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Besides sex in all ways, shapes and forms, the following list of sites have one thing in common: they are meant to amaze, amuse, and arouse. There's lots of silly sex, facts, kink, comics, Hentai, Anime, and games. Have a sprinkle of fun with your sex, it's good for you.

Adult Comic World


Hentai Divx has an extensive library of uncensored full length hentai movies, hundreds of bonus scenes, and endless clips, all fully downloadable. Collections includes famous series, new releases, an awsome collection of hard-to-find titles, and features a loaded bonus section with animated flash cartoons and games.

Action Girls features that irresistible combination of naked women and action movies into one stunning package. Jam packed with fighting sequences, stunts, pyrotechnics, and military props, and great music, the series follows groups of gorgeous mostly naked survivalist as they battle hooligans and ne're-do-wells in an apocalyptic setting.

Adult Comics World is best erotic cartoon site on the planet, including unlimited access to premium comic series, European comics, Japanese manga, hardcore flash cartoons, Hentai movies, games, and much more.

Adult Cartoon Zone has an extensive library of uncensored xxx cartoons, featuring animated flash cartoons, premium series, interactive games, Japanese manga, premium comic series, and sex toons galore.

Mise a nu - I'm not going to describe this site. Just go on over there and enjoy the surprise. Be sure to click on the folks and take them for a fun spin.

World Sex Records - Sexual Superlatives from all around the World. Hilarious, surprising, or just plain weird Over 450 entries, complete free of charge.


Fleshlight for Men

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