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Women's Sexual Fantasies

from those who dare to share

Women's sexual fantasies start right here:

For the Girls -What's your most erotic sex fantasy? Is it having sex with two guys who devote themselves to giving you absolute pleasure? Is it a luscious lesbian encounter where she licks you hard? At For The Girls, female fantasies come to life. Whether its the hot scenarios in the hardcore galleries, or erotic fantasies shared by members, For the Girls is devoted to stoking your sexual imagination!

Wasteland is the web's largest BDSM collection comprised of exclusive in-house productions that include full-length high-definition bondage and fetish films, pictures, live video chat, an active fetish community, and so much more. Wasteland is darkly elegant and exotic, moody and mysterious, and so fully loaded with erotic content that it is impossible to cover it all.

For the Girls

From Mandy
My fantasy involves my husband's best friend.  While my husband is good looking, his best friend is buff, almost a god like body.  The three of us frequently canoe in the wilderness together.  I know his best friend is looking at me from behind his sunglasses, and I always make sure I give him a good show.  While he is always discreet! Just the fact that I know he is watching makes me wet.  When my husband and I turn into our tent at night I know he is jerking off thinking about my body - in my mind it is him making love to me , not my husband.  

My fantasy is to lay on the rocks naked with my husband on one side and best friend on the other, and to get them both hard and work them both at the same time, making them come at the same time. Then they would sandwich me, one working lip magic on my pussy, the other kissing me so hard and deep.   After my husband ate me out to climax his best friend would take over and do the same thing again. By now they were both hard again, my husband's cock was bigger than it have ever been before.  He entered me and while his best friend watched brought me to an amazing climax before he dumped the biggest load of his life in me.  As he pulled out his best friend quickly replaced him.   Wow, I had never had a cock as thick as his in me' I felt like a virgin again.  While my husband watched he brought me to several mind blowing climaxes and when I was spent he blew his load, he went on and on, I did not think he would ever stop, it was amazing.  Then we all swim for a while, get back in the canoe and paddle on.  Can I ever make my fantasy happen, I will sure try.

From Guesst
My fantasy involves my partner and a lot of other women. My partner and myself discussed having a FFM but we wanted to select the right woman for the 'job' so we conducted interviews for the position. All women interested lined up outside a room where myself and my partner waited. I brought them in to him one by one.

The first one, brunette, medium sized firm breasts, short skirt. I bring her in and my partner tells me to expose her breasts so he can see them. I open her shirt and pull down her bra. She has lovely nipples and I can't resist - I lick them both and they are delicious! My partner tells me to bring her over so he can feel them for himself.

I then ask her to bend over the desk so we can check out her pussy. I pull up her skirt and down her thong and my partner slides a finger inside her. He looks impressed. I then sit in front of her and expose my own breasts for her to lick while my partner tests her pussy with his cock. He seems quite taken with her. He then asks her if she's willing to do anal but she says no. We are disappointed, we thank her and tell her we'll let her know. Time for the next candidate! It goes on and on like this. Testing breasts, pussies, techniques ... bliss

From Amy
I have a fantasy that my husband brings home a friend. I sit between the two of them on the settee, my husband pulls out my boob and starts sucking my tit. his friend looks on hungrily, my husband tells me to stop squirming and close my eyes and relax. Suddenly I feel another mouth on my second tit. Now both my husband and his friend are sucking my tits. My husband stops and another friend takes his place at sucking my right boob. His friend at my left boob also stops and another man takes his place.

My husband takes off my thong and both he and his friend start fingering my pussy. They take turns in ramming in their fingers into my pussy, in out in out. I am getting wetter by the minute. They both start putting their thumb in my ass. I tell my husband no, not that pleas! He just smiles at me. His friend looks at my pussy but my husband says no that's mine you can take her ass.

Meanwhile his two other friends are still sucking and biting my tits. They are sore and feel like they are on fire. My husband's friend sits down on the settee and my husband slowly lowers my ass on his now stiff cock. Then my husband pulls my pussy lips and grins at me and shoves his thick long cock into my pussy. All four of them laugh and my husband and his friend start pumping into me like fiends. It hurts but I feel I am about to come as do both of them release their load into my pussy and ass.

This goes on for the whole night. When we go to sleep on the bed the boys go to sleep with my tits in their mouth and I get a cock in my throbbing pussy and ass. I wake up in the morning as the guys begin pumping into me again. This continues for the whole weekend.

From Anonymous
To be forced to go to a motel and made to masturbate in front of a man and then go to a sex shop and get a butt plug and a dildo and use them on myself. Then he makes me go to a restaurant with the butt plug still in me and I have to walk to and from the eating place, and I know people know what I have in my butt. This fantasy makes me ashamed of myself, but I always have a incredibly orgasm thinking of this. I love it!

From Kerry O
My husband is very manly, but my most erotic fantasy is of him being dominated by another man, perhaps an intruder into our home. The intruder subdues him and forces my husband to suck his cock in front of me. Then he forces my husband to admit he is a bitch or a pussy, and then he makes my husband bend over our bed while two other men take turns raping my husband's ass.

Later they tie my husband to a chair and make him watch while the first intruder fucks me. He mocks my husband by demanding that he say I am a slut and that I belong to the intruder now. Finally I suck the intruder's cock until he comes in my mouth. My husband comes at the same time, but the intruder's cohorts catch his cum in their hands and wipe it in his face. I know, kinda elaborate and twisted. I don't dare share it with my hubby.

From Anonymous
I am quit taken and aroused by the entries. I can closely relate to the one writer that said she thinks she is homosexual or bi.  Either way I too am highly turned on by the sight of a women's breast.  To the extent that I want to caress them and put them in my mouth. When a women unintentionally brushes or leans her breast on my arm, my back or anywhere I get an immediate sensation and I began to create a story in my head about how she wants me to take her beast in my mouth.  Just typing about it I am getting wet.  I thrive on reading these stories.

From Marilyn
I often think of another woman going down on me. She kisses me softly and softly fondles my breasts. She lowers to my tummy and kisses and tongues my belly button; her hands gently play at the waist band of my panties and runs softly over the silky front of my panties sending tingles through my pussy. She lowers herself and runs her tongue at the panty waist line. She licks where my groin area meets  the leg band of the panties. She slowly lowers the panties and finds my pussy wet as anything and licks the desirous now puffy lips sending beautiful shocks of joy through my loins. She slides her tongue into me and then fingers as she licks and sucks on my swelled clit. As these thoughts fill my consciousness I frig my self and have a wondrous orgasm. At times I press  my mound to a dryer when it is in spin mode. That is a beautiful trip.

From Elizabeth B.
My latest fantasy has me walking into a party with a friend of mine. I know no one else there, and of course he vanishes completely within minutes. I walk into a room, ready to find him and give him hell, but the words die on my lips as I take in the scene in front of me. There is a large, naked black man sitting on a chair surrounded by several naked women of color. I try to back quietly out of the room, but I am stopped by a sensuous voice asking the man what he wants. I linger to hear his answer, and to my surprise he says "I want that white bitch to get naked in front of me and suck my black dick." 

Without hesitation (is this really me?) I walk toward him, disrobe, and drop to my knees between his spread legs. I take him into my mouth and suck with wanton abandon. His cock pushes at the back of my throat but I can't back away. He's got his hands on the back of my head, pulling me further onto him. I'm trapped, but loving every second. I can feel my pussy leaking, and I spread my legs to show my wet cunt. It doesn't take long for someone to settle in behind me and begin to lick my juice. I give a very contented moan and begin to jerk my hips against an anonymous tongue. I open my mouth even wider against the huge cock filling my throat. Suddenly there is a burning fire in my ass.  The dick in my ass feels huge, hurting me yet giving me a sense of pleasure I have never know. 

I am stuffed full at both ends and it's still not enough. The thrusting soon finds a tandem rhythm and I find my orgasm building. Inches and inches of black cock sliding in and out of my mouth while a cock the size of a telephone pole is driving itself into my ass. I come, screaming noiselessly as my already full mouth overflows with a sudden gush of creamy white cum, and my ass floods with heat on the final deep thrust of a monster- sized dildo. I slump to the floor, sated and delirious, only to find myself surrounded by the swollen pink flesh of unfulfilled pussies. My next fantasy begins...

From Hells Angel
One of my many fantasies but this just gets me going so much, I commute a lot as I don't drive - I often fantasise about having sex with a stranger who I've met on a bus or a train - all the time we do not speak - we get off at the same stop and he starts to follow me very close, we pass a dark alley way and he grabs me holds me against a wall with my back to him, all this time we still do not speak, he gets on his kness and rips my knickers off with his teeth and licks my ass and pussy, finger fucks me so hard it makes me drippping with pussy juice..  He turns me back around wraps my legs around him and fucks me hard, holding my hair with one hand and face with the other - all the while there's someone else there, watching us, I keep eye contact with the other person all the while I'm being fucked till he comes inside me - I pick up my ripped knickers off the floor and clean my pussy with it walk up to the other person throw my dirty undies in his face and leave.

From Beth
I have always had a thing for doctors. I want to play nurse to a doctor and his intern. The intern is clearly gay and never has been with a woman. He is lusting after the doctor something terrible, just like me. The doctor says that he’ll let the intern feel his hard cock up his ass as long as he pleasures me. The poor intern doesn’t know where to begin. So with some instructions from both the doctor and me, the intern sets to work. He licks my nipples and sucks on them until they are hard as rocks. Then he licks and nibbles his way to my pussy which is quite wet by this time. He starts to eat me like an old pro while I suck the doctor beautiful cock. Finally the doctor tells him to fuck my pussy and he shoves his cock up the intern’s ass. We fuck and moan until we come. It is a visual I’ve used even with my best boyfriend. It gets me off in the best of ways!

From Fancy
I have a good one I think. I use it when I want to come. I'm in a room with a lot of people and three guys want to hang me from the poles to have sex. One puts his cock in my mouth and one in my cunt and one in my ass. While they are screwing me the others start to screw each other. They had to get off but then the one with his cock in my mouth had a girl sucking his balls while he fucks me. The other guy with his cock in my pussy, he gets a cock put up his ass. Then the one in my ass he gets fucked in the ass and while all this is going on my husband is bond and gagged at the side of the bed.

When they get done with me the guys takes my husband and ties him to the end of the bed and then they tell him to eat me and he says no but they start fucking him up the ass before long his mouth is there sucking me off and while he moans about being fucked up the ass a girl is sucking him off and in between him sucking me I'm being fucked by another man then he has to eat me after the other man comes in be and this last till every one goes to sleep then I'm untied and made to suck every man off while they wake up.

From Anonymous
I have several fantasies but one long time one is where I am tied to a bed in a hotel and there is a sign on the marquee that says "free pussy room 209" and the door is open and I am blindfolded and hundreds of people come in and fuck my pussy, my mouth, all touching me, groping me. I am getting hot just thinking about it.

From Christie
My fantasy is with my husband I lay on the bed with my legs spread apart he watches as I rub my wet pussy I make myself come.  He tells me turn around get on all fours in rubs my wet pussy, he rubs to front to back.  He tells me I was bad  so if I move I get my ass slap. Tells me stay still don't move, this time he's rubbing and fingering me harder.  Of course I get spanked again for moving.  He tells me you were very bad now get on your knees then he puts his dick in mouth.  This will be the first time I ever went down on him I'm enjoying the taste and just sucking him. Then he tells me stand up lay on the edge of bed spread your legs wider the better, so I do what I'm told he stands there place his dick in my wet pussy.  

From Anna
My pussy aches and drips as I read these other women's fantasies. I fantasize about fucking strangers, maybe in the dressing room. First a woman walks in while I'm changing and doesn't say a word, just comes right up to me and presses her big round breasts against mine rubbing up and down and french kisses me while grabbing and squeezing my ass. Then she shoves her hand down my panties and starts to finger fuck me hard and rough, we're moaning and grunting and she sucks on my nipples and I buck against her..... shivering with excitement and lust..... she takes off her dress and is naked and tears off my panties as she licks down my stomach and I scream as feel a woman's tongue against my clit for the first time.

At first she goes slow and soft but I frantically push myself against her so she starts licking and sucking and licking rough and fast and then a man comes in and he shoves his huge cock up my ass and it's painful then it feels so good my ass quivers and I feel like my ass is going to have an orgasm as he shoves and she licks and I'm fucked hard and our moans and screams get louder and louder and finally I can't hold back. I come all over her face and he shoots cum up inside me rocking against me. We fall to the floor and then she puts her wet pussy against my face and I slowly stick out my tongue and lick her sweet warm juices off her pussy lips and I start to suck her and lick her. Mmm it's the pussy I want most. I want a woman to suck and lick my pussy soooo bad.

From Kiri
I have lots of different fantasies.  One I have had for a long time is about a society were sex is viewed very differently to they way we tend to view it.  When a person becomes an adult they go on a tour of the country on a train and it is pretty much anything goes.  4 people are assigned to each cabin but all there are in the cabins are some mattresses and a small bathroom (complete with hand rails) Moving around the carriages is encouraged and there are social gathering areas where public sex is encouraged.  There are all sorts of toys to play with and at each station a person is picked from each carriage to go on "show" basically they are strapped up spread legged and blindfolded and the people from the town can come up and do whatever they like to them (no bodily damage) the idea is to explore their own sexuality.  There is also a tower where those with more extreme fetishes can go to live them out.

From Anonymous
One fantasy is of me going to a business meeting where 3 men take me out for a break and tell me that they want to have me together. After that they do not leave me alone for a minute, and keep me in their room, 2 of them sucking each breast of mine, sucking really hard and mercilessly, hungrily, nibbling, licking, squeezing, biting, sucking, and one of them doing the same thing to my clitoris. This goes on tirelessly and for long durations. They exchange places and continue doing this and then they fuck me one by one. This goes on for days. Their hunger is insatiable. After a while I even start lactating and they keep drinking from my boobs. This goes on for days and nights together. And we make arrangements to meet often for such "vacations" where I am their sex slave, and they satisfy their hunger just as they please. They express their hunger for my body in an unbridled fashion, and cannot be gentle because of that. After each session I am left feeling really "gobbled up" and sore...sexily sore.

From Rachel
I fantasize often about many different things. One of these fantasies is where I am alone in my house late at night, and there's a knock at the door. I open the door to see a very good looking as well as drunken man. He kisses my lips first then my neck and at first I resist but I soon get so hot that I can't say no. He undresses me and uses his hands and mouth to stimulate every part of my body. He sucks my clitoris while fingering me until I'm wet as hell and my skin is burning up. He takes off all his clothes and shoves his cock into my mouth. I suck him harder and harder until he comes in my mouth and I swallow. He jerks off until he comes again and shoots his load all over my breasts spraying my nipples then he comes again on pussy and his juices drip off my clit. Then he slams himself into me and fucks my brains out.

Another fantasy I have is (this one's a little perverted) but I'm in a dungeon and I'm tied up with leather bounds. I'm just coming to (I've been knocked out) and I realize I'm naked. Just then four of my dream men walk in and begin to grope me. They call me filthy names like whore and cunt and shove their dirty fingers up my fuck-hole. They suck me till I'm dripping wet and then one of them shoves his cock in my cunt and fucks my pussy while another fucks my ass and another feeds me his cock. The fourth man continues to grope me until the first man is done. They use giant dildos and vibrators on me. They force me to do things that I would never do in reality and I love it.

From Eve
In one of my (many) fantasies, I'm not even myself.  I'm a creature of incredible beauty, sometimes even an elf, or something like it (yeah, it's strange, but hey, it's a fantasy.)  I am abducted, or drugged- at any rate, rendered unconscious, and taken away from home, safety, family. When I wake, I'm naked, in a chilly room with little detail. My hands are bound, usually tightly up behind my back, sometimes in other ways. I'm surrounded by males, mostly rather ugly, even bestial, all well-endowed, with very clear intent. None of them is 'rough' in the sense of deliberately trying to cause me pain, but they're all very aggressive. I'm there to be used, in whatever way they wish, and there's nothing I can do about it. And they take me, and take me and take me...

From Jenny
My fantasy takes place in a large dark room with padded floors. There are about 50 people in this room...all blindfolded and completely naked, complete anonymity. Everyone wanders silently through the room, skin brushing on naked skin. I feel hard, soft, wet bodies all around me. I reach out, and touch men...find women's wet spots and finger them...then move on to the next one. All of a sudden I find a man in the darkness, and pull him to the floor. We fuck each other...his hips move on top of mine, in and out....I feel more bodies surrounding me...a woman sits on my face and I eat her out as I get fucked...and someone else has their finger in my ass, another person is sucking on my nipples...and I scream. And then I do the same again and again... in a perfect world this place would exist.

From Josephine
My fantasy is to be treated like a slut. I want to take a submissive role and let the guys order me what to do. First I sit on a couch between the 2 guys, one of them spreads my legs apart and starts playing with my pussy. The other one undoes my shirt and exposes my breasts. Then they make me sit on the coffee table and tell me to play with myself. All the while they are saying things like. "you dirty slut" "pull those lips apart, show us your cunt, you filthy slut." I act the part and suck them both off letting them come all over me, they then fuck me, slapping my arse, pulling my nipples hard. They tell me what a good slut I am. They both fuck me a few times. By this time I am filthy with their cum over me.

They tie me to their bed and there is a knock on the door. The stranger goes to the door and opens it. Its one of his mates. He lets him come in and the new guy sees me spread eagle on the bed all tied up. He goes in there and asks who am I. They just say, a dirty slut they picked up and ask if he wants to fuck me as well. He does. He creeps onto the bed and starts spanking my pussy saying, "what a dirty cunt you have slut" He then fucks me while my husband puts his cock in my mouth. This continues for a couple of hours. We end up staying the weekend and I am used whenever the guys are horny. They fuck me all weekend, making me suck their cocks whenever they want. If any other guys turn up, I have to fuck them too.

From Liz
I have two fantasies actually. One is that I'm a teenage girl, (I'm actually 30) who fucks her daddy. The other is that I have sex with another woman, (hot, dirty sex!)

From Anonymous
My fantasy is simple. I want to fuck a man while another guy fucks my ass and I am simultaneously sucking some other guy's penis.

From Ruth
I want to be ordered to strip, and go into the bathroom. My husband then tells me what a slut I am for wearing a very low cut blouse. He sits me on the edge of the tub says he is going to mark what is his. He then pees all over my breasts. Then he lifts me by my arm, leans me into the wall face first and spanks me hard. He then spreads my sore cheeks and thumb fucks my ass while rubbing my hole with his middle finger. When he is finished he orders me to shower and come into the bedroom. I don't normally make it pass here before orgasm.

From Jane
I sometimes fantasize about sitting back and spreading my legs in front of a dog and having him lick me until I orgasm. I've been the recipient of a dog "sniffing" down there (of course with me fully clothed) and it gets me wondering. Then I have a fantasy of being suckled, by either a woman or a man. I would like to suckle a woman. I wonder what it would feel like to lie with another woman, breast to breast, limbs intertwined?

From lauralee
This fantasy always makes me so hot - I have been kidnapped, tied, blindfolded and sold into slave bondage. My master has me suspended off the ground, my toes cannot reach the earth, and I have been spread-eagled. All my charms are on display for all to see, taste and touch. I have been blindfolded and deprived of my sense of hearing. I have been allowed to retain the sensations of touch, smell and taste. I have no idea where I am, but I can tell I am in a very public area. Strangers; men and women are allowed to do whatever they wish to me; whip, cane, use their tongues, fingers, hands, breasts, pussies, cocks, various instruments of light torture and stimulation. Butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, cocks, fingers tongues, etc. are inserted into my vagina and anus, my clit, labia and nipples have weights attached to them and are pulled often.

Although I try to evade these people and ignore my growing excitement, I feel myself become wetter by the moment, I strain against cocks and tongues trying to seek release, but I am not allowed to cum. I am brought to the point of no return time and time again, but am not allowed to slip over the edge. I am tortured like this for days. My pussy is dripping steadily like a leaky faucet. I ache for release.

From Clarabelle
I've got a couple of favourite fantasies; sex with a stranger is always a good one for wank material, as is being made love to in public without anyone else being aware (fingers under the table etc). I have a thing for men in high visibility gear so that's a nice thought, a rugged man straight off a construction site and into my arms. Embarrassingly enough Superman flying through my apartment window to do me doggy-style is actually right up there. It's girlie and somewhat immature so I'll spare you the details.

My favourite grown-up fantasy is set in a bank. The man instigating a hold-up has honey brown eyes and he makes me suck his cock - on my knees, on the floor, in full view of everyone being held up -  after which time he has to have me 'cos it's gotten him so worked up. I'm not much into degradation, humiliation, pain in real life but I thrive (in my fantasies) on being totally dominated in this way.


From Traci
Mine is me on my knees, I'm sucking off my husband while behind me is another guy, his fat cock swapping between my pussy and butt as he gives me one mind-blowing fuck. I'm not sure I know the guy but hubby has a work colleague who looks very fit so guess it could be him in my fantasy. The other theme going through my head is that while the guy is fucking my pussy and ass, his wife is in front of me and I'm eating out her pussy while hubby fucks her mouth. 

From Carolyn
I am a 42 year old career woman, married with two young children. For the past few years, my strongest recurring fantasy is to make love to a 20 something, very hot woman with very large, natural breasts! Oh my, I do have an incredibly strong breast fetish. I would so like to experience the pleasure of feeling, kissing and sucking a pair of beautiful boobs. I often find myself checking out other women, usually those in their twenties or early thirties, and of course often focus on their cleavage if it is showing. Of course, I would love to kiss another woman, and certainly explore her entire body - not just the titties. But alas, I am drawn to the erotic thoughts of gazing upon my first pair of naked breasts, hoping that I can make this fantasy come true soon!

From Betsy Wetsy
My greatest fantasy is having some chick just eat my pussy till I can't stand it. I want to start off my rubbing my pussy till I am all wet and then she comes in all naked and starts sucking my big tits and then goes on down and licks and sucks me while she is moving her finger in and out of my ass. But I want it loud and nasty and in the end i want to squirt all over her. Man that would be the best. I want a chick to give me total pleasure.

From N
I have a fantasy of masturbating in my room on a hot summer day wearing just a white tank top. My legs are spread, my pussy's wet and swollen. As I rub my clit and squeeze my nipples, I'm so involved in what I'm doing I don't realize that my roommate has walked into the doorway and has been watching me. When I realize she's there, I hesitate as we look at each other, but she comes towards me and tells me not to stop. I continue to rub my clit as she watches me, now sitting on the edge of the bed, now putting her hands on my thighs, spreading my legs wider. I begin to move my hips up and down rhythmically, faster. She tells me what a bad, bad girl I am. What a bad girl I am for masturbating, for letting her watch me. This excites me even more.

She tells me to turn over onto my belly, onto my knees. I do get on my knees, pushing my ass up into the air, putting my hand underneath me and continuing to masturbate. She begins to spank me. Short, hard smacks on my ass as I rub myself. I'm moaning, she's saying how bad I am. How hot I am. She gets up and leaves the room for a moment and when she returns she has a huge dildo with her. I watch as she sucks the cock, making it wet, although I'm dripping and that's not necessary. She plunges it inside me, as I continue to masturbate. Harder and faster she pushes it inside me and I explode, finally, with the dildo in my pussy, my fingers on my clit and a last, hard smack on my ass.

From Amanda Leigh
I have had, what I thought, a weird fantasy. I always wanted to be tied up and forced to spread. My arms and legs would be tied, the guy would literally do whatever he wanted as long as it hurt and would not stop till I say I want to stop, then he could finish (if he hadn't already). As long as there is pain and pleasure I am soooo satisfied.

From Anonymous
I have a fantasy that I go to our church preacher for some counseling on a problem in my marriage. He winds up sitting very close, and then telling me to open my mind up to some solutions he has. He slips his hand up my skirt to feel me and he says that he'll need to fuck me and that it will do me a lot of good. So I let him stuff his cock in me and hump on his desk with my head laying on the Bible he reads from the next Sunday.

From Anonymous
I have a very unPC fantasy. I fantasize that I am stroking a man to orgasm. He is moaning and enjoying it very much and right when he is about to come, his penis is snipped off. He moans at his last orgasm.

From Anon.
My fantasy is that I am at home with my husband one night and some noisy kids are standing outside. My husband says he will tell them to clear off and walks out of the front door. I hear some commotion and then two minutes later hubby bursts through the door, being manhandled by two boys. He says he is going to teach my husband a lesson and pushes him to the floor. They both laugh at him and the taller boy stands face to face with me and asks if I would like to have a real man. He draws his zip down and pulls out the most beautiful dick I have ever seen. It is long and thick, stiffly pointing upwards. I do little to resist as he unbuttons my dress and it falls to the ground. The other boy unfastens my bra from behind and pulls my knickers down. They push me up against a wall and see I am already wet. The taller boy rams his dick into me and I moan, not with pain but with the exquisite feelings of this boy penetrating me and being helpless to resist. My husband lies on the floor with a submissive look in his eyes as I moan with pleasure . 

Now the second boy is suckling on my breast and it feels delicious. I tell them to stop but my body gives away my true feelings. I feel the boy stiffen as he comes inside me. The pleasure is too much and as I orgasm I scream with joy. I look at my husband as the boys quickly leave the house. I expect him to disown me but I can see that he is aroused and he takes me by the hand to the bedroom.

I freeze with terror at the thought of being raped, but thank goodness for fantasies.

From Anon.
Only just recently I have been toying with the fantasy of being the focus of a Board meeting. There would be young professionals (no older than 30) all sitting in suits (about 10 or so) complete with long shiny ties, around a large oval wooden table and I'd be lying naked, suggestively, in the middle. They'd be chairing a meeting, but they'd be talking in graphic detail about what to do with me. Eventually the chairman would get up, and take his trousers/pants off and his shirt, but leave the tie and the jacket on, he would beckon for me to suck his hard cock, and I would obey. I would then sample each cock and they would sample me, eventuating in me lying back on the table, with cum shot at me in the middle. Then, two gorgeous female secretaries would come and clean me up with their tongues.

From Urban Wildcat
One of the surgeons where I work is sort of cute in an older man sort of way, I'm pretty sure he's submissive even if I'll never get to find out. (Well, he is in my dreams, at least). Anyway, I've had a few fantasies about having him as my slave, I can just imagine what his naked butt would look like with me whipping it, seeing it twitch, and red stripes appearing as I go for it with my riding whip. Then, after having worked him up to a state of excitement - him undressed but me still fully clothed and in control of everything that he does, I'd eventually up the stakes a bit by ordering him to run my bath for me. (And of course I'd have to punish him severely if he got the temperature wrong). Then he'd be made to wait outside while I took my time in the bathroom. Afterwards I'd retire to the bedroom and order him to rub body lotion into my skin. I have very delicate skin of course, so it needs lots of attention. After having him admire my body for a while, all the tattoos and piercings, I then eventually allow him to pleasure me first with his tongue and his fingers, maybe later with his dick - if he's been a good boy, that is...

From Anonymous
I often fantasize that I walk in on a man having sex with his girlfriend and I stand in the doorway as if frozen. He sees me there, grins and beckons me over to the bed. He pulls away from his girlfriend, strips me to my panties and bra and motions to me to lick her pussy. She's very wet and I can taste his cock on her. While I am on my hands and knees he moves my panties aside and starts to ride me gently. He then stops, removes my underwear and tells his girlfriend to turn around so I am licking her and she is licking me....sixty nine style. He watches us for a minute or two and then slips his dick inside my wet pussy. He loves this as his girlfriend is licking me, licking him AND he has the added bonus of her seeing his dick slide in and out of someone else.

He rides me fast and furiously while his girlfriend drinks our juices. Then he pulls out and comes all over her face and my pussy. But we're not finished. We sit up and kiss each other while our breasts and nipples touch. We lie down on one another and move together. Our legs entwine and our pussies rub against each other. He can't get enough and becomes very hard again. I lie on her, my back against her stomach and she fondles my breasts. He can't take it anymore and starts to fuck us wildly, into me then into her....he loves it. We keep playing and fucking all night until we are exhausted and collapse, naked and sweaty, entangled on the bed.

From Monalisa
I am a very prim and proper (or so everyone thinks!) light skinned woman who has never before sucked a cock. My fantasy is to be fucked out of my mind by two exceptionally large, strong black men. They are doing some repairs at my house, and while I show them around I can't help but notice the huge bulges in their pants, thinking to myself that those must be two big cocks nestling there. Thinking of this and with my eyes still glued to their bulges, my mouth goes so dry that I have to move my tongue over my lips. They notice this and before I know it they grab me and pin me against the wall. They say they bet I've never seen such huge cocks in my life, let alone being fucked by one, and that they would give me the fuck of my life. I of course pretend to be afraid and beg them not to hurt me.

They take off my top and start licking around my nipples through my bra. They spring to attention and grow harder and bigger than ever before. I can hardly breathe, become super wet and start moaning. Next moment they tear off my skirt and panty and throw me on the floor. They sniff deeply on my soaked panty and make me do the same. My own smell drives me wild with desire, and I can't wait to see their cocks, so I start tearing off their pants, panting like a bitch in heat. Boy, am I in for a surprise!! - two incredibly big, thick, erect, dripping cocks emerge, and they're dripping from lust for me, Miss Goody-good!  Dream, dream, delicious dreams......

From Jessica
During the day my husband is working and the children are at school. My fantasy is that I take a job as a maid to an attractive rich widow, who lives in a manor house, in the same village as me. I am provided with a revealing housemaid's uniform, which shows my bottom and my breasts, when I bend down or bend over. I report to the housekeeper, who gives me menial tasks such as scrubbing floors and cleaning the fireplace. When I do not complete my tasks quickly enough, or my work is tardy, I am punished. The housekeeper will put me over her knee and spank me with a paddle. The lady of the house likes to cane me over the desk in her study, as she believes I should be regularly disciplined. Sometimes, her brother visits and requires me to suck his cock while I am on my knees doing my work. If I refuse, or do not do it satisfactorily enough, I am taken out to the stables by all three of them, stripped, tied to a post and horsewhipped.

From Setina
Sometimes my boyfriend comes close, but I don't tell him what I dream about, so how can he? He likes us to eat lunch in the garden, naked - it's quite arousing for us both when the weather is nice. I like it better when he's dressed and I'm not. He eats without taking his eyes off of me, gulping everything down to get to the part when he actually takes bits of me in his mouth. But in my fantasy the neighbours watch, and other people are also at the table with us, their mouths hanging open in total surprise as I bring out the salad wearing only my shoes. In my fantasy, they stare while I feed my boyfriend bits of avocado and then he licks my nipples and holds my mound in his hand. For dessert, they speechlessly watch us as he spreads ice cream on my belly and breasts, putting pineapple rings over and sucking my nipples through the centres until I am shrieking for more, and he is nibbling and munching and waiting for me to say he can now undress. They stand up and try to walk away, but they are stopped by the way he pulls his cock out and I sit on it, facing away from him, and he buries his head in my hair, holds my breasts as I rock up and down in his lap.

From Anonymous
In one of my fantasies I am in a laboratory where the female sexual organ and orgasm are researched. I am strapped down in a kind of child bearing chair, naked, with my legs opened and straps around my arms, waist, thighs, knees and ankles. A device is used to open my labia and all kinds of instruments are inserted into me for measuring or placed over my clit for stimulation. I'm not sure if I'm there consentually but I can't help being aroused and neither can the researcher. He sees me laying there and is extremely turned on by seeing my naked strapped down body getting so aroused. He finally can't control himself and runs his hands all over my body and massages my breasts, then he drops his pants, takes away the instruments and inserts himself into me. After only a few thrusts we both climax.

From *J*
One of my fantasies is to be approached y a woman in a public toilet in a nightclub. She tells me that she has been watching me all night as she guides me into a vacant cubicle. Once we are alone she becomes more aggressive pushing me down onto the toilet with one hand and lifting my skirt with the other. I am at her will. She begins touching me roughly through my panties and I am already very wet and aching to be touched deeper. She brings her lips down hard on my mouth but gently pushes her tongue inside teasing my own tongue with light flicks (teasing me for what is to come). Quickly she pushes my legs apart and pulls my panties to one side running her tongue slowly up and down my now swollen lips, I let out a long husky moan and push my hips up to her hand wanting to be finger fucked . She does this superbly while sucking lightly on my clit . I am soon exploding with pleasure and feeling very weak and dazed . She rearranges my clothes for me and kisses me hard on the mouth before sending me out of the cubicle. As I walk out of the toilets I hear her own moans as she brings herself to orgasm . I give myself the once over in the mirror, smile and walk back over to my hubby who is waiting for me with an ice cold glass of vodka and lemonade.

From Jd
I must admit I am bi-curious. I fantasies about fucking a woman every which way every day. My favorite of many? I am on an airplane, somehow I know that the air hostess is a lesbian and she is giving me the "eye". She bends over in front of me and I see her G string and a wet patch on her panties. She gets worried and sends me a note to apologize. I send a note back saying don't worry I enjoyed looking at your pussy I am bi-sexual. Another note she says wait until everyone is asleep. She comes to me and lifts up her skirt. I can smell her juices now. She has a neat hairy cunt which is shaved underneath. I pull her pussy lips open and tease her clit while proceeding to stick my finger inside her wet hole. She then kneels down and I spread my legs wide. She spreads my pussy lips and sucks and sucks my clit until I have the most amazing orgasm. 

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