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Why Do People Cheat

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I Feel Myself

From Sue
Don't stop there, Vi. [see Vi's entry below]. The same must be said for men: when sex becomes infrequent it's not always her fault, he need to take responsability for keeping their sex life exciting also, and stop using it to justify cheating.

Wife can also get tired of boring sex life with a lack-luster lover. If husband makes his wife feel like she is the sexiest most desireable lover in the worlk (even it it's not so)m and add spice into sex any and every way he can - he will be pleasantly surprised.

Wake up husbands of the world, and you will be amazed at how responsive a good lover can create an enthusiastic lover our of his wife. Of course there are those kinds of husbands who think (in their own minds) that they are the great lover, and all the blame for boring sex life is his wife's fault. My advice about those kinds is to throw them away.

From Vi
I have a feeling I'm going to have stones thrown at me for what I am about to say. If a man cheats on his wife I feel it is her fault. A wife has to keep it exciting for her husband. It's when the sex becomes infrequent or just routine that hubby starts fantasizing about getting it elsewhere.

If making it interesting means you take your hubby down to the computer and look at porn sites then so be it. Or during sex the wife makes up some sort of threesome story to get her hubby all hot then so be it too. You have to make your husband feel like he's the sexiest most desirable lover in the world (even if its not so). Dress up in sexy outfits not the old jogging suit you've had for 10 years. Add spice into sex any and every way u can.

Wake up wives of the world and you will keep your man from straying. Of course there are those kinds of husbands that will have sex with everyone not nailed down no matter what you do and my advice about those kinds is to throw them away.

From Simply
My opinion. People cheat because they are not getting what they need in the person they are with.  My philosophy is for women and men if want to keep your significant other happy constantly remind yourself that - "what you won't do another "b" will." I believe you keep your spouse always saying WOW they won't want to risk someone else getting it. Women you can't be bitchy, a nag, boring, let yourself go physically and out the goodies and think your man won't go elsewhere.  You can be all those things if you are leaving him breathless in the bedroom. After each session if he is saying that is the best pussy in the world you know you hold the key.

From Syracuse, New York
I was faithful to my husband for twenty years.  I started working at a new place.  My boss and I spent hours and hours together.  Working with someone and seeing them at their best is an incredible turn on.  We starting flirting with each other and I enjoyed the attention.  We were by ourselves late and we kissed each other.  We have been fooling around for over a year now.  I still care for my husband and would never do anything to rip my family apart.  However, my lover makes me feel wanted.  It is nice to have someone who aches to touch me and tears my clothes off.  I do things with him that I would never try with my husband.  And to top it off, we work together better now because we now each other so well. 

From Anonymous
I'm a woman in a relationship and have been carrying on an email flirtation with a married man - he says he's done this before and I know it's just a matter of time before we consummate this in reality. The truth is, I'm dying for some variety, and I know he is. The thrill of something new, of the possibility of an amazing fuck, the butterflies, the racing heartbeat. Screw the consequences- I want to see what it feels like, just that simple. It's not just the man's fault- there would be a lot less cheaters if women didn't want to fuck married and taken men so badly- and yet we do!

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