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by valentine 2014
Audio available at

i wanted to say love was something like spring
how the last of winter’s sunlight skims sugary on petalsilk
or how she flowered riding the tall green pole
how it was like you, that time i came four times
flowering into that, singing like a trumpet
only silent, only big bright bursts like aftershocks
like sudden flowers in the hothouse


she’s wearing big gaudy flowers at her crown
and i think of summerhats, that year we were dancing
as if nobody was looking, i can’t stop looking
you made me feel big like that, like her
all pinkpetal curl, a release of sugarlight & smile, expansive


she’s exploding out, four directions -- coming hippy east-strum
the way that love feels when you’re first in it
watching her last flower open, knowing
nothing on this earth ever really lasts
as we leave paperhusks, ball ourselves back
a progeny of little strangers at our feet
green-seeded futures, summerswollen


it was the green in you i loved
upthrust, your stiff pinnacle stem of exuberance like spring
like everything as it warmed, grew large, grew thick and tall, seeped life
& things polarsleeping thawed in me


i put her in my garden like a memory

upon the roof
by john e 2014

gravel scratched her ass

she thrusts up  whispers
tenement tenement
wire strung
from a wooden pole
a party asking to be
snuck out of     panties
yanked away     he's between thighs

the boy she thought a man
remembers sunset over the palisades
his jeans to his knees

grimacing soon
his tune a spiralling flare
in a starless sky

when he speaks
all she hears is

tenement tenement


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