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by Elizabeth Salem


erotic fiction“The salmon was incredible, Bobbi,” I said, patting my stomach for dramatic effect.

“You’re welcome,” said Bobbi, wiping her hands on a dishcloth.

“Let me help you in here?” I said and put my wineglass in the sink.

She shooed me away. “No, go. I’ll leave it till later. Go make Dave find us something good on TV to watch.”

“Bobbi, maybe we shouldn’t watch TV while we have a guest,” Dave called from the living room.

“Then find us a movie,” she called back. She rolled her eyes at me. “Honestly, I don’t know about him sometimes.”

I went into the living room. The wooden floor was slippery under my stocking feet. Dave sat on the couch, flipping through the TV channels. He smiled at me and his brown eyes crinkled up at the corners.

“Come sit here,” said Dave. He patted the seat.

I sat next to him, careful not to touch his thigh. I could still feel his heat.

“Here, let’s fix this,” said Bobbi, coming out from the kitchen. She drew the blanket up over us. She sat down on Dave’s other side. Her feet peeked out from under the cover.  I moved a centimeter or so closer to Dave.

The fire crackled in the fireplace. Dave finally found a bad movie on TV. We watched and cracked jokes.

Then a sex scene came on.

“Oh, look at them, all awkward,” said Dave. “You’d think they never had sex before.”

“Sex on TV is never what you expect it to be,” I pointed out.

“Sex on TV can be dangerous,” said Bobbi. “After all, you might fall off.”

I laughed. I moved closer to Dave.

He put his hand on my leg, just above the knee.

“I notice that you have your hand on my leg,” I said.

“Mmm,” said Dave.

“I notice that your wife isn’t kicking your ass.”

“Mmm,” said Bobbi and she smiled at me.

I took a deep breath. “I wonder what this means.”

Dave smiled. “Come closer and find out.”

I shifted until my leg sat entirely against his. I breathed out a breath I didn’t know I was holding when he squeezed my thigh.

“I like that,” I said. It came out strangled. “I like this. You. You guys.”

“We like that too,” Dave said.

I put my hand on his leg, just above the knee.  I slid back and forth over the jeans. He sighed.

“Wait,” said Bobbi.

She came to sit on the other side of me.

“There, now the right person is in the middle.” She took my other hand and placed it on her thigh. She was wearing leggings and I stroked her soft leg over the thin material.

She touched my cheek and stroked my jaw. I closed my eyes and let her touch me. Then I felt her lips on mine.

I had kissed women before, when I was drunk in college, drunken fumbles for the benefit of whatever man was in the room. But now, I was getting drunk off her lips, off the high of kissing someone like this. She sucked my lower lip and bit it gently. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she moaned.

“Hey,” said Dave softly, “can I have some too?”

I broke the kiss and turned to him. “Impatient.”

“Yeah,” said Bobbi. “Wait your turn.”

“I am waiting like a good boy,” he said, smilng, “but how can I be patient while watching two gorgeous women sitting next to me?”

I kissed his cheek. “Just relax and enjoy the show.”

He pulled me to him and his mouth was all over mine. He kissed harder than Bobbi but they both put their passion into it. I felt electric from head to toe, their energy amplifying mine.

I felt hands on my shoulders, stroking and rubbing them. Bobbi was massaging me and I sighed as Dave kept kissing me. I leaned back against Bobbi and shifted so that my head was against her chest. Dave moved his body to follow me, almost pinning me to his wife. I put my hands on his chest and stroked. He was soft but with strength underneath.

We continued making out for a while. I tried to kiss each of them equally but I lost count as to who got more.

“I think,” said Bobbi, breaking away from my lips, “that we should move to the bedroom.”

“A great idea,” murmured Dave against my hair.

“Is that OK?” said Bobbi. She looked at me and her blue eyes were touched with concern.

“I want this,” I said. “I’m nervous but I want this. Yes.”

Their bedroom was surprisingly plain; blue carpet, no drapes, white bedspread.  The bed was just big enough to look comfortable.

I let them undress me. It was so different to have two sets of hands unbuttoning my shirt, stroking my back, holding my hips. Dave ground himself against my ass as Bobbi undid my bra.

I grunted. “Don’t be disappointed. They sag.”

“Hey,” she said, looking me right in the eye. “None of that.  They’re lovely.”

She hefted one breast and took the nipple into her mouth. I gasped; they’re very sensitive.

“See?” she said. “Perfect.”

Dave and Bobbi lavished attention on my breasts as I leaned up against him. I unbuttoned my jeans and wiggled out of them, careful to keep my breasts at Bobbi level while I did so.

At some point I found myself lying on my back on the bed, only my underwear remaining on me. Then Dave was pulling them off and spreading my legs and Bobbi was doing something with my ear and oh, my God, why hadn’t I done this sooner?

“Are you OK?” Dave said from between my legs. He smiled at me and licked his lips.

“Yeah,” I said. “More than OK.”

“Good,” he said. “I’d really like to fuck you, all right?”

“Yes, please.”

He was already shirtless and soon dropped his pants and boxers. His dick was average sized but thick and the tip was wet and juicy. Bobbi reached out and grabbed him, slicking the wetness over the head of his cock. He moaned. “Damn.”

He pulled away and reached into the bedside drawer. I smiled up at Bobbi who was kneeling with her legs apart next to my head. I reached up and touched her thighs; they were so soft. Her pussy was bushy with hair and I could smell her arousal.

“Ready, hon?” said Dave. He finished rolling a condom on.

“Please,” I said. I raised my hips up. “Please.”

He drove into me and I clenched down around his dick. He felt so good. He closed his eyes and held still.

“Touch Bobbi,” he whispered. “Can you do that?  Can you do that while I fuck you?”

“I’ve never done it,” I said.

“It’s just like doing it to yourself,” said Bobbi. She took my hand and put it so that my thumb was against her clit. “Go in circles.”

Dave fucked me and I concentrated on circling my thumb on Bobbi. It was an awkward angle; my hand was basically above my head. But Bobbi started moving her hips and breathing low and hard. I put a finger up inside her and she moaned. She felt so wet and soft.

“Use two fingers, babe,” said Dave. “She likes that.”

I added another finger in her pussy and slowly moved them in and out. “Like that?”

“Press up a little more, yes, just like that, keep it hard just like that,” said Bobbi and she breathed deeply.

I felt Dave’s hand on me, touching me as he fucked. “Do you like this?” he said.

I moaned. He was hitting my clit at just the right angle. “Yeah, good, it’s good, oh fuck.”

We had a good rhythm going with Dave sliding in and out of me while wriggling my clit on his thumb and me fucking Bobbi with my fingers. My hand started getting a bit tired but her moans and cries kept me from stopping.

“Do you want to come, Bobbi?” said Dave. “You’re close, aren’t you?”

“Give me a minute,” she gasped. She pushed my thumb away and rubbed her clit herself.  “Oh, that’s good, keep moving your fingers, fuck me with your fingers. Please.”

I felt my body clench and it felt so good, so good to be between these two people.

“I’m going to,” I said, I moaned, “I’m gonna come, please�” I came hard against Dave’s thumb, bucking my hips and desperate.

“Fuck, fuck,” panted Bobbi and her pussy clenched around my fingers as she threw her head back and yelled out. Dave grunted and slammed into me, drops of his sweat hitting my chest. He collapsed on top of me.

I closed my eyes and floated. I felt Bobbi crawl over and lie next to me. She toyed with my nipple and kissed me on the cheek. Dave crawled to my other side and lay down. He kissed my swollen lips and sighed.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hello,” I said. “Hello to you too,” I said to Bobbi.

“Did you enjoy that?” Bobbi said. She pushed my hair off my forehead.

I opened my eyes and looked at her. “Very much. You?”


“Me too,” said Dave.

© 2014 Elizabeth Salem.All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio: Elizabeth Salem works, plays and does naughty things in the Boston area. She has previously been published in Hustler.


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