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Cock Rings

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SmutNetwork is all about Video on Demand. You get the best in adult movies, classy presentation and excellent customer service, all with no membership fees and no rebilling. This is one hell of fabulous deal with plenty of options including pay only for what you watch with the pay-per-minute system, download movies to rent, purchase, or burn-to-own DVD

Wasteland is a darkly elegant, exotic site, moody and mysterious and so fully loaded with erotic BDSM content that it is impossible to cover it all. Watch thousands of hours of bondage and fetish films and pictures. Enjoy live BDSM video chat, an active fetish community and so much more.

From Al 
I'm not fond of the darn things.... have only used a couple and then discarded them. I had one that you could adjust and it was a thin rubber strip like an o-ring if you know what that is. But it had an adjustment that seemed to always catch my hair and then it hurt so that didn't last long. I also had a leather one that had adjustable straps on it. Didn't like that one much either. It really didn't prolong my erection though really ... and maybe I was using it wrong ... but it never seemed to work like it was supposed to which is to trap the blood inside so you don't go flaccid. But out of the leather one and the rubber one I preferred the leather.

From Cervo
The only one I ever tried was made of steel. It was quite heavy. The lady thought that was all sorts of butch, but she of course was not wearing it. I think she bought it at a plumbing supply house. Anyway it felt like plumbing equipment when I put it on. It was heavy, annoying, distracting, and finally boring. I took it off and had a drink instead. She was annoyed and disappointed. So much for cockrings.

From Anonymous
Can someone answer this question, Can the cock ring cause any type of damage? I like to wear mine behind the scrotum and around the base of the penis. For example, could this cause damage to the bladder or testicles? Also, some of these cockrings are made to keep the testicles from rising. (worn around the scrotum) could this damage the cords that pull the testicles up? (maybe pull a muscle or ligament)? please let me know.

From Piers
How long can one wear a cock ring and does it do any damage? Both questions depend on how tight you have it adjusted. The benefit is that it (obviously) enhances erections by restricting blood flow through the Corpus Cavernosi (the three lengths of spongy tissue which causes an erection when engorged). In practice the penis balloons up more than is normally possible at liberty making it a lot thicker, causing the glans to expand beyond what you might have considered possible. The shaft thickens, the veins bulge and, depending on how it is adjusted, can even enhance length.

But beware! There is a price to pay. Prolonged constriction of the penis can cause a Priapism. This is a medical condition in which injury causes a persistent and painful erection, which, if it lasts for more than four hours can become a medical emergency and the administering of a drug called Terbutaline is the only relief. The condition can lead to impotence or, in extreme cases, amputation.

Fortunately, I never experienced any problems like those. I no longer use cock rings because as you get older the penis tissue becomes thinner making wearing anything on it uncomfortable. But everything still works down there and I'd say - yeah, have fun, use cock straps and cock rings, but be careful!

From Jazz
It's been a while since I looked at this site but very timely now as just last week I was in Milan and bought a set of three cock rings very similar to the ones on Good Vibrations (great site, by the way!). I've worn them several times since and while I don't consider myself to be above average size I do find even the large one a bit of a squeeze to go over my cock and balls. To be fair my balls are probably bigger than your average guy...not a boast just a keen observation.

You're suppose to wear the large ring as you'd guess over the whole caboodle and slip your balls through the small ring. Mine just would not go so I used the middle ring and then slipped the small one over the base of my dick. The overall look and feel is great but I do get very engorged. I love the sensation on my balls which anyway are a sensitive pair and with the combination of the two rings on they feel as if they are getting some extra special attention.

I agree too that the rings make for a stronger and more intense orgasm which shoots further...reminds me of when I was younger and took such things for granted! So, from a recent and new user of cock rings I'd say 'go for it/them' definitely but my recommendation would probably be to choose something which is more flexible or adjustable than the metal variety.

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