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Here's a couple of same-sex sites to explore:

Adult Chat Rooms - Pick a room by geographic region or topic of interest. Try the Cybersex room, or the Cyberfantasy room, or the Webcam Fun Room (yow!). If you're new, the Lobby is a great place to get started. There's always chatters ready to play 24/7. Easy to navigate, lots of fun.

Adult Friend Finder

From Anonymous
I am a female that has only been with men. I have always been interested in being with a woman, but never have had the chance. I would never want to be with a female that's a good friend, and where I live there isn't much opportunity to venture out to find a female.  Most men's fantasy is to have two women, but I would want to be with a women privately—no boyfriend around! I think all women are beautiful and hope some day to have an experience with one.

From Tom
Although I'm married to a beautiful woman and have kids, I want to have ongoing sex with another man. I have found myself fantasizing about it even while I'm having sex with my wife. I want to taste a man and feel him do me.  I want to have sex with a man and share my body with him.

From Mike
Recently, I went to Canada for a week of fishing with a friend, a senior like me. After a day of fishing, we returned to the cabin to clean up for dinner at the main lodge, after showering, we had time before getting dressed for dinner, we were laying on our beds in the nude, rubbing our cocks. We began to look at each other, and without saying a word, I joined him in his bed, began kissing and rubbing each other's cocks, we began sucking each other, in the 69 position until we came in each other's mouth.

We got dressed for dinner, afterwards returning to the cabin to make love to each other all night, then got up the next morning for breakfast and another day of fishing for wall-eye pike in the canadian wilderness.

From Jack
I would never ever ever. I think all of us have a part of us that is attracted to the opposite sex and a part that is attracted to the same sex, and that percentage varies considerably from person to person. I rate myself as being very close to 100% attracted to the female form. I'm turned off by men, all that hair, the muscles, etc. The moment woman start behaving like men (like farting, drinking a lot, being aggressive, competitive) then I'm not at all attracted to them either. 

Once or twice I dreamed about having sex with a man, and I woke up disgusted! I'm glad I'm attracted to woman and woman only. I don't think being 100% heterosexual is anything to do with being homophobic or about social conditioning. I just love women. I think they are gorgeous. I fantasy and masturbate about them all the time. I love how they walk, how they smell and the sound of their voices. They are the complete opposite of what I am.

From Carla
I am a middle aged housewife who considers my self straight but truthfully have always felt incomplete in my sex life. I have always been strongly attracted to pretty women. I have always fought the urge but I recently met our new neighbor, a very attractive married woman and we have become fast friends. She is very flirty and I get the vibes that she wants more than just friendship. I have fantasies about her constantly and have had very strong urges to kiss her when she gives me a hug. I am totally excited that my fantasy might soon come true. I am falling for her like a rock!

From Don (Colorado)
My first sexual encounter was with a boy one year younger than me. That was along time ago and I still think about that time often. I have been married for 40 years and my wife knows that I feel this way. We have a great time together and she enjoys how honest I am with how I feel. I fantasize and watch porn often and I get very excited about the possibilities with another man. I had on opportunity at the local gym when a guy approached me in the steam room. I had played ball with this guy on several occasions before and I thought there was an attraction but always thought it was just me.

One evening in the steam room we started talking about sex. We both were naked in the room with heavy steam limiting our view. We were the only ones in the room and we took advantage of the situation. He noticed that my cock was hard an very tough to hide. He reached  over and asked if he could feel my cock. I told him I would like that and that I wanted to feel his cock as well. We both stroked each other for a while and we both were breathing heavy and it just felt so good. I had to have his hardness in my mouth. We both went down on each other at the same time and it was so good and felt like nothing else. Soon we both came I each others mouth and we sat back talking some more. We see each other from time to time and I still get excited thinking about that time. So if you have been curious about the same sex, jump in, it's so good.

From Rebecca
Yes I have done it and would do it again many times over. I love being with a man also, but women are so much more sensual and woman are just more lovely to look at. A woman's body is art no matter what shape or size. I am attracted to people, not because of their sex, but for who they are, that is what attracts me. So if its a man good or a woman, either way it is the person that turns me on, not their sex.

From Scott
This is an interesting subject. I don't find men sexually attractive at all. But on occasion my best friend and I have pleasured each other sexually. For us there is a major difference between helping each other get off and being attracted to each other. We have both sucked and fucked each other off. But in the end it is a sort of hollow feeling compared to the passion and feeling of fucking a woman. More like a masturbation aid then anything more.

I do think more straight men should drop their homophobic fears and experience same sex stimulation though. In my case it increased my understanding for loving for the female body and sexuality. But what the hell, in a bind I can get off with a guy even though in that case it is just physical with no real meaning.

From Big Guy
Even though I have been married for 30+ years, I'm totally convinced that I would love the feel of a cock growing in my mouth. I'm not quite certain about swallowing the cum (I've tasted my own on occasion, not sure if I like the taste or not), and I may have to let nature take it's course. 

As far as getting fucked in the ass, I think that would be a major turn on. I have experimented with several household items in my ass and loved most of them. I am interested to know how women rate getting fucked anally versus vaginally. I think the anal penetration is "naughty", which makes it even more sexual. What are the differences in feeling, etc.

From Judy
My first sexual experience with another person was with a girl a few years older than myself. I was a teen and totally inexperienced but she knew all the moves. I consider myself a straight woman and am married to a wonderful man, but I think back to that night and the amazing oral sex that she and I had. She is also married and we are still friends but we never talk about the night in the tent. I have a feeling that a lot of girls try what we did to see what its going to be like. For me it is a pleasant memory.

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