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Ssh, erotica for women

From Elizabeth B
My sex life of late is almost non-existent, so I masturbate frequently. The quickest, easiest way for me to get off is to rub my clit while fantasizing...and my biggest orgasms are when I fantasize about being forced to have anal sex. I can think of my lover, a beautiful, sensuous woman, and it turns me on, makes me dripping wet, and in the long run, I will come. But when I think about a long black dick pumping me from behind, I am on my way in seconds. And when that black cock is slipped from my wet pussy and shoved roughly into my ass, the ground starts to move like never before!

I think about my ass cheeks being pulled open, that cock forcing it's way into my tight hole. I see myself on my hands and knees, being pumped mercilessly by a large black head being pushed into the pillow at just the right angle to look into the mirror. I watch him slamming himself into me, I see his black rod pistoning in and out of my ass. He taunts me, telling me that every time my girlfriend touches my ass, I'll think about him riding me, and tells me I'll never be satisfied with her fingers or tongue again. He calls me his bitch, slams himself into me roughly, then pulls his cock out of my gaping ass and shoves it into my mouth. I frantically rub my pussy, pressing hard on my clit, and I come just as I picture his cock exploding, his thick white cum splashing down my throat.

From Miss B
I myself have several force fantasies. They fit the typical stereotype of one or more large men making me do things I'm not sure I want to do. Of course in my fantasies, the element of desire inside me wins out, and I enjoy being taken in such a way, and orgasm because of it. This is fantasy in so many ways. One, I would not really want to be in such a situation--I would be afraid to be with more than one person at a time, it would be too easy to be overpowered. Two, I am not averse to having sex with large black men--I do so regularly, and am not scared at all. The thing is, it feeds into society's taboos.

Anything that is "forbidden" always seems a bit more exciting. I am currently building a relationship with another woman, something I have never done before, and have not had sex with a man in almost a year. I find that my fantasies about men have increased, especially those involving force. This does not change the way I feel about my female lover. I do not fantasize this way when I am with her. She is gentle, loving, and very feminine. My mind gets to play in this other playground when I have my own time, and I have many powerful orgasms just thinking about having a big black cock shoved forcefully into my ass. Fantasies, even force fantasies, are my mind's healthy way of letting my body explore itself

From Carol
I apparently have a whole slew of "inappropriate fantasies!" And that little bit of recently-acquired judgmentia is not going to stop me having them, either.

From Jessica
This is one of my biggest fantasies, to be taken against my will over an office desk. The office is always the domain of my fantasies.

From David
While growing up, I would occasionally find myself having fantasies of rape or forced sexuality, both acting and receiving. These threads have persisted as part of a larger pantheon of fantasies through the years and it is only recently that I have come to an acceptance of them. Almost anything can be made into an arousing fantasy with the right crafting and I'm not about to allow a story to send me into the streets on a mad raping spree. I think foreced fantasies are obviously one of the most difficult to admit to having let alone sharing - they require a certain amount of maturity and honesty from the reader too.

From Morganna L.
I think the distinction between fantasy and reality is the main point in this ( and many other) discussions.  I am a highly-educated woman, a sociologist as a matter of fact, and while I risk my friendships, career and credibility with this admission, I believe it's important to make a public statement here.  Yes, I am turned on by rape fantasies. I imagine them during sex, and I write about them.  There is no moment, though, where I would want to be actually raped. There is no moment in the world where I think it's "okay" to actually rape, coerce, or otherwise force another person into a sexual act. I could post a whole long lecture here about "guilt" and sex and the "freedom" of non-consent (in a psychological way). Relax, I won't.  But the bottom line is, "stroke material" is whatever you "allow" yourself to be turned on by  --particularly stuff that goes against public policy. And as long as no one confuses fantasy for reality there is no problem. 

I know, I know, some feminists argue (quite forcefully) that "fantasy" depictions of violence and rough sex "teach" men (it's usually me, they say) that it's "ok" to act this way in the real world.  The same argument is used regarding media in general. ("Movies cause violence, rape, anti-social behavior, patriarchy, racism," etc.) I'm afraid I don't buy it and never will without irrefutable proof that explains the presence of these acts across cultures and history. So...enjoy your fantasies and I'll enjoy mine.

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