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Check 'em out...

For the Girls - What's your erotic sex fantasy? Is it two guys devoted to giving you absolute pleasure, a luscious lesbian encounter? For fun, for pleasure, for play... go to For The Girls devoted to stoking your sexual imagination!

I Feel Myself is a voyeurs delight, an intensely erotic experience of watching women masturbate to orgasm. This is the real deal, the orgasm sequences are absolutely genuine and unscripted. The results is intimate and incredibly erotic.

Sssh, for the girls

From Zanne
I was a very early masturbator, and I've been doing Kegel exercises for many years. So I have a super tight pussy and although size doesn't really matter it's nice to have a healthy sized one. I get my most intense orgasms orally, so it's all about the foreplay for me. Men who love to give oral and can do it well are few and far in-between. And even though I've had more than my share of cunnilingus devotees, I am greedy and can never get enough.

Guys, read the book: She Comes First. You will never have a problem with a woman sexually again. No matter how big or how small your dick is.

From Lars
This is a very interesting and important topic and I am glad to hear all the women saying the truth, even though its their own truth. There are some men lucky enough to be having a large penis. I belong to those guys that are below average, my penis is just under 5 inches and I do admit that I have always been envy on guys who has a large penis.

Both men and women are making fun of men who has a small penis, I don't think it's by intention to hurt guys like me, but it does, I really wish I had a large penis, but I do accept that it's small. I have had women that have been honest about it and left me because of it too. I also know that I have never been able to satisfy a women sexually through intercourse. These are facts to me, I don't want women to say size doesn't matter, just to make me feel better, if they enjoy it, then they should go for it. I am sure I would if I was one of them.

I am single and I am sure that my lack of size is one of the reasons. I am sure there are  women out there that would be ok with my size, I just have to find her. So does size matters, yes it does to most women and foreplay too.

From Black Girl
I have had the opportunity to have been mounted by both Black and White men. Until recently, I too thought that men of color could be counted on for poppin' the most in terms of size (being hung and all). Then I got a wake up call. The men that are endowed with the huge ram rods usually deliver a lot of pain, not pleasure. 

Well, one night while on a 3rd date with a tall, strong, dark man of color, things got hot and heavy and to the point of our clothes coming off. As I began to feel all over his beautiful warm black body, I just had to reach down to grab hold of his manhood. I just could not wait to explore every inch of it! What a shock! The brotha was packin' about 4 inches at the most. I caught myself before blurting out, "Where is the other half, baby?" My jets were cooled big time, but we continued on to the point of having sex.

Ladies, that was THE BESTEST pounding ever! A joy stick of that size hits your g-spot with every thrust. Getting laid by Mr. Donkey Dong himself just promises you a banged up'd uterus and and a coochie that looks like it has been turned inside out! So, does a mans race make a difference? no! Does size matter? Yes! For myself, smaller is sooo much better. I can't get enough of that humble sized wien wien! And by the way folks, equal opportunity is the way to go. I love all flavors of men. I am so happy to be a woman!

For small tooled men out there, just add some soul to your push and pull along with a slight roll to them hips of yours and your woman will hit a high note like Minnie Riperton. No Lie.

From Anonymous
Foreplay! Foreplay! Foreplay! Several posters are accurate when they say that a when a woman says this it usually means she is small. I also agree with the poster who said that Kegel exercises will make the difference in your enjoyment of sexual intercourse no matter the size.

 That said, thicker means more to me than length. Long dicks usually hurt me and before marriage I didn't do long ones twice. But I have to be honest here and say I enjoy a dick best after oral sex. It's too bad men don't realize that their tongue and lips will get them all the devotion in the world. I can be fucked silly after a good tongue bath that brings me to multiple orgasms.

I'm thankful for this site and the honesty of so many women who are finally letting men know the real deal. Sorry guys, the penis just isn't the whole story. Although it's definitely the lead character that depends very much on it's co-star. Without the co-star there's no story. And if there's no story, it's just plain boring.

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