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Losing Your Virginity
Fiction versus reality

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Losing Your Virginity

Fiction Versus Reality

In so many romance novels, when women lost their virginity the pain only seems to surface for a second before feelings turn into earth shattering pleasure. However, in real life woman usually doesn't have a whole lotta fun and it takes a couple of tries to get the earth shattering feeling that these romance women get in just a few seconds. Did anyone out there have romance book type experiences where the guy knows what he's doing when it is her first time? Did the pain quickly turn to pleasure?

How about the guys? Men are almost always portrayed as knowledgeable and experienced. We know that's hardly the case. Don't be shy, tell us: Were you nervous, uncomfortable, was your partner helpful, or scornful?    —Alyn Rosselini

I always thought of losing my virginity as a career move. —Madonna

For sensual pleasures...

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Adult Chat Rooms - Pick a room by geographic region or topic of interest. Try the Cybersex room, or the Cyberfantasy room, or the Webcam Fun Room (yow!). If you're new, the Lobby is a great place to get started. There's always chatters ready to play 24/7. Easy to navigate, lots of sexy fun.

Adam & Eve TV

From ETM355
My first time was probably a little later than most guys. I was half way through my junior year of college. I had been dating my girlfriend for a couple months. We were in her dorm room. I didn't ' ask if she was a virgin and didn't volunteer that I was until later. I loved kissing her, especially her breasts. By the time we had all of our clothes off, I was so turned on. She took my cock and guided me into her. I couldn't believe how warm and wet she was. The feeling just overwhelmed me and I came after just a couple strokes. It was a little embarrassing, but she was really nice about it.

When I told her later that it was my first time, she said she wished I would have told her because she could have made it better. A few weeks later, I found out what she meant. She masturbated me to an orgasm first. Then when I got hard again, she got on top of me. She started really slow, and gradually built up until I came with a lot more intensity. I felt her suddenly tighten around my cock. When looked at her, she was a little sweaty and were breathing was just getting back to normal. That 'a when I realized she had come just after I did.

It was a much more satisfying experience for both of us. We dated the rest of that year before splitting up. My first time was more memorable for how understanding my girlfriend was than it was the actual experience itself. I will always be grateful to her for that; as well as showing me how great sex could be the second time we did it.

From Fred
My was not the ideal situation. I had been friends with this girl and we would fool around some when we got together. Nice kissing and she let me feel her tits which were wonderful. One night we got together and ended up in her bedroom. Unfastened her pants and pulled them off and had her in just her panties. She insisted my pants come off and she also pulled off my boxers. Soon I had her panties partially down and had full access to her pussy.

Nice fingering and she was so wet. Soon we were humping and it felt good sliding my cock against her pubic hair and mound. We had a nice motion going and I felt my orgasm coming and couldn't stop it felt so good. Soon I shot loads of cum and had a great release. Found out later that my cock had actually slipped inside her pussy and we were fucking which is what made me orgasm. I wish I would of realized that it was my first fuck at the time. Would be years later that I realized what had really happened and that the change I had felt on my cock was it slipping in her wet willing pussy.

From Daniel
Guys are nervous too. I was young when I lost it, I just wanted to get it over and done with, so I rushed and made a embarrassment of myself, I felt nervous scared and excited all at the same time, I was more worried of what the girl thought of me and looking like a idiot than anything else. And wouldn't you know, I ended up looking and feeling like an idiot.

From Anonymous
My first time was not the best way one should lose their virginity. I was 16, and he was 23. He wasn't nice or understanding about the whole situation. He pressured me into having sex with him until finally one night I did.

It was the most horrible night of my life. He wasn't on the small side so that was one thing going against me...he barely got the tip in good. I tried to push him off because it hurt so badly, but he didn't stop. After he finished I got dressed and went home. I was soo sore and I bleed for 2 weeks after that, and every other time we had sex. I truly regret it till this very day, but I can't change the past.

From Suzie
I lost my virginity to a small vibrator...hardly the fantasy scenario. That did hurt - a lot, but really turned me on as well.

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