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Toy Talk

by Mr. and Mrs. Toy

Naughty Boy Anal Toy

Naughty Boy Anal ToyWith Christmas coming soon, Mrs. Toy and I were hoping to really enjoy some holiday cheer when we opened up our newest delivery from Good Vibrations, the Naughty Boy Anal Toy. At first glance this toy had all the requirements, solidly built of Black Silicone, slender shape which should make it easy to insert, and waterproof for messy fun or easy cleanup. Measuring 4 ½ inches long by ¾ inch wide at the tip and 1 1/8th inch wide at the thickest point, the toy also includes a single speed bullet type vibrator (with included ‘N’ battery) that inserts into the end, and turns on at the push of a button on its tip. Designed as a prostate and perineum dual massager, the Naughty Boy promises to “fulfill all your lusty desires”. Alas, this was not the case.

There is one key line in the description for this toy that buyers should be wary of. It states, “While the Naughty boy is designed to be worn while sitting and rocking, its versatile nature means you can use it however it feels best to you.” This statement turned out to only be partially true for us. The toy did in deed perform well while sitting, however we found that under almost any other use, as in almost any other position… the toy just would not stay in long enough to be used.

Mr. Toy:

If you are looking for a vibrating, waterproof, prostate and perineum massager that you can sit on and rock while you get off… this toy might be right up your alley. Used in this fashion I found the toy easy to insert and it hit all the right spots with vibration that was noticeable from base to tip. The vibrator was a bit difficult to turn on… requiring some focused effort to get the little button pressed far enough to “click”… but once on there were no problems.

Once you move from this sitting position however, I found I was limited to either holding it in place full time (awkward at best) or watching it pop out of my ass at the slightest (unavoidable) muscular squeeze. This of course made the toy totally unusable for me while lying down or in any other position.

I wanted this toy to work. It felt great inside me, the vibration hit all the right spots… but when I use a prostate toy, I like to either lie on my back and have at myself… or lie on my back with Mrs. Toy on top of me… and though we tried and tried… I just could not get this thing to stay in.

Mrs. Toy:

I wish I could say this toy made Jingle Bells ring this season, but you could have fun singing the refrain of that song in the time it took trying to push the button to get the toy to stay on.

After Mr. Toy got it out of the box I took a look at it and thought it looked promising. It is made of nice soft flexible material like some of our other toys. I decided to play around with it in another area for a short time to see if the curve of it also worked like it looked like it could. Once I was able to get it in and finally turned on it was a pretty good fit. Since it wasn't meant for use vaginally it didn't have a lot of room to move but did get things moving in my body.

When Mr. Toy took it away to use it for its intended use there were some problems though. Toys falling out over and over after being put in place kind of gets in the way of the fun. After it fell out five times Mr. Toy decided enough was enough and picked up a different toy so we could make the bells ring.


Our Pro’s:  good build, good material, nice shape, feels great when sitting and rocking on it, waterproof

Our Con’s:  button was hard to use and the toy was, for us, unusable in any position other than sitting on it.
If you are looking for a dual prostate and perineum massager, and intend to use it while sitting and rocking on it, by all means go to Good Vibrations and check out the Naughty Boy. If however you are looking for a prostate massager that you can use with the wife during intercourse… our advice is to pass on this one.

Mr. and Mrs. Toy
December 2012 - January 2013

  Read more of Mr. and Mrs. Toy's reviews in ERWA 2012 Archive.

© 2012 Toy Talk. All rights reserved.

About the Reviewers:  Mr. and Mrs. Toy are a married, professional couple in their late thirties, living in the Pacific North West. We are both very open sexually, and love to use and talk about sex toys. We have such a large collection in fact that we have had to purchase a large locking office cabinet to store and organize our collection. We consider these items to be a great aid in keeping our sex life active and interesting.

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