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Autumn brings cooler days, longer nights, and the urge to curl up with a lover (or two). Our Awesome Authors will help set the mood. An undeniably corporeal angel rushes to impregnate a mortal woman before his demon rival can claim her. A Viking saves the life and steals the virtue of his arch-enemy's daughter. A Dom recovering from heartbreak takes a chance on a woman eager to shed her innocence. Two Catholic girls are tempted to sin by the lascivious images they find secreted in Dad's darkroom. Fucking proves be highly effective therapy for a man mourning the death of his boyfriend. As always, Awesome Authors offers you a fantastic introduction to some of today's top authors of arousing fiction.
~ Lisabet Sarai, ERWA Marketing and Editorial Associate

ERWA Authors (right menu): The strappy tops and short-sleeved shirts are going back in the cupboard, and we’re rummaging for thermals and boots for walks through the tumbling leaves. Yep, it’s a new season. May your fall/autumn be full of crisp mornings with bright sunshine, and free of horse-chestnuts plummeting onto your head from above. A new season also means an updated ERWA Gallery. We have a selection of stories, some following the theme of ‘La Petite Mort’ to commemorate Halloween on the 31st. Some spooky, some not…all hot. If you like a writer’s work, let them know! Scroll down to the bottom of their work to see if they’ve provided an email address. Many authors do. A little unsolicited praise and encouragement helps the world go round. Have fun losing yourself in the reading.
Sam Thorne, ERWA Editor-In-Chief

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