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Cock Rings

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For sexy fun...

GameLink is a one-stop-shop for all your movie and sex toy needs. Under one virtual roof you'll find the latest in adult movies that you can buy, rent, stream-to-own, or watch VOD. And, there's an excellent selection of sex toys—which is, of course, better than popcorn! For ERWA adult movie recommendations, read the Best in Adult Movies..

Michelle7-Erotica is home to a breathtaking collection of photos featuring sexually charged works from the world's greatest erotica photographers. Michelle7-Erotica is truly fine erotic art—at its very hottest.

From Adam
The first one I ever had was thin and adjustable, it was sorta like one of those weird neckties that don't actually get tied but instead have a buckle or something clamped on it. Anyway, I liked the results but didn't really dig the the hair tugging that resulted from the contraption, lube did help but just a little. It didn't take too long for me to figure out that the problem wasn't the ring. The problem was the hair. Once that was gone so was the discomfort. I got a lot of use out of that one for a while but have since discovered that I prefer having 'at least' one much thicker ring positioned behind the sack accompanied by smaller choker up front. 

The question of whether damage could result from wearing a ring for too long is one worth asking. I'm not sure about the risks to the reproductive system. But from a vascular point of view, it is my understanding that cells will eventually die if they do not receive enough O2. Fortunately the arteries which deliver the O2 rich blood to those cells are not as close to the skin or as pliable as are the veins which carry away the de-oxygenated blood. The veins are being restricted by the ring while the arteries continue to allow blood to build pressure thus resulting in the "Cockring Effect". Blah blah blah...

My guess is that extreme restriction could possibly result in a loss of a little sensitivity. But, because the typical cockring is essentially just an amplifier to the natural, more familiar, "Boner Effect", which doesn't seem to bother my penis one bit. This is not a common problem.

From Ted
I love using cock rings for both masturbation and sex with my wife. I just use the rubber ones. I've used the ones that fit over just the base of my cock and ones that fit around my sack and cock. It definitely makes my peter bigger and harder, especially the head. I put is on when my dick is still soft so I can avoid  lubrication to slide it on. My wife loves the added girth. I do recommend shaving your sack and at least the hair around your dick so it doesn't get entangled.

From Teddybear
Personally, I prefer the Heavy Rubber Rings. They generally come 3 to a pack (small, medium, and large). I have the small and medium on right now. I use the medium one around my whole package and the small one around my balls. They really enhance my penis and seem to pull my balls almost inside my wife's cunt when we're making love. I wear the cock rings a good part of the day.

From Monty
I love my cock rings! but I have been looking at getting a new one that is tear drop shaped and is said to rub on the area between your cock and balls and also a ring called a glans ring. I would like to know if anyone has ever worn either of these and if so how did you like it. Also some of the glans rings have a knob or a plug that goes inside the head of your cock! Please tell all about how this feels.

[Adult DVD Empire has a huge selection of Cock Rings, you probably could find what you're looking for there]

From Rich Skinner
I am 45 and have been using rings since I was 12 and started jacking off. I have probably 20 different ones and all are made of metal. I always use the ones that your whole package goes through, and not all the time use one or more on the shaft. I also have a couple that are connected with a 3rd ring splitting my ball sack. I have never had a complaint from any woman I have used them with and can tell you that my wood is just as good as it was when I was younger, I just can't come as many times, and the rings make it easier for me to prolong my pleasure. I have learned that stopping for a few minutes then resuming is not a problem since the ring keeps me hard. It is not unusual for my partner and I to make love for 2 hours or more with me only coming once. They do make your cock bigger and more sensitive too. I can wear them all the time and have worn them for days at a time.

Be careful not to wear too small of one if you wear the one your whole package goes through, last summer my girl and I were having fun in the country, the ring was a little too small and I wound up riding home naked with a huge hard on that took forever to go down, but it was big and hard!

From Dominic
I have been using cockrings regularly for the last 10 years after being introduced to them as a surprise by my girlfriend at the time. She bought the rubber o-ring type and had 'manually sized me' while I thought I was just having a good time ! The point is, size is very important. They work by restricting blood flow out of the erect penis, which is why your dick gets engorged, remember put them on while soft, get hard and hey presto, you've gone up a dress size ! Experiment with size till it feels snug but not uncomfortable. 

Over the years have tried, rubber, metal, the tourniquet style, leather adjustable with standard metals studs (SAX fetish - one of the best manufacturers around) and other flexible types with ball separators etc. Have been able to wear all the flexible (ie rubber or leather) for up to 8 hrs without damage (stress correct sizing here again). Metals are unforgiving with all that soft tissue to pinch against and the more heavy BDSM styles are short term wear only. 

My partners have always enjoyed them mainly because my dick feels different, my ejaculations have a little more force because (of the blood engorging restriction) the come has to force through and my balls don't rise or retract up as I come. Only one not bad experience but a warning note for girls and a let them be surprised for the guys. When a women is on top obviously she will feel the ring quite a lot, but the rubber ones are more comfortable for both partners, but note! A women's clit will most likely hit right on top of the ring and be squished against the guys pubic bone and if the sex is vigorous or passionate...the ring will chafe just a little bit and your lady may experience a little stinging next time she pees or washes!

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