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Sex Toy Playground

Sex Toy Scuttlebutt
Fall toy talk

What is an Orgasm?
Understand your pleasure

Reviews from the Players

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Sex Toy Scuttlebutt

For the well-stocked boudoir

Fall Edition 2014


Sex Toy Scuttlebutt

The Sex Toy Scuttlebutt spotlights adult delights plucked from trusted adult shops that feature the very best selection of clit buzzing, butt plugging, dildo pumping, g-spot gushing, penis rubbing, prostate nudging adult toys made of silicone, rubber, plastic, glass, wood, and stainless steel, high tech, look-ma-no-hands, and old-fashion classic elegance.

With so many intriguing products on display, selecting the best toy for your romp (and for your rump) can be frustrating. In the interest of your pleasure (and your credit card), we are here to help via the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt.



blueMotion Bluetooth Remote VibratorblueMotion Bluetooth Remote Vibrator - Welcome to the 21st century! Our creative friends at OhMiBod have done it again, bringing long-distance functionality to a discreet and versatile panty vibrator. The tech-enabled remote wireless vibe, controlled by Bluetooth connection to your smartphone (with a free app for both iPhone and Android), allows a user to control the panty vibe from afar––26 feet if you’re using the Bluetooth connection and anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi (in-app purchase available for the Wi-Fi option).

The vibrator comes with pre-set vibrational patterns, but you can also tap and record new patterns, record audio, and direct the toy to vibrate to the rhythm of pre-selected music, like OhMiBod’s other music-enabled vibes. Instead of using a remote, control the vibrator by moving your phone around. And there’s no rush: the battery charge lasts for up to one hour of use.

Mini Magic MassagerMini Magic Massager - Ladies, meet the Hitachi's little sister - perfect for traveling! Whether it be massaging those aches and pains away, or giving you some serious orgasms, the Mini Magic is sure to fast become one of your favorite toys like all the other durable, high quality items you love from Vibratex. The Mini Magic Wand is a petite version of the Hitachi Magic Wand, but has some extra special features that could be just what you have been looking for!

The Mystic Wand is waterproof, cordless, and has 6 varying vibration functions so finding your right speed is easy. It's head is made of high quality Silicone, with an ultra-quiet motor that packs a punch for being the Hitachi's little sister. Includes a nylon/velveteen bag for storage. Uses 4 AA batteries not included.

Available at:

Pjur Woman's Nude Water-based LubricantPjur Woman's Nude Water-based Lubricant - Living more consciously and more sustainably is a current trend. The neutral, water-based Pjur Woman's Nude Lubricant takes account of this trend and is therefore free from additives, making it great for your body!

Pjur Woman's Nude contains no preservatives, glycerine, or parabens. This doesn't effect the premium quality you have grown to know and expect from Eros lubricants. As always, this is also free of oil, fats, perfumes, and dyes. Specially developed for the delicate, and sensitive skin of women while being completely odor-free and flavorless.

Available at:

Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure BallsFifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls - Celebrate your inner goddess with these weighted metal love balls! Inspired by the smash hit erotic novels, the 50 Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls are designed for seriously kinky pleasure. If you love playing with Ben Wa Balls and want more of a challenge, you want a sex toy built for serious kegel training, or you want to live your kinkiest Fifty Shades Of Grey fantasies, these love balls may be just the pleasure objects you’re looking for.

To use the 50 Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls, add a few drops of your favorite lubricant, lie back, and gently introduce these love balls into your body. Both love balls are 1” wide and will make you feel satisfyingly full. Then use your inner muscles to squeeze these love balls until you’re giddy with arousal.

Do note that the 50 Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls are heavier than similar styles of Ben Wa Balls. With just over 8oz of weight (half a pound!) they can be a challenge to wear when walking around. You may enjoy greater results by starting in a reclined position. Remove your love balls by gently tugging on the retrieval ring.

Available at:

The Girls Silicone Rechargeable VibratorsThe Girls Silicone Rechargeable Vibrators - Which Girl will be your new best friend? Cute, petite and discreet, these small rechargeable silicone vibrators are ready for fun, travel, and sexy mischief! Splashproof, with three vibration levels and a single on/off push button,

The Girls are also phthalate- and BPA-free. Each comes in a stylish bag, complete with charging cord & wall adapter, plus they can be charged via USB.

Available at:

Crystal Pops Butt PlugCrystal Pops Butt Plug - Let this nicely-sized glass butt plug propel you to new heights of anal pleasure. The Crystal Pops Large Butt Plug really fills you up with a rounded 1.5” wide tip (Also available in small with a rounded 1" wide tip). You’ll love how smooth and slick the glass feels with lube. And when you heat or cool this glass plug, you’ll swoon as intense temperature sensations dance along your most sensitive nerves!

Pop in this butt plug and be prepared for overwhelming anal pleasure! The Crystal Pops Butt Plug is crafted with long-lasting, body-safe borosilicate glass, and is designed with the adventurous spirit in mind.

Just add lube to get its glass surface even slicker, then slide this anal plug into your backdoor. The rounded 1.5” wide tip may be too much to take without a warm-up, so make sure to stretch first with fingers or smaller toys and work your way up to this naughty plug. A narrow neck lets the Crystal Pops Butt Plug sit comfortably no matter how you move. The flared base keeps this plug safe and secure – whether you want to twist it, thrust it, or indulge in kinky extended wear.

Make sure to take full advantage of your Crystal Pops Butt Plug by heating or cooling it. (Hint: submerge your sex toy in a bowl of hot or cold water for the most even temperature transfer.) Remove and use your warm or chilly sex toy’s tip for sensual massage and toe-curling anal penetration.

Available at:


Padded Leather Cock RingPadded Leather Cock Ring - Experience the softer side of leather with the Padded Leather Cock Ring. This classic sex-cessory offers sexy styling and cushy comfort during use. Fully adjustable, the snap closures hold the ring snugly closed, but release quickly when needed. Soft padding adds more thickness to this cock ring, than with traditional plain leather cock rings, and many may find this to provide a more snug sensation.

Soft and sleek, the Padded Leather Cock Ring adds a touch of plush to your pleasure pursuits.

Available at:

Apollo Power StrokerApollo Power Stroker - Maximize your pleasure and experience explosive orgasms with the Apollo Stroker, designed specifically for your enjoyment! The stroker features a powerful vibrator motor embedded in the base to directly stimulate the base of your tip and shaft, your most sensitive areas. As your shaft fills the vibrator, the finely textured interior rubs and massages your tip for extra thrills until you’re ready to blow!

The suction cup base is designed for hands-free fun. You can attach the stroker to most smooth surfaces, holding it in place while you slide your tip and upper shaft inside to experience the stunningly powerful vibrations. You can even change the angle of the stroker to recreate a variety of positions. You can have the stroker pointing straight up on a coffee table for piledriver. You can put it on a chair lying flat for doggy. You can attach it to your shower wall for missionary. Or you can attach it to the bottom of your desk for some naughty fun at work! It’s easy to angle the stroker – simply press the large button on the side of the base and pick from 11 different angles. The button locks in place when you let go to securely hold the stroker in that position. You can still use the vibrating stroker for hands-on pleasure if you’re unable to use the suction cup for any reason.

The vibrating stroker features a jaw-dropping 30 vibration modes, including multiple speeds and pulsating patterns. You can try all the different modes by pressing the function button to cycle through them. A separate power button lets you quickly turn the toy on and off.

Available at:

Icicles No. 45Icicles No. 45 - Please your P-spot like a pro with this versatile glass anal plug! Though it’s made from gorgeous hand-blown glass, the Icicles No. 45 anal plug isn’t just about good looks. This curvy and luxurious little sex toy’s contours, tapered tip, and prostate-pleasing bulb are all designed to give you an incredible backdoor experience from start to finish.

Begin your journey by getting your Icicles No. 45 Glass Anal Plug slick with your favorite lube. Since this sex toy is made from nonporous glass, it won’t absorb the lube and will stay slick longer. Gently insert your anal toy starting with the tapered tip. The 1¼” wide bulb may be a stretch at first, so make sure to warm up with fingers or smaller toys if desired.

Once inserted, you can maneuver the Icicles No. 45 glass plug comfortably via the ergonomic safety base. Try a variety of thrusts to stimulate your prostate, or just leave in your anal toy while you get up to other exciting activities for amazing anal pleasure.

Don’t forget – your Icicles No. 45 plug holds temperature, so it’s great for warming or cooling before you slip it inside. Heat or cool in water for the most even temperature distribution.

Available at:

Ass-Gasm Cockring PlugAss-Gasm Cockring Plug - The combined effect of this cockring/anal plug on the wearer is nothing short of total orgasmic joy. As the ring keeps you harder, the plug drives your prostate crazy –– so when it's time to climax, expect fireworks. Silicone. 4" x 1 1/4" plug, 1 1/2" wide cockring. Free 5-piece anal prep kit included so you can get started the moment your Ass-Gasm Cockring Plug arrives.

Place the cockring around the base of your cock and balls to put the squeeze on performance letdowns while maintaining firm erections that last and last.

The Ass-Gasm Cockring Plug can be worn underneath clothing or with your favorite male pouch, thong or g-string.

Your free 5-piece prep kit is perfect for getting started with your Ass-Gasm Cockring Plug. Dab some anal desensitizer, lube up your plug and gently slide it in. If needed, wear a finger sleeve for additional anal play. And when you're done, use the sex toy cleaner to make your Ass-Gasm Cockring Plug look and feel as good as new!

Recommended for men who want to enjoy firmer erections for longer periods of time, while simultaneously exploring the thrilling sensations of prostate stimulation and the payoff of a big climax.

Available at:

8 Ball Silicone Cock Ring8 Ball Silicone Cock Ring - This comfy and innovative cock ring wraps your jewels in a soft, stretchy figure 8, for infinite delights! Comfortable to wear around shaft and testicles simultaneously—it’s not only a sexy look, this 100% silicone cock and ball toy also serves to restrict blood flow out of the shaft, which may increase the duration of the wearer’s erection. The constriction can also create additional sensation.

Available at:


B-Balls Anal ToyB-Balls Anal Toy - This is the first item of its kind – a hybrid anal plug with a bead shape & rotating weights inside each “bead”. The first “bead” is slightly smaller and has a teardrop shape allowing for easier insertion. The base is slender and curved to fit snugly against body. The B Balls can be discreetly & comfortably worn under clothing.

Available at:

Rub Me Massage BarRub Me Massage Bar - Good Vibrations created the Me line with you in mind! Our new line of luxury bath and body products is perfect for those who like to indulge. Simply rub this all-natural concentrated massage bar in your hands or over your partner's warm skin to melt it into creamy, soothing massage butter. Made with pure cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oil, this massage bar is a great alternative if you find massage oils too messy. Good for 10-12 massages; not edible.

The Rub Me massage bars are wonderful as their low melting point works great to melt quickly and easily with body heat. Their low melting point may also make them melt in the box when shipping to warmer climates or in warmer seasons. Please consider expedited shipping as well as having a cool place for these to safely arrive when being delivered. 

Available in these great new scents: English Lavender, Pomegranate Mint, French Vanilla, Morning Dew, Coconut Lime, Amber Rose, and After Dinner Mint (Chocolate Mint). 2 oz.

Available at:

Sqweel Go Rechareable Oral Sex SimulatorSqweel Go Rechareable Oral Sex Simulator - The Squeel goes anywhere you like to be licked, including your nipples, perineum (boys can have fun too!) or anus. A pocket-sized vibrator with incredible power, the Sqweel Go Oral Sex Simulator is equipped with a rotating wheel of 10 silicone tongues and 6 speeds and patterns for intense stimulation. USB rechargeable for oral pleasure on demand.

Apply a squeeze of water-based lube to the rotating wheel of soft silicone tongues, switch it on and experience orgasmic sensations as each of the 10 tongues licking you where you like. Its USB rechargeable motor offers discreet pleasure on the go - simply plug it into your laptop, computer or USB mains plug and charge for 2 hours for up to 1 hour of play. Use your Sqweel 100% waterproof with 3 powerful speeds and 3 patterns: light shudders, intense pulsations, fast licks.

Available at:

Orbite Anal Trainer KitOrbite Anal Trainer Kit - Get your anal training in style with the Orbite Anal Trainer Kit! Step up through 3 graduated anal plugs until your backdoor is ready for even more. Each orb-shaped plug is molded from soft and flexible jelly for stimulating yet comfortable wear. They’re the perfect anal plugs for budding backdoor explorers.

To start, grab a bottle of your favorite sex lube and apply liberally to the smallest plug in your Orbite Anal Trainer Kit. At just an inch in diameter, this anal plug is perfectly sized for beginning anal players. Gently coax this smooth round plug into your bum with fingers, or use the suction cup base to attach the anal toy to a hard surface and practice insertion by rocking back into it. Use the Orbite Anal Trainer’s small anal plug until you’re ready for more, then graduate to the 1 ¼” wide medium anal plug.

Ready to master the anal arts? Step up to the Orbite Anal Trainer Kit’s largest anal plug. At a satisfying 1½” wide, you’ll feel the orb-shaped plug’s head intimately as you slide it inside your rear. Once you’ve made it to the large anal plug, you’ll be ready to take on all kinds of anal play with total confidence.

Orbite Anal Trainer Kit plugs are almost as fun to look at as they are to wear. You’ll love how they look like glass, but feel flexible and soft. Wash your anal plugs with mild soap and water or sex toy cleaner.

Available at:

Jaguar HarnessJaguar Harness - Designed to ride low on the wearer's body, this hot-looking leather harness is perfect for stimulating the right areas so that both partners enjoy the ride.

The superior quality and great hardware mean this cat isn't going anywhere you don't want it to. A removable O-ring is handy for swapping out differently sized toys, while the buckles at the hips and D-rings on the leg straps mean easy and accurate sizing.

Available at:

Happy Anniversary | Adult DVDHappy Anniversary
Cast: India Summer, Carter Cruise, Sara Luv, Steven St. Croix, Ryan Driller
Director: Jacky St. James
Studio: New Sensations Romance Series

Love is in the air...especially on your Anniversary. A trip down memory lane is just the spark Michelle and Andy need to reignite the lustful feelings of their first years of marriage.

When Kurt discovers that his wife, Stephanie's home cooked anniversary meal was something she ordered from a take-out restaurant, he helps soothe her shattered ego with a spontaneous, sexual encounter.

On the morning of her 18th anniversary, a man surprises his wife with a full-body massage from a very handsome masseuse. After misplacing her wedding ring one too many times, Michael plays a trick on Carter proving that happiness is about celebrating one's flaws with a little humor and a lot of passion.

Happy Anniversary is available at:

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