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Adult Chat Rooms - Pick a room by geographic region or topic of interest. Try the Cybersex room, or the Cyberfantasy room, or the Webcam Fun Room (yow!). If you're new, the Lobby is a great place to get started. There's always chatters ready to play 24/7. Easy to navigate, lots of sexy fun, so jump in and join the festivities!

Michelle7-Erotica is home to a breathtaking collection of fine art erotica, featuring sexually charged works from the world's greatest erotica photographers. Galleries include vintage erotic photos, provocative nudes, fetish photography, creative sexual imagery of couples, homo and lesbian portfolios, and so much more. Michelle7-Erotica is truly fine erotic art—at its very hottest.


From Shannon
I like porn a lot, but I have a serious aversion to most mainstream porn. I have little interest in extreme penetration, etc. I prefer amateur porn. I like jiggly asses and people who might be my next door neighbor.
I am incredibly turned on by people seriously getting it on rather than acting. I like to see veins popping on foreheads, red sweaty faces, etc. It's better if there is some humor. I like it when the silly parts aren't edited out, like people so into it they fall out of bed or off of whatever they are screwing on.

For me, generally speaking, plasticized, prepubescent looking bodies don't really do anything for me. I'm also really turned off by sex acts I just don't get. If the first thing that comes to mind is "why the fuck would you put that there?" chances are I'm not getting turned on. No pubic hair freaks me out and I don't care for that look.

In a nutshell: real orgasms; people having a good time; gay, straight bi, group, solo, instructional. If I stop making snarky comments long enough to get my hands in my pants, then it's good porn.

From John
Most porn turns me totally off.  Women screaming at the top of their lungs, things that degrade women, like pulling out and shooting on their face.  Why not show real couples making real love, slow, quiet, intense love, like many of us do.  I am a man, but the older I get (now in my 60s), the more my sexuality is becoming like woman's.  I want to see feeling, tenderness. Guys, you tired of the same old porn?  I know a site that will rock your world, a "reality porn" site.  Check it out.  Join, they are honest and legit. Some of you will never look at another site.

From Luna O.
I don't watch a lot of porn because I haven't found many that really look like fun to me. I have a hard time getting into watching people fuck that are so far from anything I would want to get naked with. I would like to see more actors with the look and style I go for, settings that turn me on (yes, the music counts!), and film quality and lighting that looks natural rather than putrid. I'm not asking for total realism all the time, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing a great movie that has real sex now and then, too.

I'd like to see sex in an interesting room, preferably something that looks sexy and inviting. Plain white walls with grey bedding or a couch doesn't spark anything for me and is not a good start. Unusual settings can be good. The poolside thing is way overdone.

So far I like the Rob Rotten films the best. They have most of the elements I like and leave out most that I don't. The sex acts are pretty vanilla for my taste, but the rest makes up for it. The music is great. The settings are good. The actors have a great look that I can relax and watch. The believability factor is usually good, too (meaning they don't look totally bored and the noises are appropriately timed and not so excessive).

From Joan
The stupid soundtracks!  My latest sweetie loves a good porn movie (especially one that includes an M-F-M threesome, which I like, too), but I always make him turn the sound off completely.  I just can't stand the "Oooh, ahh, you're so BIG!" and worse.  Give me some interesting music, some realistic sounds from the characters, or don't give me any sound at all.  I guess that's why they invented the mute button. Did I mention the "choking" noises that girls make when giving head to really "big" cocks?  Yuck.  As I said before, this is why I employ my mute button liberally.

From Nick
What can porn makers do to improve their movies?  Better lighting. OK, that was a flippant response, but it kind of neatly sums up the issue. To make porn "better," i.e. to give it mainstream cinematic values, to make it more genuinely "erotic," would involve spending money. But that goes against the business model of the porn industry which is "minimal outlay, maximum return." It's all about the money. Your typical porn movie these days is simply a string of unrelated sex scenes, made as cheaply as possible, as quickly as possible.

Back in the 70s and 80s, when the directors still carried around 'artistic' pretensions, porn used to have some semblance of story and character, however thinly conceived and poorly executed.  But then the porn makers woke up to the fact that, really, all the average punter wanted was the sex, and the more graphic it was, the better. The punters simply wanted to SEE EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME. Adios, story. Adios, character. Hello, wall-to-wall penetration, blow jobs and ubiquitous money-shots. The don't-make-me-wait, all-you-can-eat, fast-food ethos - I want it all and I want it now.

Some saw this as an "improvement" because, let's face it, the plots of old porn movies were laughable, and even more embarrassing than the faked orgasms, so why bother with them? "Cut to the chase," screamed the testosterone-dripping populace, and the pornmeisters said, "Well, all right, motherfucker!", and laughed all the way to the bank. They're called money-shots for a reason.

So while it may be desirable to shed the low rent image of porn and dress it in an evening gown, I can't see it happening on a large-scale anytime soon. There are simply too many droogs out there driving the market. Pity, really.

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