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Forced Fantasies

Forced FantasiesOne of our featured gallery stories sparked the most heated debate about forced fantasies. The story was an explicit description of a rape fantasy. Some felt that the story fell within the prohibited range of what is deemed acceptable within erotic fiction. Others felt that it was a good portrayal of a masturbatory fantasy. We are interested in what you have to say about forced fantasies.  —Lybbe

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50 shades of grey at Adam & Eve

From Anonymous
My forced fantasies are erotic. To be made to submit against your will. To have your body helpsessly writhe against his, because he's stronger. As he slowly peels of layers of your clothes, eye contact, knowing you can't get away. There's a silent communication as you try to push him away and he comes closer, bruising your mouth, your tender flesh, knowing you want it and you don't. As his knees push your legs apart like your his plaything. As he plunges deep inside, forcefully, your helplessly under him, feeling him inside you, he's looking at you, watching you as he makes the most intimate contact a man and woman can have, owning possesing you, reminding you that right now, your helpless and in his control!

From Emma
Any woman who has forced fantasies/rape fantasies has internalized patriarchy. This is not helping her, her sisters or Feminism.

From Angie
I think it's hot! I don't like it too extremely rough but I like it when my man takes control. I like being held down or having my clothes taken off roughly. Builds up to a good climax. Usually I get too worked up though and am through quick lol. I give it two thumbs up though.

From Kymberlyn
This might comes as a surprise to some people, but many mainstream romance novels are full of rape/ ravishment/ forced submission plotlines. Does this mean that every women who reads such things has a secret desire to be raped? Really now. The idea that as a woman my fantasies (and even my reality) are subject to someone's notion of "political correctness", is troublesome at best.

(BTW, the entire notion of political correctness initially had nothing to do with forcing people into some kind of brainwashed mindset. Political correctness was from the outset, a means whereby volatile issues, such as race, gender and sexuality could be discussed openly and in an adult manner. What it's turned into, however, is so far from what it was designed, and now marginalizes the groups it was supposed to give voice to.)

From San Francisco Femme
Being restrained or blindfolded, so that my lover can take sweet time bringing me to orgasm, that's titillating.  Very athletic, full-on take each other sex, absolutely.  But rape fantasies, no way, I was raped in real life by a stranger at age 13 (my first sexual experience so when everyone's sharing their 'first time' it's easiest for me to leave the room).  I was later raped by an ex-boyfriend after I broke up with him.  Rape is hell so after those experiences it took me until my mid-30s to develop a healthy image of myself sexually, and I won't give that up now for anything, so any kind of demeaning sexual activity just isn't my thing.  Don't spit, piss or shit on me.  Don't force me to do anything.  Don't put me in the position of playing your rapist and forcing you.  No thanks.

From Joanna
I feel strongly that fantasy is just that - a fantasy, and that women have been wrongly forced into being embarrassed and guilty about their fantasies - as if they can't tell the difference between real-life situations and a fantasy. I find it upsetting to realize that there are still women who are ready and willing to judge other women's fantasies as right or wrong. It makes my blood boil to realize that there are men who think that because a woman writes a non-consensual fantasy it means that she wants to be raped.

From nlj
I've talked to a LOT of women who have 'ravishment' fantasies and none who had 'rape' fantasies (or at least admitted to them) the distinction seems to be that the woman 'would' have consented to sex if asked. the main idea seems to be that of overwhelming desirability. the man in question is someone the woman lusts after and that man gets so overpowered by the woman's attractiveness that he loses control. I don't think fantasies like that are 'rape' fantasies at all, they are 'desirability' fantasies.

From Shiloh
I like rape fantasies. I don't mean force fantasies, or 'being taken' fantasies (although I like those too.) I mean rape fantasies. 'Guy breaks into my house, beats me, puts a gun to my head and forces me to have sex with him' kind of fantasies. Of course, everyone wants to know why. That's the $64,000 question, isn't it? Or is it?

Jean and others have given us very eloquent lessons about the way things are, the way things used to be, the way things have changed (or have not.) Much of it doesn't apply to me. My rape fantasies don't come from societal guilt trips. They come from the fact that violence has an erotic appeal all its own. It always has, to some people more strongly than to others, but violence itself is erotic. Thoughts of violence are sexy because they are.

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