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Spotlight on Cleis Press

The Assignment
by Donna George Storey

Pink is the Enemy
by Jocelyn Bringas

Fiction by ERWA Authors

Short Stories

by Corvidae

The Dude
by Spencer Dryden

Fiona and the Wizard
by J Pape

The Girl With Kisses...
by C. Sanchez-Garcia

by Robert Buckley

Pink Suede
by Valentine Bonnaire

Light My Fire
by Daddy X

by Big Ed Magusson

Soul Naked
by C. Sanchez-Garcia


The Cuckoo Clock
by john e

by R.E. Buckley

Relaxing Massage
by Lady Flo

Seasons by the sea
by Steve Isaak

Flashers & Poetry

by Daddy X

A Different Stud
by Ian D Smith

Love Letter
by Penelope Lake

by Elliot DeLocke

Time Bomb
by Robert Buckley

Unexpected Exposure
by Ian D Smith

Erotic Poetry
by Various Authors

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Naughty Bits: Technology for Authors
(Non-fiction) by Lisabet Sarai

A Slip of the Lip Anthology
Edited by Remittance Girl
Erotica Gallery

Gallery stories and poems are written by the authors of ERWA email list. If you want to improve your writing skills, network with authors, receive the latest calls for submissions—all you have to do is join. It's easy and free, like the spirits here at ERWA.

Spring ... the very word conjures visions of all manner of things just ... popping up. Spring, when everything gets warm ... and moist. Our selection of tales from the pens of our ERWA authors have that effect too.  And what a trip they'll take you on, including the desperate search of a love struck young man, who hears colors and tastes numbers, for a magical girl; an exuberantly fertile young wife pounces on her husband when it's time to make a baby; a small town girl has plans for an exciting life; a man with a shameful secret hopes he can still earn happiness. See, around here, it isn't just the sex, it's the story. Spring ... and we're off to a sweet start.

R.E. Buckley, Sr. Editor
Rose B. Thorny, Corvidae, & Daddy X, Storytime Editors
Ian Smith, Flasher Editor; Nettie Kestler, Poetry Editor

Artwork © Remittance Girl

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