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Seeking a More Satisfying Sex Life?
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Presented by LELO


Question: do you only use your sex toys when your significant other isn’t around? If so, you’re missing out on a whole host of amazing pleasures that only get better and better when shared.

Did you know that a majority of sex toys are purchased for sharing between partners? According to findings from leading intimate lifestyle brand LELO and research from Indiana University, more than fifty per cent of committed couples have used a vibrator during foreplay and lovemaking, and it is not difficult to see why.

When a sex toy is included in intercourse, both partners are three times more likely to climax, and according to bestselling author on sexual wellness Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., including a vibe in the bedroom boosts his sexual desire and leaves him and her taking more satisfaction in their sex lives.

Sounds pretty good, right? Because of these incredible benefits and many more, it’s no wonder that sales of sensual massagers designed specifically for couples’ play have exploded in recent years, driving the largest trend the intimate lifestyle industry has ever seen.

Enter LELO, and our ultra-premium collection of personal massagers that women and their partners have shared since 2003 for even more satisfying sex lives. LELO’s extensive research, peerless design and strict quality standards have produced some of the world’s most coveted items of pleasure, from sensual massagers that heighten the pleasures of lovemaking for him and her, to classic items that you can enjoy on your own before introducing them to your partner.


IDA is a revolutionary couples’ massager that looks like nothing else you’ve seen before, because it works like nothing you’ve ever tried before. During lovemaking, IDA’s long, thin end is worn within the vagina where it rotates against the G-spot, while it’s disc-shaped pleasure points vibrates against the clitoris, providing intense pleasure for her and unique sensations for him.


Give in to the pure pleasures of an oral experience with ORA™, the groundbreaking new sensual massager that most closely mimics the sensations of oral sex. Featuring a rotating stimulator that moves in long swirls and fast flicks on and around the clitoris, experience wave upon wave of ecstasy as you tease your way to the most satisfying climax.


LELO Lyla 2Lyla™ 2
Foreplay and lovemaking just got more fantastic with Lyla™ 2, the petite, discreet bullet-style vibrator that couples can use to share secret pleasures anywhere and anytime they wish. Lyla’s small frame contains a motor capable of big sensations, and can be worn within the vagina to vibrate against the G-spot while a partner controls the action via wireless remote.


LELO Gigi 2GIGI™ 2
Unlock the incredible pleasures of G-spot stimulation with what is perhaps the world’s most famous vibrator. GIGI™ 2 features a flattened tip that provides focused G-spot massage, alongside powerful vibrations that push you over the edge to the most satisfying kind of climax.


LELO Mona 2MONA™ 2
Featuring curves in all the right places, MONA™ 2 provides a more fulfilling kind of G-spot massage, with a robust frame that contains an ultra-powerful motor for more intense vibrations within. These fuller-feeling pleasures can be experienced over MONA™ 2’s six adjustable massage patterns, which range in strength from a thrumming purr to a pulsating throb.

Save 20% on these and other premium LELO items by filling out the LELO Global Sex Survey. After completing the survey (it only takes 2 and a half minutes), you’ll immediately be sent a discount code you can use for savings on your entire order.

© 2014 LELO. All rights reserved.

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