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Women's Sexual Fantasies

from those who dare to share

sexual fantasyWhat you are about to read is the stuff of women's sexual fantasies. There are some female sex fantasies you will smile knowingly at—and some that will stun you. It is interesting to note that the tone of women's fantasies are as wistful, as darkly revealing and sexual as the Male Sexual Fantasies you may have just read. The key word here is fantasy—not what you've done, but what you fantasize about doing—imagination unrestricted by reality. Do you dare to share your favorite sex fantasy?

Women's sexual fantasies start right here:

For the Girls - What's your erotic sex fantasy? Is it two guys devoted to giving you absolute pleasure, a luscious lesbian encounter? For fun, for pleasure, for play... go to For The Girls devoted to stoking your sexual imagination!

Cyber-Dyke Network - Unlike the majority of lesbian porn on the Web, CyberDyke's impressive network of sites feature real lesbians having real(ly) hot sex. There's always something tantalizing going on at CyberDyke, the network of real lesbian love, sex, and porn.

Second Life

From Hells Angel
One of my many fantasies but this just gets me going so much, I commute a lot as I don't drive - I often fantasise about having sex with a stranger who I've met on a bus or a train - all the time we do not speak - we get off at the same stop and he starts to follow me very close, we pass a dark alley way and he grabs me holds me against a wall with my back to him, all this time we still do not speak, he gets on his kness and rips my knickers off with his teeth and licks my ass and pussy, finger fucks me so hard it makes me drippping with pussy juice..  He turns me back around wraps my legs around him and fucks me hard, holding my hair with one hand and face with the other - all the while there's someone else there, watching us, I keep eye contact with the other person all the while I'm being fucked till he comes inside me - I pick up my ripped knickers off the floor and clean my pussy with it walk up to the other person throw my dirty undies in his face and leave.

From Christie
My fantasy is with my husband I lay on the bed with my legs spread apart he watches as I rub my wet pussy I make myself come.  He tells me turn around get on all fours in rubs my wet pussy, he rubs to front to back.  He tells me I was bad  so if I move I get my ass slap. Tells me stay still don't move, this time he's rubbing and fingering me harder.  Of course I get spanked again for moving.  He tells me you were very bad now get on your knees then he puts his dick in mouth.  This will be the first time I ever went down on him I'm enjoying the taste and just sucking him. Then he tells me stand up lay on the edge of bed spread your legs wider the better, so I do what I'm told he stands there place his dick in my wet pussy.  

From Anna
My pussy aches and drips as I read these other women's fantasies. I fantasize about fucking strangers, maybe in the dressing room. First a woman walks in while I'm changing and doesn't say a word, just comes right up to me and presses her big round breasts against mine rubbing up and down and french kisses me while grabbing and squeezing my ass. Then she shoves her hand down my panties and starts to finger fuck me hard and rough, we're moaning and grunting and she sucks on my nipples and I buck against her..... shivering with excitement and lust..... she takes off her dress and is naked and tears off my panties as she licks down my stomach and I scream as feel a woman's tongue against my clit for the first time.

At first she goes slow and soft but I frantically push myself against her so she starts licking and sucking and licking rough and fast and then a man comes in and he shoves his huge cock up my ass and it's painful then it feels so good my ass quivers and I feel like my ass is going to have an orgasm as he shoves and she licks and I'm fucked hard and our moans and screams get louder and louder and finally I can't hold back. I come all over her face and he shoots cum up inside me rocking against me. We fall to the floor and then she puts her wet pussy against my face and I slowly stick out my tongue and lick her sweet warm juices off her pussy lips and I start to suck her and lick her. Mmm it's the pussy I want most. I want a woman to suck and lick my pussy soooo bad.

From Kiri
I have lots of different fantasies.  One I have had for a long time is about a society were sex is viewed very differently to they way we tend to view it.  When a person becomes an adult they go on a tour of the country on a train and it is pretty much anything goes.  4 people are assigned to each cabin but all there are in the cabins are some mattresses and a small bathroom (complete with hand rails) Moving around the carriages is encouraged and there are social gathering areas where public sex is encouraged.  There are all sorts of toys to play with and at each station a person is picked from each carriage to go on "show" basically they are strapped up spread legged and blindfolded and the people from the town can come up and do whatever they like to them (no bodily damage) the idea is to explore their own sexuality.  There is also a tower where those with more extreme fetishes can go to live them out.

From Eve
In one of my (many) fantasies, I'm not even myself.  I'm a creature of incredible beauty, sometimes even an elf, or something like it (yeah, it's strange, but hey, it's a fantasy.)  I am abducted, or drugged- at any rate, rendered unconscious, and taken away from home, safety, family. When I wake, I'm naked, in a chilly room with little detail. My hands are bound, usually tightly up behind my back, sometimes in other ways. I'm surrounded by males, mostly rather ugly, even bestial, all well-endowed, with very clear intent. None of them is 'rough' in the sense of deliberately trying to cause me pain, but they're all very aggressive. I'm there to be used, in whatever way they wish, and there's nothing I can do about it. And they take me, and take me and take me...

From Jenny
My fantasy takes place in a large dark room with padded floors. There are about 50 people in this room...all blindfolded and completely naked, complete anonymity. Everyone wanders silently through the room, skin brushing on naked skin. I feel hard, soft, wet bodies all around me. I reach out, and touch men...find women's wet spots and finger them...then move on to the next one. All of a sudden I find a man in the darkness, and pull him to the floor. We fuck each other...his hips move on top of mine, in and out....I feel more bodies surrounding me...a woman sits on my face and I eat her out as I get fucked...and someone else has their finger in my ass, another person is sucking on my nipples...and I scream. And then I do the same again and again... in a perfect world this place would exist.

From Josephine
My fantasy is to be treated like a slut. I want to take a submissive role and let the guys order me what to do. First I sit on a couch between the 2 guys, one of them spreads my legs apart and starts playing with my pussy. The other one undoes my shirt and exposes my breasts. Then they make me sit on the coffee table and tell me to play with myself. All the while they are saying things like. "you dirty slut" "pull those lips apart, show us your cunt, you filthy slut." I act the part and suck them both off letting them come all over me, they then fuck me, slapping my arse, pulling my nipples hard. They tell me what a good slut I am. They both fuck me a few times. By this time I am filthy with their cum over me.

They tie me to their bed and there is a knock on the door. The stranger goes to the door and opens it. Its one of his mates. He lets him come in and the new guy sees me spread eagle on the bed all tied up. He goes in there and asks who am I. They just say, a dirty slut they picked up and ask if he wants to fuck me as well. He does. He creeps onto the bed and starts spanking my pussy saying, "what a dirty cunt you have slut" He then fucks me while my husband puts his cock in my mouth. This continues for a couple of hours. We end up staying the weekend and I am used whenever the guys are horny. They fuck me all weekend, making me suck their cocks whenever they want. If any other guys turn up, I have to fuck them too.

From Liz
I have two fantasies actually. One is that I'm a teenage girl, (I'm actually 30) who fucks her daddy. The other is that I have sex with another woman, (hot, dirty sex!)

From Anonymous
My fantasy is simple. I want to fuck a man while another guy fucks my ass and I am simultaneously sucking some other guy's penis.

From Ruth
I want to be ordered to strip, and go into the bathroom. My husband then tells me what a slut I am for wearing a very low cut blouse. He sits me on the edge of the tub says he is going to mark what is his. He then pees all over my breasts. Then he lifts me by my arm, leans me into the wall face first and spanks me hard. He then spreads my sore cheeks and thumb fucks my ass while rubbing my hole with his middle finger. When he is finished he orders me to shower and come into the bedroom. I don't normally make it pass here before orgasm.

From Jane
I sometimes fantasize about sitting back and spreading my legs in front of a dog and having him lick me until I orgasm. I've been the recipient of a dog "sniffing" down there (of course with me fully clothed) and it gets me wondering. Then I have a fantasy of being suckled, by either a woman or a man. I would like to suckle a woman. I wonder what it would feel like to lie with another woman, breast to breast, limbs intertwined?

From lauralee
This fantasy always makes me so hot - I have been kidnapped, tied, blindfolded and sold into slave bondage. My master has me suspended off the ground, my toes cannot reach the earth, and I have been spread-eagled. All my charms are on display for all to see, taste and touch. I have been blindfolded and deprived of my sense of hearing. I have been allowed to retain the sensations of touch, smell and taste. I have no idea where I am, but I can tell I am in a very public area. Strangers; men and women are allowed to do whatever they wish to me; whip, cane, use their tongues, fingers, hands, breasts, pussies, cocks, various instruments of light torture and stimulation. Butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, cocks, fingers tongues, etc. are inserted into my vagina and anus, my clit, labia and nipples have weights attached to them and are pulled often.

Although I try to evade these people and ignore my growing excitement, I feel myself become wetter by the moment, I strain against cocks and tongues trying to seek release, but I am not allowed to cum. I am brought to the point of no return time and time again, but am not allowed to slip over the edge. I am tortured like this for days. My pussy is dripping steadily like a leaky faucet. I ache for release.

From Clarabelle
I've got a couple of favourite fantasies; sex with a stranger is always a good one for wank material, as is being made love to in public without anyone else being aware (fingers under the table etc). I have a thing for men in high visibility gear so that's a nice thought, a rugged man straight off a construction site and into my arms. Embarrassingly enough Superman flying through my apartment window to do me doggy-style is actually right up there. It's girlie and somewhat immature so I'll spare you the details.

My favourite grown-up fantasy is set in a bank. The man instigating a hold-up has honey brown eyes and he makes me suck his cock - on my knees, on the floor, in full view of everyone being held up -  after which time he has to have me 'cos it's gotten him so worked up. I'm not much into degradation, humiliation, pain in real life but I thrive (in my fantasies) on being totally dominated in this way.

From Anonymous
I fantasize that I've paid down the mortgage and VISA bill. Lowering those would allow me to sleep at night, and therefore have the energy for sex.

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