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Male Nipple Play

Men, Are You Into It?

Male Nipple PlayWe all know that most women enjoy having their breasts licked and sucked. Female breast and nipples play a major role in almost any sexual encounter. But what about men? Do men enjoy having their nipples sucked? Why do we so rarely read about this in erotic fiction? Come on guys! Tell us what you think.

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From Mike
I am a widowed male senior who first experienced nipple play as a young man at the hands of a prostitute. To this day I can not keep my hands off of my nipples.

When my late wife and I were fucking, she would dig her nails into my nipples and pull on them or gently bite on them, causing wonderful pain and ecstacy! Today, I have a sports massage therapist as a lover who does my nipples and I eat her pussy. When she is not available, I have gay sex with men, often culminating in anal sex, much to my delight. Nipples have become the very core of my sexual being and can't ever get enough.
So, you men out there who are curious, try it, you will like it!

From Jack
Been into it since childhood and in senior years and failing health of my wife, it has been a lot of fun, and a sex life saver. It's private, it's me, but not like latching on to the gracious nipples of a black lady.

From Nick
There's nothing wrong with you, George [see George's entry below]. Male nipple play won't do you any harm, I've been into it since I was a teenager, I'm 53 now. Looking at my chest, you'd never know I, or my wife, play with my nipples nearly every day. They look the same as any other male chest. So play away, and don't worry, enjoy.

From George
I am male. After my Prostrate operation I could no longer get an erection.  After reading this site, I tried playing with my own nipples and found it to be great.  I can reach orgasm a dozen or more times each day, - no ejaculation, Just orgasm - but now I wonder if there is something wrong with me because I really like the sensation, and I worry that playing with them each day in the shower may be hurting me physically.  Any thoughts?

From JP
It's great to hear other guys talking about this. I love what my nips can do to me! I am also a novice bodybuilder and it has done incredible things to my pecs and nipples. My muscles have grown, pushed my pecs forward, stretched out my nips and still I can not believe how much pleasure I can feel. Alone or with a partner, I can feel such indescribable pleasure for hours.

If you have such a thing like me, don't be afraid of it, love it, enjoy it, embrace it! expore it, have fun with it! I play with mine at least twice a day (with our without ejaculation). It also encourages me to work out harder at the gym because I know the bigger my pecs grow, the more pleasure I will feel! he he he! Enjoy your body men!

From Anonymous
I am disabled from spinal cord surgery and sometimes it's hard to get an erect penis. I read some sites and heard about some men love nipple play. I started to experiment and I was hooked. I even bought some nipple clamps to see how they would feel. Then my major discovery. Using the vibrating eggs on the clamps on my nipples with some lotion/lube on them and it got me hard down below. The sensation of the vibration on the nipple sends pleasurable sensations down to my penis. Try it.

From Mike
My wife taught me the fun of nipple play. We were having sex one time and I got out of bed for some reason. As I was returning she asked that I play with my nipples while she was using a vibrator. I did it and once I entered her, she started sucking on one nipple, and playing with the other one. In no time I could tell I was about to climax. We now watch one another playing with with our nipples, and sucking each others nipples.

From Jim
I'm a bisexual who loves having my nipples played with by having them gently rubbed during sexual fore play. My most amazing ejaculations have come when I lay my head on my partners crouch while stroking and they are gently teasing my nipples from behind me. I also find they get extremely hard prior to thinking of sex, kind of like a precursor that your body desires satisfaction. I would rate nipple play as one of the two most erogenous zones of the male body, only wish I had discovered willing partners years ago.

From Mhenton
I LOVE NIPPLE PLAY---I discovered this when I was 11 and my sensitive nipples caused my fist erection and masturbation! I have always wanted nipple play, the older the more. It is great--I get off with nothing but nipple stimulation---I would love to chat with other people who have the same interest.

[Mhenton, try Adult Chat Rooms. Pick a room by geographic region or by topic of interest. There's always chatters 24/7, a fun place.]

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