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The Skinny on Sex and Weight

fat and sexyI realize I may be getting into some politically incorrect territory here, but I've got a question. How does body image affect sex? Is fat a turn-on or a turn-off? If you're obese, do you think it's affected your sex life? If so, how?  —Helen

Years ago women of my size were considered royalty.  —Camryn Manheim

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From Jack
No, fat can not be sexy. It's unhealthy, unattractive, and a turn-off. I lost 73 pounds this year, I feel great, look much better, and have two girlfriends - that's 2 more then I ever had when fat. I say, get it together, and go on a diet. You'll live longer, look and feel better about yourself, and so will others.

From San Francisco Femme
I've never chosen my lovers based on their body weight or type, although my own weight has certainly fluctuated and I didn't feel sexy nor engage in much sex at my heaviest, fat is fine with me but I haven't met anyone yet who's morbidly obese that I've specifically been attracted (I don't rule it out from happening in the future).  What matters for me, far more than body type or weight, is a kind adventurous lover and - experience telling me this - if their thigh muscles & stomach muscles are strong enough to engage in some very active sex.  I don't want to be the one doing all the work in the partnership, and at one point I was the lover who hadn't kept her thigh muscles strong enough to do more of the work and I regretted it because my lover deserved more from me, so now thigh & stomach strength are key to me for lasting and satisfying sexual partnership.

From Anonymous
Absolutely! My currently lover whom I've known for a long time is on the heavy side (just under 300) and I find her extremely sexy. Most of sex I've discovered is in the mind set of those involved. I love the feel of her skin against mind. Kissing her all over is a huge turn on. Her weight has never mattered to me. She is the most passionate, erotic and intuitive lover I've ever had.

From Eric
Very much so. What is considered fat these days, anyways?  A couple of pounds over the desired weight, whatever the hell that is?  What some might consider fat, I'll be thinking "HOT DAMN"!

I myself grew up thinking only "skinny minnies" were attractive, but that all changed a few years ago while in college.  I got to know, very well , a girl in one of my courses.  We became very good friends, would converse very easily, even flirt.  She was what I would refer to as "pleasantly plump".  She had a very pretty face, and probably the most gorgeous smile I'd seen.  Her body is what really caught my eyes, though.  Nice, round , prominent ass.  Nowhere near "huge" or "fat", just really nice.  Beautiful , round, firm, and gigantic boobs.  WOW!  I'll admit, I often fantasized about licking, sucking, even fucking those beautiful mounds. She was a "dime" AS IS , not a "dime" if only she'd lose a little weight.

She often said she wanted to start exercising as if she needed to lose weight.  I would blatantly look her up and down in appreciation (and hoping she would catch me in the act) as if to tell her that that was certainly not necessary. For some reason I never asked her out.  Don't know why, but I maybe missed out on something good. Anyways, all you women who have been told your fat, just disregard it.  Hold your heads up, plenty of men are definitely checking you out and loving what they see.

From Anonymous
Absolutely! My currently lover whom I've known for a long time is on the heavy side(just under 300) and I find her extremely sexy. Most of sex I've discovered is in the mind set of those involved. I love the feel of her skin against mind. Kissing her all over is a huge turn on. Her weight has never mattered to me. She is the most passionate, erotic and intuitive lover I've ever had.

From Vinayak
Fat can be sexy if the size is proportionate all over! If fat is only at one place, it may look shabby. I do like women with nice curves & fairly proportionately fat .If breasts are bulky, I don't like them .I like symmetrical body.

From lady j
I am morbidly obese & I find that my size does dictate to me how I feel sexually. I know there are men out there who love a big woman. (I weigh over 500 pounds) I do know that I can be just as sexual as a woman weighing 185 pounds(my sister). For those who like big people, Facebook has a ThicknLuvlyLadies page devoted to women who are thick & the people that love them. They also have one for big men & women who love them. Plus a sexy & single page.

Nowadays too many people feel that you have to be a size 4 in order to be considered beautiful. Not me. Any woman can be sexy. It's all in how she carries herself & the attitude she had.

From Anonymous
Yes, fat can be very sexy. My wife is a big girl. I love seeing her naked. She has such a sexy body, I love every sexy curve of her beautiful soft body. I love watching her put lotion all over her sexy belly in the mornings. The part I love the most is feeling all her body weight on top of me when we have sex, plus I get to see those big soft breasts in my face!

Fat is sexy!

From Anonymous
I think it is a turn on. My girlfriend is a bbw and I love every part of her....

From Bruce
Why does every single entry here relate to women, men talk of women, women talking of themselves.  The topic was not gender specific, so I just wonder, by default, does this mean men can not be sexy full stop?

Seems to me that women are having more and more the monopoly on what is deemed sexy, and the notion that the question might relate to men also does not even seem to cross anyone's mind.  Interesting.

From Guy
My first wife was naturally slim to the waist, but had big hips, butt and legs; features I hadn't hitherto found attractive.  Personality, sense of fun  interests and family backgrounds had brought us together.

After our second child was born, she became very fat, not obese; her bottom was very large.  When lying down on her tummy her ass cheeks fell apart leaving her neat asshole in full view, which I found a great turn on.  We lived near the sea and often spent days on the beach, having a barbecue with friends.  I remember walking down the beach to swim, the girls were in front  I was beside the other husband.

My wife's bottom protruded so far from her too small bikini and wabbled so much, my friend couldn't take his eyes off her behind, we had to smile, but we loved it .

Later in life I have had a lover who was obese, but not excessively so.  Our attraction for one another was appreciation of the arts, music, literature and horses; so that we were drawn together physically as well.  She used a sun-bed regularly, so she didn't look so dimply white, she had also had a breast reduction.  I loved her big fat, though not flabby, tummy and bottom.  When we were together we made love every which way at least twice a day.  She was an amazing love partner and the only woman who has passed out when she orgasmed with me.  I was really frightened the first time I thought that she had died.

"Man Likes To Have Meat On His Bone"!

From Oz
I have often been called fat (my teenage years were the worst!) but in truth I don't think I am. I'm 5'9, 180 lbs with DDs and size 38 hips. I could probably starve myself down to 160, but that's just not natural to me. I have breasts and hips and thighs.

Women have always been more critical of my weight than men (excluding moronic teenage boys) and I often didn't like my shape because I couldn't find clothes to dress them right. I used to wear baggy cargo pants and mannish over-shirts, which made me look like a concrete block with no shape at all.

It wasn't until my first Dom that I wore a corset out in public and discovered high heels made my ass look amazing that I realized clothes had a lot to do with why I got the negative comments. I don't mean being a fashionista buying up designer wear, but actually shopping for clothes that suited me, not just what was currently "in style", which might only suit someone who was a size 10 and flat-chested.

I admit to having a preference for big men with big muscles because I like to feel dominated and feminine. I've never been with a very overweight man before, but I think I would still be attracted if he moved well and had nice arms.

From TsunamiMami
I myself would be considered obese, although most people never believe how much I weigh when I tell them, so I assume I carry my weight well. I have to admit, I have noticed that guys are more attracted to my pretty face than my larger body. But all that is void when they get to know me and fall in love with my personality.

So, yeah, I have noticed a difference in men's attraction to thin/fat, but I don't really care because the ones I do get love every inch of me, inside and out and those are the men I want in my life.

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