feels good  . . . it feels so good when he does that . . .  God, I love him so much . . .oh, yes . . . oh, God yes . .  . . oh, God . . . oh, God . . . oh my GOD, yes, yes, YES!!! Damn this bed . . . it gets squeakier every time. I hope the downstairs neighbors can't hear! Oops, the wedding . . . I haven't heard back about whether the restaurant is available for the rehearsal dinner yet, dammit . . . Can't they return a phone call? Is that too much to ask?

From Alex
It usually goes something like this, a little mental monologue: "Oh, yeah, that's it, here goes, hold on...shit, what's that sound? Who cares... okay, getting loud now, getting way too loud, gonna wake the kid, gonna wake the neighbors... that's better, there ya go, what the hell's he doing? Oh, okay, that's nice, very nice, getting too loud again...too loud, way too loud, gonna wake the fucking dead, I don't care..."

You get the idea. Only in very rare circumstances do I drift into "gotta remember to take out the garbage," "is that a fly on the ceiling," that type of thing - those circumstances usually stem from my not being in the mood to begin with.

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