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 Bright Desire brings sensual pleasures back into porn with a focus on the positive aspects of sex: Intimacy, passion, pleasure, and fun — important features of sex that you rarely get in mainstream porn. Bright Desire includes all orientations — it's for women, for men, for everyone who enjoys sexual pleasure.

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From Jim The Younge
I had an intense experience with a woman 12 years my senior. She was lovely, charming, sexy, smart - every thing I ever wanted in a woman. Except that she had young children (I wasn't ready for kids, especially not my own), and I was always aware of her age (not in a good or a bad way, just aware of it in a general way) and it seemed that our relationship centered around sex, and that simply wasn't enough. As much as I loved to be with her, I felt uncomfortable at the same time. It didn't work out, and ended badly. I wasn't strong enough to be honest, left her in limbo and that hurt her. For that I'll always be sorry.

From Mary
Amazing that no one has mentioned the issue that is surely foremost in younger/older long term commitments. So your guy is 15 or so years younger, that means when you're 65 and those wrinkles and aging issues start creeping up, your guy is 50 and in his prime. Uh oh, it's hard enough growing older, but standing next to a younger man looking oh so fabulous, it does make it difficult to feel self-confident and attractive when you're looking like his mother rather then his lover or wife. A fling with a younger guy - sure, why not. But a long term commitment, better think long and hard about that. 

From Jane
In porn, we hear a lot about MILF (Mothers I'd Love to Fuck), and Cougars (older women staking young men). But there's little about older men and young women, and too often it borders illegal lines of child porn - old men lusting after pre-teens. However, in real life, it's the experienced older men that rocks, sexual and financially. I'm dating a man 20 years my senior. He thinks I'm wonderful, he treats me like a goddess, he's financial secure, and sexually he pays more attention to my sexual satisfaction than to his dick. What more could a women want?

From Richard
An older woman excites me to no end. They're easy, often feel greatful for a younger man's attention, and willing to show appreciation in a sexual manner. I know that sounds insulting and exploitive, but damn me if it isn't true. Show an older woman some attention, flirt, make her feel charming and attractive, and you've got yourself a hot time in bed. Blame it on our society which makes an older women feel unattractive - they have to hid the gray, cream to death the wrinkles, and so on. Along comes a flirty young man looking for sex, and knows how to play an older women, and bam, there you go—you're in like flint with a women who wants to prove she's still a good lay, and often is.

From Anonymous
I'm 22 yrs old and my husband is 44. In spite of the age difference I enjoy having sex with him. He never lets me wear bra when at home. He loves to see my nipples pointing out ready to be sucked. He loves watching me skip topless. We have sex at least 2 times a day. I'm glad that my husband has satisfied my sexually.

From Rose
Is this an ego issue? Of course. In this youth-and-beauty-obsessed culture, women in their fifties are generally considered to be dried up has-beens. The post-menopausal are seen as undesirable for any number of reasons. Being considered undesirable doesn't stop a woman from having desires, however. And if someone, young hunk or not, considers her desirable, the boost to the ego is beyond description. Suddenly, she's eighteen again and she feels beautiful. (Throw in love on top of that and you probably have the most powerful force on earth.)

What sort of woman would want to do this, you ask? Well, how about a living one? By which I mean there is no "sort." The only restrictions would be the ones she places on herself because of her own personal socio-cultural and/or religious code. As for what she's looking for, well she could be looking for any number of things. A really terrific fuck perhaps, or physical intimacy (and I'm not just talking about sex; I'm talking about touching, just plain touching). She might be looking to feel alive again. Once you get to a certain age, you face the fact that there are more years behind you than ahead, and you just want to do all the living you can before it's over.

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