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Toy Talk

by Mr. and Mrs. Toy

Limon Touch-Responsive Vibrator


fAre you looking for a more responsive vibrator? One that isn’t limited by pre-set vibration strengths or patterns? One that lets you be in full control and even plays a fantastic game of Simon Says? Well, have we got the toy for you!

Provided by our friends at Good Vibrations, the Limon is a “Touch-Responsive Vibrator”. What that really means is, the harder you squeeze, the faster it goes! Vaguely egg shaped and soft to the touch, the Limon has a powerful variable speed motor that goes from off to full speed as you squeeze it harder and harder. Use a light touch for slow, or squeeze for more go. The single button turns the Limon on and off, and also starts and stops the replay mode. Yes… I said it… the replay mode called “Lock Mode”. Push the button, squeeze the Limon at the speed you want, pulse it, slow it, speed it up, whatever ‘pattern’ you want to create, then push the button again and feel as the Limon repeats your delivery over and over. With the Limon, you can truly have a unique vibration pattern every single time you use it.

The Limon is made of Phthalate-free silicone, and is waterproof for safe bed or bath play. It also sports a rechargeable lithium ion battery that the manufacturer says should last for up to 3 hours depending on use. Recharging happens in the included dock station, and through an included USB cable (no wall plug included). One nice feature is a built in charge indicator. Simply turn on the Limon and count the light pulses, if it lights up 3 times, that means nearly fully charged, 2 times is medium charge, 1 time or less means time to charge.

Mr. Toy:

I like this toy. I love being able to play around with it manually and find a pattern that makes Mrs. Toy moan. When I do, when I hear that indrawn breath, and see the head go back, eyes roll up, and body stiffen, I use the record mode to repeat that pattern over and over, then just hold it where I want as it repeats. I have found that what works for her is different on different days, and this toy lets me just play till I find the perfect rhythm for her. The toy is soft, and squishy, no hard parts or corners to distract her in the wrong way.

While I like the included charging station, and love the built in charge indicator (why don’t ALL toys have this!), I do have two admittedly minor gripes. The base of the toy is round, and the two magnetized contact points in the base have to be lined up properly. The magnet’s help, but the toy doesn’t exactly “snap into place” like it says in the manual, you will need to ensure you rotate it correctly until you see the toys light start flashing (when the light stays on, charging is complete). Also, this is the second toy now that charges through a full size USB connector, and that does not include a wall AC adaptor. It just seems that given the price of these high quality toys, a $2.99 USB to AC adapter wouldn’t be too difficult to include.

Mrs. Toy:

When Mr. Toy is away Mrs. Toy can play!!! And play she did. When no one is around, this is a wonderful toy to have on hand and your hand has all the control. No button to push to change the pulse or speed designated by someone else. Your hand does it for you. Push harder to speed it up, squeeze to pulse it the way you want or set a pattern that turns you on and set it to repeat. The shape is easy to hold and fits in just the right place. This is a must for every nightstand and it even has a bag to keep it safe and hidden from others who might open the drawer.


Our Pro’s: Love the feel, strong motor, wide range of speeds, Lock mode is awesome, waterproof, rechargeable, built in charge indicator.

Our Con’s:  It would be nice to have an included USB to AC adapter.

Mrs. Toy and I both suggest you go to Good Vibrations and check out the Limon right away!

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Mr. and Mrs. Toy
Winter 2014

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© 2014 Toy Talk. All rights reserved.

About the Reviewers:  Mr. and Mrs. Toy are a married, professional couple in their late thirties, living in the Pacific North West. We are both very open sexually, and love to use and talk about sex toys. We have such a large collection in fact that we have had to purchase a large locking office cabinet to store and organize our collection. We consider these items to be a great aid in keeping our sex life active and interesting.

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