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Do Penis Pumps Work?

Yes, they can help


Max Results Penis PumpPenis vacuum pumps are used to create a vacuum around the penis, encouraging an erection by increasing blood flow into the penis. If already erect, a penis pump can aid in temporarily increasing the size of a man's penis by make erections harder and bigger.

Do penis pumps work? Yes, they do. "Doctors view the penis pump—or "vacuum constriction device," as it's called in the business—as a reasonable, low-cost treatment for erectile dysfunction." (Do Penis Pumps Work? by Daniel Engber at

Penis pumps come with two basic pumping styles, the bulb pump and the hand pump. Each type of penis pump creates a vacuum in the chamber which then draws blood to the penis making it larger. The user inserts their penis in a tube, and then presses the tube to the base of the penis. For the pump to be effective, the user must fit all the way inside so the base of the pump forms a solid seal against the skin. The user then squeezes the pump mechanism to suck the air out of the tube, creating a vacuum inside the tube. This vacuum, in turn, causes blood to rush to the penis. Since erections depend on blood flow, this increased amount of blood enlarges the penis. The benefits are more noticeable when it comes to length, but many users also report a gain of girth. As with any product it's important to do some research to select the right model for your needs.

Things to Look for in a Penis Pump

When buying a penis pump, you should be sure to look for a model that would allow for a tight seal between the chamber and your skin to allow for more effective suction. Many users also prefer a trigger-type device to the bulb as they argue that the trigger is easier to use. For safety reasons, you should buy only penis pumps that contain an emergency release valve. This valve will fill the chamber with air in case you have difficult removing the penis pump. Also you should never use a penis pump for prolonged periods of time

For the most effective experience after using the pump, it is recommended that you apply a cockring around the base of your erection to help maintain the increased length and girth of your erection.

While not a traditional male sex toy, many men use penis pumps as a form of masturbation. The pump creates a vacuum around the penis, creating a superb sucking action that many men find pleasurable. Clean-up is easy. Just wash the tube out with soapy warm water.

Special DealsAdam & Eve put together a collection of penis pumps, erection enhancers, and cock rings at all price ranges.

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