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Male Nipple Play

Men, are you into it?

For sexy fun:

Liberator Cushions are designed to help people of all ages, sizes and shapes, even those with back injuries and other medical conditions, find comfortable ways to achieve extraordinary pleasure. Shapes like the ramp, the wedge, and the stage are excellent tools for elevation, comfort, and creativity. Treat yourself, and your partner, to Liberator Cushions because sex without them is just plain flat!

Bright Desire brings sensual pleasures back into porn with a focus on the positive aspects of sex: Intimacy, passion, pleasure, and fun — important features of sex that you rarely get in mainstream porn. Bright Desire includes all orientations — it's for women, for men, for everyone who enjoys sexual pleasure.


From David
Stroking male nipples is a fantastic turn on, very gently touching the tips focuses the mind on your intense desire for your partner. Excited nipples transform sex and drive me wild. I wish I had learned this 20 years earlier !

From Ray
I like my nipples gently rubbed, pinched, pulled, licked, and sucked at first.  Then the intensity can increase, and I like them pinched with the fingernails.  I also like them flipped up and down and back and forth with fingernails to the point of agonizing pain, and then continue, because it hurts so good.  (My wife is not wild about that done to her.)  Gentle biting and pulling with the teeth can progress to more intensity.  And finally I like to have them spanked, especially as I near ejaculation.  I have whipped my own nipples, but haven't had success in getting my wife to do that.

From Anthony
My girlfriend likes to play with my nipples but it doesn't really do too much for me.  Her nipples are very sensitive and loves it when I kiss and suck on them when we make love and tries to do the same to me.  I  prefer other erogenous zones!

From Mike
I cannot say enough about this segment on this website. Since I am constantly touching and fondling my nipples, it is EXTREMELY arousing when a sex partner (Male or Female) reach around me and fondle my nipples with their fingers during foreplay giving me a rock hard erection, sometimes erupting into an eye crossing orgasm, or a prelude to unbridled sexual ecstasy. I love my nipples! I love my nipples! I love my nipples!

Froom LKJ
From time to time I see references to nipple orgasm. I find the idea bewildering. I frequently feel extraordinarily good from nipple play.  It's far better than ejaculation... far better than anything I can honestly call an orgasm.  And I can play for long periods of time.  But is it an orgasm?  I can't really use that term. I'm wondering whether there are still greater pleasures to experience, or whether my experience is typical.  It's a mystery.

From Kelcalman
I love it when my girl licks my nipples when I rub my dick. The sensation is overwhelming and I come so hard. Foolishly I always thought that just women enjoyed it, but I was happily wrong.

From MGB
Am a heterosexual man, and I accidentally discovered how sensual I feel when a women plays with my nipples. Actually after my first time I really did not think about it because I was afraid I actually liked it, but I had women I dated do it and I started liking it more and more. But was still scared about it, that it's not something for a man. Whew...I grew up after that but it's difficult to make some women understand it. keep the emails coming...

From D. L.
I have always been aware of my sexual arousal factor of engaging in nipple play from an early age. I do not feel uncomfortable in asking my lover to suck and bite my nipples during our lovemaking. There are times when I masturbate in front of her and have her squeeze and massage my breasts and nipples while I flex my muscles in her hands until I come. 

The pleasure is so intense I can't describe it.  It's out of this world.  When I masturbate alone, I use the edge of my men's magazine as stimulus to rub across my nipples getting them really erect, with that in play and fantasizing about the beautiful women on the pages, my orgasms are really pleasurable.

From Kenneth's Nips
Thank god I'm not alone. My cock gets hardened as I read every ones story about how they feel and their experiences about their nipples. I was only 9 years old when I discovered that rubbing and pinching my nipples will give me some sensational and electrifying feeling that I have never felt in my entire life way back and that is also the same time that I discovered myself masturbating without using my hands, but I found myself fucking my bed while rubbing my nips. But of course I didn't come because I was not in the puberty yet. Since then, whenever I masturbate I'm pretty sure my nipples will get involved. So for those who haven't tried it yet, you are missing something in this world that you must experienced. 

From Mike
My nipples are by far the most erogenous areas of my body. And, for all the men out there who might think this is too "gay" for them, think again, have your wives or female friends explore this area during foreplay (for each other), but then again there are some who get absolutely nothing from nipple stimuli, I feel sorry for them, but for those of us who get mind blowing orgasms, do plunge ahead!

From Hank
Apparently, only a few men appreciate male nipple stimulation. I was fortunate as a teen to discover that pleasure when I touched them while masturbating. Been doing it ever since, having my wife rub them lightly during foreplay. A terrific sensation surges from my nipples to further stimulate my erection. Continued nipple fondling during intercourse results in a strong ejaculation. Although not every male will be able to experience the stimulating sensation, every male should at least give it a try. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. Enjoy!

From John
My wife and I have been married for many years and only recently discovered how aroused I become when she sucks my nipple's. She has tried for years to rub, pinch and play with them, but I wouldn't let her. One night during some foreplay my left nipple was close to her mouth and without warning, she closed her lip's around it and started sucking, making my cock rock hard in seconds. She now asks if I would like them sucked and my answer is now always "YES" and enjoy returning the favor that she has been receiving for many years.

From Jim
I am not sure when I realized it, but yes, my nipples are directly connected to my cock. My wife can suck my nipples and get me hard without even touching my cock. The best is when she gets her vibrator and puts it on her clit, jerks me off while sucking my left nipple and fingering the right. She climaxed from the excitement too. Unfortunately, her nipples are not really sensitive. I find sucking, pinching rubbing and fondling my nipples a really big turn on.

From Brandy
I am delighted to have the opportunity to voice my opinion on this fascinating topic. I have had three sex partners. I tried using nipples on my first partner as a means of arousal, but it didn't work, so I didn't even try it on my husband. My current flame, tho, is driven CRAZY by it! After the new wore off of our sex life and I was looking for new things to try, I asked him if that did anything for him and he told me to try it. It sent him over the edge! He can come just from having nipple sex.

He likes me to draw slow, wide circles around them with my tongue, then make the circles smaller until I am right up to his nipple, then flick it very quickly with my tongue. He also likes them to be sucked really hard, or take little nips with my teeth. But BE GENTLE!!! Not all men like pain with their pleasure. He also likes to lay close together, chest to chest when we make love, so he can feel our nipples.

From Teddy
OK, I was curious when I found this site. I'm 24 and I admit I dig having a chick play with my nipples. I guess I'd say they have been sensitive since I reached puberty when I was about 11 or so. I was an athlete in high school and sometimes just wearing a tight jersey when I worked out would stimulate me when it rubbed against my nipples. That really amazed me at the time. Like most guys, I guess, my nipples got bigger and darker when I was an adolescent and a lot more sensitive.

Today, when a chick plays with them, they get very hard. I always thought that was sort of wimp reaction or just something gay dudes were into. Real men don't have sensitive or excitable nipples. WRONG. Every chick I have been with goes for my pecs and nipples and I am into it. I guess they dig the way I am built (I lift and run and have a 44 inch chest) and the fact that my pecs are smooth. They massage my pecs and then sort of taunt my nipples and tease them as they harden. It drives me out of my mind. And if any chick even started to think I am a wimp or something, one look at my package will set them straight and tell them I am all man.

So any chick who wants to tease, suck, bite or in any way torture this man's nipples is totally welcome to do it. In fact, I am proud my nipples are good sized and sensitive because the ladies dig them. I am curious how many other dudes feel as I do about this.

From Daniel
Yes! Touch them, pinch them (but not too hard), lick them, suck them. Man, when my wife first did this I almost came instantly. After several years of nipple play during sex I asked her how she knew I would like it. She said she didn't know, she just thought she'd try it. She liked nipple play on her so she figured why not me. 

Sometimes she just takes control. Sometimes I tell her what I need. My whole body goes into orgasm! And when I come...look out! Sometimes she does it just to see me go into spastic orgasms. If she doesn't come, I tell her I'm sorry and she just says "that's OK I'll get mine later, I just got so excited making you come that it turned me on." Man, my eyes rolled back! So sometimes I return the favor with cunnilingus. But then again...this is about me isn't it? Yesss! I love it!

From Nicki
After I read through this wonderful site, I thought I'd like to share my experience with some of you guys who might have similar experiences. I began having this feeling when I was 19-20 when I was given a ride by this middle-aged man who gave me a ride to town but before then to stop over at his place for a short drink in Napier, New Zealand. After he persuaded me to join him for a drink, he came sat next to me and unbuttoned my shirt and bared my already standing nipples.

I was shocked and embarrassed but before I had a time to resist, his warm wet mouth was fixed to my left nipple and started sucking on it like a baby found his mother's. It was kind of tingling sensation but shortly I started to feel really good and perhaps feminine sort of feeling, and subconsciously, I was holding his rather baldish head like a pillow and nursing him to feast at my nipples by turns.

Since then I became so attached to breast feeding to another guy/s and had another 2 more similar experiences to this date which were equally rewarding. I have never been made loved to as yet, but my nipples were sucked by 2-3 men since then.

From Collier
I wish more and more women knew how much this turns us on. I wish they were less inhibited about playing with men's nipples. I've had this thing for nipples since my early teen-age years, and 30 years later, it hasn't changed or slowed down. I like it a lot when a woman reaches under my shirt, sliding her hand up along my stomach in search of a nipple. When she finds it, I like to feel those sharp little fingernails dig into it (just a little, mind you), then pulling on it, twisting it and tugging it. Even more than that, I love lying on my back with my arms stretched over my head as she sucks on my nipples, alternating between them.

From Erin
I'm a Japanese wife who loves to play with my husband's sensitive nipples. The secret for me is to play with both his nipples at the same time. He's pretty much at my mercy and his cock instantly gets rock hard. I've discretely played with his nipples in public to tease him. That's fun! On the beach, I did it while rubbing sunscreen on his chest. Too bad he wasn't wearing Speedos! I've also done it while shopping only to see a bulge in his pants. I'm so mean! Ha ha ha. I get rewarded when we get home. After some more nipple teasing and making him squirm, I make it up to him. Rubbing his nipples during sex is another story.

From Anonymous
One night while having sex with my wife, I lay on top of her and was slowly grinding inside of her. When I braced my torso up off of her, she began lightly and slowly playing with my nipples. It blew my mind.

From Robby
Wow, I have found this site by mistake lucky me! I also am a male with very sensitive nipples I am not gay, I have a loving girlfriend who also has very small but very sensitive nipples. I have had sensitive nipples all of my life, I was very embarrassed about the fact I could get off with the slightest flick of my nipples. I thought "Wow this is not cool I'm a guy"... However, it's been the best thing that could ever happen to me sexually because I can get horny any time of day or night just by flicking my nips! Cool huh?

I love when my girlfriend sucks my cock and she plays with my nipples at the same time "Oh My God" I could come so hard it feels so good... I am 50 years old now and it still feels the same as it did when I was just a little boy! 

From Anonymous
My wife is Japanese. I believe from talking to other guys with Japanese partners that the Japanese are very into nipple stimulation (its pretty standard foreplay there). Anyway, we had been dating for a few months and I wasn't in the mood one night. My wife (at the time girlfriend) cuddled up next to me and started rubbing my left nipple through my shirt. I had never felt anything like this. It felt like someone was sending electric wires through my penis. I asked her what she was doing (never had a woman do this to me). She said that she was teasing me, but that she knew I liked it.

Since then, she always teases my nipples when she wants me to perform. Once I was sleeping without my shirt on and I woke up with her sucking and blowing on my left nipple (she always focuses on the left). I thought I was going to explode.

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