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From Juda
Of course it does. I'm so beautiful people stop often as if I'm a model. Over the years that became, "at least you don't have a belly" and now "you're so pretty."

Perhaps, I could help myself by losing weight but after years of dieting and exercising, I'm on a self-sabbatical. I had one relationship where I didn't even want the guy to go down on me because I felt insecure about the size of my thighs. "Maybe they're too heavy for his shoulders." And "No, I don't want to get on my knees" while thinking because then you'll have a real good view of my ass. Which he LOVED! The things he loved about me were the things I denied him.

This weekend I was out with some friends and this guy caught my attention. He just kept staring and I kept tugging down my shorts. He smiled and said "Hello" and the armor went up. My friends urged me to talk to him but I could not open my mouth because he was gorgeous. Though I put a lot of effort into the way I carry myself, it is impossible to believe that marathon runners and soccer players are into 5'9" - 245lbs of boobs and ass (I promise I have a 33" waist, but everything else is extreme).

If I was myself even five years ago, with more cushion than I needed, but living in a culture where thick women are well appreciated, I would have had the confidence to speak to him. But, I'm in college, have three brothers, and I hear them all comment daily about fat women, then tell me they're not talking about me.

People say a confident BBW is sexy, and if you look past her hang-ups, that would be true. She's probably sexier than Matahari, Marilyn, and any other timeless vixen out there. Honestly, if I had a man who could lick my stretch marks and pretend the dents on my ass were made by his grip, I'd lay it all out for him. And if we're both lucky, he'd be addicted.

From Brian
Can fat be sexy?  No, but it is necessary to distinguish between obese and merely a few pounds or inches overweight. That applies to both men and women.  There's nothing sexy about some guy who can't see his feet or tie his shoes. The best sex I ever had was with a girl who was on the thin side of average. Without any extra pounds to move around her flexibility and ability to move and thrust were memorable.

From R.D.
I agree that it is mostly confidence and attitude. The best lover I had ever been with prior to meeting my wife was not obese, but she was a plus size.  She was beautiful, intelligent and very confident.  Her body had this wonderful softness.  We spent a week together, and it was some of the most unbelievable sex I have ever had.  She helped open so many doors for me where my sexuality was concerned.

Our second night together, she digitally penetrated me and massaged my prostate while she sucked my dick.  It was one of the longest, most intense orgasms I have ever had.  From that point on, she basically owned me. I would have done anything she wanted me to do.  My only regret was that she was not the first woman to fuck me up the ass.  Because of her, I also began to feel some submissive tendencies surface.  I never brought it up with her, but that woman had such a hold on me that if she would have pushed me just a little in that direction, I would have been powerless to do anything about it.

Her size was part of the turn on.  I loved tracing my fingers along the folds of her tummy when I lay in bed with her. She was sooooo sexy.  Seems like all I ever think about is her bending me over and fucking me up the ass with a wide variety of strap on cocks. Awesome.

From Anonymous
My wife is overweight by about 30-40 pounds and I love it.  When she has low cut bikini panties on I love seeing her soft tummy hang slightly over the waistband.  My wife wears fuzzy slippers and a fancy robe that drives me wild when she opens it to reveal her naked voluptuous frame and the shiny pearl necklace above her big doughy breasts. 

During love making, I love to grab her tummy while burying my nose and tongue into her thick shaven pussy. I also love to look into a mirror while I am laying down when she rides me. I go crazy when I see my hands on my wife's bare chubby white butt while it bounces up and down.

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