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Spicy Sex!
Altoids, schnopps, chili?

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Blasphemous Fantasies
Why are they so titillating?

Could You, Would You?
3 fantasies to try on

Forced Fantasies
Right or wrong?

Men's Fantasies
Men dare to reveal

Women's Fantasies
Women dare to share

Your Fantasy 3some


Masturbation Memories
First experiences

Private Moments Masturbation
The secret to happy monogamy?

Your Masturbation Aid
Books, videos, toys...?

Taking Care of Business
On the sly...or so you think

Oral Pleasures

Oral Sex for Her
Talk with your tongue

Oral Sex for Him
How to blow his mind

Swallow or Spit
What's a person to do?

The Taste of Cum
Yummy or icky?

Orgasmic Pleasures

Cum Shots
Cupid's liquid darts

Faking It
Why the deception?

Harnesses & Dildos...Oh My!
Pegging your partner

Oral Sex or Intercourse?
What is your preference

Keeping Abreast..

Breasts & Nipples
Do they drive you wild?

Erotic Lactation
Your thoughts?

Male Nipple Play
Men, are you into it?

Relationship Woes

Browsing for Cupid
Online love or heartache?

Why Do People Cheat?
Is the grass really greener?

The Daily Grind

Horny at Work
What's a person to do...

Swing Clubs
What goes on at these places?

Same-Sex Curiosity

Did you ever? Would you ever?

Same Sex curiosityOkay, so say you're straight. Have you ever considered having a "gay old time"? Do you have same-sex curiosity? Would you ever? Did you ever? Would you do it again? Was it better than you ever imagined? Was it ho-hum? Did you feel guilty? Call me curious, hell, call me bi-curious! -Wimz

Curious? Explore the possibilities...

Adult FriendFinder - Find dates, romance, friends with benefits at AdultFriendFinder, the largest adult social network website in the world. Whether you're straight, bent, or kinky you'll find an entire community of adult activity where anything can happen. Turn your fantasies into reality at Adult FriendFinder.

GameLink - Variety is the spice of life, and there aren't many places spicier than GameLink's Sex Toys section. GameLink features the latest in revolutionary new materials and a stunning variety of cutting edge designs in sex toys offering men and woman more choices — and more pleasure — than ever before.


From Mike
I am a widowed senior who loves having his nipples tortured, wants to suck cock and be anally penetrated by a man or a woman with a strap-on dildo. Group sex would also be a fantasy. If I had my nipples sucked by a man, I would suck him so hard, he would have trouble walking for a few minutes, afterward.

From Guy
In my youth I used to masturbate another boy who simultaneously masturbated me. We never sucked, thinking cocks were dirty and never tried anal. I did once suck another boy who had a beautiful very long uncircumcised cock, he didn't get stiff or come.

Even though I consider myself exclusively attracted to women, as I get older and less able to perform, I sometimes fancy sucking a nice cock or being fucked in the ass, even a gang bang that left me filled to overflowing with spunk and cum all over my body.

I live where there are many pretty ladyboys and fancy the idea of sex with one of them, but doubt that it will ever happen. I have tasted my own cum that is very mild and slightly fruity tasting. I'm not sure how much I would enjoy the taste of somebody else's cum. I fancy the idea of a smooth not too big uncircumcised cock in my mouth that I can play with push the foreskin back with my lips and tongue, feel the smooth glans like a cherry in my mouth...

From John
I am a happily married male who loves to suck cock. I have no emotional interest in men. I don't want to kiss them, just suck their cocks. I have sucked young ones, old ones, white ones and black ones, about 26 in total. I love the taste of cum too. I would love to have a man come in my ass, but I doubt that it will ever happen.

I would love to be in a gay porno, as long as no one I knew saw it. I do love it when others watch me suck cock, like in a porn shop. I was pretty shy at first, I ran with my head down from the first encounter, even though everyone else was looking for the same thing. Now I love an audience and secretly hope that someone has quietly taken pictures or video on their phone for viewing later.

My wife knows, but has become increasingly unhappy about it. I am no longer allowed to talk about it, even though when she was younger while we were married she had MAJOR fantasies about being with other women. It would have happened had the right opportunity arisen. I made my opportunities arise. The strength of the fantasies were far to strong to ignore. I really advise others to do the same. Explore your sexuality and enjoy it. I am out as bisexual to a chosen few, but society generally frowns upon it, so I typically keep it to myself.

From Angie
Definitely. Had a horrible experience ONCE with a girl and thought I would never do it again. But... I've met someone that I think made me change my mind.

From Julius
Easy for me to answer. Never wondered, never considered. No curiosity. The female is so overwhelmingly attractive she has no competition in my eyes. I'm just amazed that she finds the male attractive at all. Why aren't you all lesbians?

From Caroline
I'm 36, married, three kids. I have often fantasized about other women: they've been nude, very sexy bodies, nice skin. I've woken up sweating and very, very ready for sex. I really, really, really want to know if it's true that a woman can perform oral sex on another woman better than a man could. I don't believe I'll ever find out in my lifetime, but it doesn't stop a girl from dreaming.

I try to imagine myself going down on another girl, I think it would excite me a whole lot. It's also kind of scary, too, because what if she's not as clean as I would like, or what if she had a smell? My husband watches porn occasionally, and the girl-girl scenes look hot to me. I want to try to kiss a girl one day.

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