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Why Do People Cheat?
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Swing Clubs
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Porn Is Not For Women

Or is it? You tell us...

Here's a couple of sites sure to please women...

Real Lesbian VOD specializes in authentic lesbian content with plotlines, high production values, and female performers who are bisexual or lesbians. There's plenty of hot chemistry between the women, and the story lines are entertaining. Real Lesbian is heads and shoulders above the ubiquitous 'fem/fem for men' porn. Real Lesbian VOD films are made by and for lesbian, bi-, and bi-curious women.

For the Girls, the adult site designed especially for women, offers a heady mix of passion, romance, and hardcore sex, with a huge selection of sexy photos, explicit movies, exclusive erotic fiction, provocative articles, sex advice, humor and lots more.

good vibrations, adult products

From Anonymous
I have often felt that women are an untapped market in the adult film forum. Most adult films are currently written for men, with men's desires in mind. I believe that if a movie is made from a woman's perspective, about a woman's needs and desires that more women would opt to rent them. Especially married women.

If a movie portrays couples that make love as couples satisfying each other's needs that it would truly revolutionize the adult film industry. I believe we are targeting the "wrong" sex and totally missing the point.

From J. Corvo
Until I joined ERWA I had no idea, not a clue, not even a hint, that women were as interested in erotica and "porn" as most guys are. When you look around at society in general, there is little to indicate that women are a dominant force in the consumption of porn. They are much more likely to be the subject of it.

As women, when was the last time you sat in front of a sex video and wanged away? Were there any men around to watch you? Come to think of it, when was the last time you walked into one of those creepy sex video shops and bought one?

That may be an unfair question. The last time I was in one of those places I would have sooner picked a live cockroach out of a spittoon with my bare hands than picked up one of the videos.

But, my point is, how are guys supposed to know you are not your mamma's good little girls who despise porn as sexist objectification and ugly degradation (in other words-a guy thing) unless you tell us what you like. Tell the guy so he knows, don't tell him and discount him as an idiot.

From klittykat
I Love Porn! But unfortunately, it's all so predictable. The stuff that gets me off is not readily available. For example, my first orgasm was with another female. She rubbed her cute little pussy all over mine and gave me a clitoral orgasm. Since then, I've been studying my own orgasm, what it looks like in the mirror, how it feels when I manipulate myself in different ways, how I can hold it back, how quickly I can force an orgasm, etc. 

Everything I've known to be a genuine female orgasm, clitoral or vaginal, are not portrayed in adult films enough to give me a satisfactory selection of movies. A lot of times, I'm stuck a-whackin' off to the same rare scene that turns me on, but that gets old after a while, and then the hunt begins again. I've seen a few that had women having real clitoral orgasms, and I've seen the pussy twitching as it orgasmed. These type films are always few and far in between.

From Brulee
I love porn. I'm a 32 woman. I am interested in women exclusively, but I love hetero porn. I don't like male-male porn, and the lesbian porn doesn't feature "real" lesbians. My problem with a lot of porn is that it can demean women to the point that I am not turned on at all by the action. The two men/one woman stuff (two dicks one chick) is kind of horrible to me. 

I like hardcore, don't get me wrong. I love seeing a woman enjoy a good pounding, but she HAS to be enjoying it. A lot of porn where she is swallowing loads and loads of cum, getting screwed in the ass, and gagging on a 10 inch dick does not often look like a good time. That's a real turn off. I have yet to find a site where there is some good erotic stuff that is still very hardcore.

From Varenius
I go through phases where I'm really into porn and phases where it doesn't interest me at all. I am heterosexual but I prefer to look at naked women -- perhaps because I identify with them when I see them pleasuring themselves or men or other women.

I become very aroused from porn, and have since I was a young girl. I think a lot of porn involves issues of dominance and men controlling women, and this doesn't please me, but porn in the pure sense of people having sex is a healthy and enjoyable addition to my life.

I find it immensely exciting to look at porn with a man and talk to him about what he thinks of a woman's breasts or vulva.

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