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When Porn Isn't Sexy

What are they doing wrong?

Porn MoviesI would like others' views on When Porn Isn't Sexy—words of advice to porn makers on what they are doing wrong.

I'm personally turned off by the extreme close-ups. I want the camera people to back off so that I can see the limbs and muscles and curves of the performers. Turn off the constant groaning, especially by the woman when the man has pulled out for the trite pop shot. She's getting off because he's jerking off on her back or her face? And, for Pete's sake, get those hands out of the way. I don't want to see a woman clutching her tits; I want to see those glorious tits. I don't want to see her rubbing her clit; I want to see her mound and her navel and especially her spasming abdomen. I could go on, but you get the idea.

So, what do you think?  Is there anything about porn that you find to be a total turn-off?  Conversely, is there anything about porn that you find to be a turn-on?  And what could the porn film industry do to create better movies? —Anonymous

Pornography is the attempt to insult sex, to do dirt on it. —D. H. Lawrence

Find the best porn at...

Bright Desire brings sensual pleasures back into porn with a focus on the positive aspects of sex: Intimacy, passion, pleasure, and fun. Important features of sex that you rarely get in mainstream porn. Bright Desire includes all orientations — it's for women, for men, for everyone who enjoys sexual pleasure.

I Feel Myself is a voyeurs delight, an intensely erotic experience of watching women masturbate to orgasm. This is the real deal, the orgasm sequences are absolutely genuine and unscripted. Some movies are of women who filmed their orgasms at home, and others are shot by the I Feel Myself crew. The results is incredibly erotic and smoking hot.

From Debi Doodle (Texas)
So many things wrong:
1) Spitting (not sexy)
2) The overuse of the "F" and "P"word (not sexy)
3) So many tattoos - this limits the appeal to a select group of people.
4) and most important - when there is nothing to create "sexual tension" before the act itself. They just jump right into it. Sexual tension creates more arousal than viewing the act itself.

From Mike
There is very little porn that I like. I find porn in general to be disappointing. There's always one thing or another that they usually do to screw up porn. It seems like there's a mentality of 'put a naked woman in front of a camera, and you'll automatically have something good.' Instead the porn industry has a lot of stuff that is embarrassing for anyone to admit they paid for it. Not erotic, not sensual; boring stuff that comes across as very half-assed and amateur. Here are some ways I think it could be improved:

Have the cameraman read something like 'Dummies Guide to Using a Camera.' It's really difficult to jerk off to a movie where the camera is constantly moving, like the person holding it has to pee or something. Have the models read something like 'Dummies Guide to Sex.' There's more bad (really bad) acting in the porn industry today in 2014 with all the gonzo stuff.  Allow the models time to develop the chemistry. Ease up on the makeup. Or just forget it entirely. Pussy fur is sexy. Not every pussy needs to be shaved. Focus more on quality rather than quantity.

For solo photos: Have the model get into suggestive poses. A naked woman just standing is nice, but it's not arousing for very long. Don't hold the camera at a diagonal. Why would there ever be a reason to hold the camera at a diagonal? Do REAL photographers do this? Almost never. If there's a lake in the photograph, the water in the lake shouldn't be defying gravity.

From lady j
I want to see more foreplay. Stop spitting on the crotch, ass or penis. And I cannot stand it when the woman looks at the camera. Who does that in real life? I think the fake orgasms are not a turn on either. I want porn with a story to it. Space Nuts was good. So is Rawhide, Operation Desert Stormy & The Dinner Party. Too many of these compilation dvds just have 10 minute sex scenes back to back. I also hate the faces they make. Not attractive when you look constipated.

From Anonymous
I hate the trend of violence disguised as sex. Particularly slapping, choking by hands (ridiculously referred to as breath play), and guys who use their penis to choke the woman giving them head. I also hate the spitting thing -- including spitting and excessive drooling by women on cocks and guys who spit in various orifices. Anal scenes when the woman is clearly in pain are also turn offs.

Many teen movies border on being offensive with young girls dressing and acting even younger than they are. In countries like mine (Australia) porn faces increased restrictions and I believe this is because of the very hings I have mentioned. It seems that producers are looking for shock value in an industry that's seen it all.

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