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by Spencer Dryden


erotic fictionChapter 1

"We require a deposit of three hundred dollars on all air conditioning repairs," I said, trying to assert my authority, but my resolve to enforce company policy was eroding fast.

Where did this fantasy start? With her pale blue eyes raking over my body? With her scintillating lips begging to be kissed? Or the rock hard nipples of her perky breasts pushing out on her sweat stained T-shirt? Actually, I do know, and she knew too. Honestly, I'm trying to raise my sights, but when my cock goes up, my field of vision goes down. Tracy had me had 'hello'. I don't remember telling her my name.

Another technician, Donny Tierney, turned the job down, so dispatch sent it to me. From the moment I saw her through the eye of my craven cock, I was fondling and licking those nipples, making them stand like little chocolate confections atop the small, firm mounds beneath, then hoisting her gymnast's body on to my oaken shaft, ramming her furiously while she moaned and panted for more.

My mind is easily diverted by flights of fantasy. Tracy was pushing all the launch buttons, but there was a job to do and I had to find a way to do it in the midst of a heat wave.

The heating and air-conditioning business thrives on cold snaps and heat waves. We have them both in Minneapolis. We encourage people to plan, but truthfully, it's a business built on failure—the inconvenient failure of heating and cooling systems.

The 'Grand Opening Tonite' banner over the windows of the old two story, storefront building told me this was one desperate woman who had called. The nicely restored bar/grill was stifling from the heat and stale from the lack of circulation. My mental cash register was ringing even as I was wondering if she was a natural blonde.

I am sympathetic to tales of woe, but the company has been stiffed so many times, it's turned my bosses into hard asses. As I stood in front of her, reciting the pre-payment spiel, watching  hope drain from her slumping body, something touched my heart. Actually it wasn't my heart , it was my cock— beating back rationality, as I fantasized about what I would do with her. While she was telling her tale, I had my face buried deep in her pussy, lapping her juices like a man dying of thirst. 

She handed me a cold beer, the will bending elixir of male life. Drinking on the job, another taboo, she had me on the ropes.

"I've put every last cent I have into this place," she said with fierce pride.

"Don't you have a credit card?"

"Everything is maxed out."

"This is a bar, you've gotta have cash in the till."

"I can't tap that or I won't have enough to make it through the night."

Noticing I was transfixed by her breasts, she draped a long bar towel over her shoulders, obscuring my view. "Can't we work something out? I'll be good for it. I've just got to get the AC going or it's going to ruin my grand opening tonight."

I looked her in the eyes, silently trying to assert my authority. Then she went totally female, the tears started to pool in those mysterious blue orbs and her lower lip began to tremble. Even her breasts were pouting with the small heaving in her chest. I was a dead man.

"Well, let's go take a look, maybe I can get the compressor running and buy you some time."

She squealed with joy, ran around the bar and planted a big wet kiss on my stunned lips. Her mouth was juicy, her lips soft but her kiss was urgent, promising much more. She broke off the kiss with a soft moan before I could open my mouth.

"Let's go see that hateful thing," I said, gulping the last of my beer.

She grabbed my arm and cradled it between her breasts—a sensation that went right to my groin.

"Wow, you're like made out of steel," she said, sweeping her breasts across the arm she held.

I knew what she was doing, but it was working.

She started toward the back door, my arm tightly clasped against her. It was like leading a lamb to the slaughter.

"I'm going to need my tools."

We did a U-turn and brought my diagnostic pack from the van around to the back of the building. I shook my head when I saw the unit. Everything about it said old and in need of replacement. Without shade, I was sweating in no time, as I struggled with the corroded cover bolts. She stood right by my side, using her towel to wipe the sweat off me like a corner man in a boxing match. Each time she lifted the towel, I got a peek at those firm wet mounds beneath her shirt. My groin ached from the unrelenting erection.

With the cover removed, I did a quick visual, oiled the bearings on the compressor and hand checked for broken fluid lines.

"Is the thermostat 'on' inside?"

"Yes," she said, with a look of  hope and fear.

"These things work a lot better if the outside breaker is engaged." I reached over to the box on the side of the building that was connected to the compressor by a thick cord of metal shielded cable. I flipped the handle. The compressor roared to life. She screamed with delight.

"Is it working? Is it working?"

"Well, the compressor is on, and it doesn't sound too bad."

"Is that all that's wrong? I just didn't have the breaker flipped?"

"Most likely it needs refrigerant, and hopefully, it won't leak out immediately."

I began fumbling with my testing gear. The meter told me the reservoir was empty. I hooked up my tank of refrigerant and eased the gas in. The coils began to frost immediately.

"That's a good sign," I said, pointing. Right on queue the coils started sweating droplets of water just like the outside of an ice cold glass of  lemonade on a humid afternoon. "We have a winner!"

I stood and dusted off my knees. She jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist, laughing hysterically. She caught her breath and planted another furious kiss on me. This time she pried my mouth open, her tongue darting to explore every part of my mouth, all the way to my tonsils. I though she might crush me with her legs. She held herself up easily. Without breaking the kiss, she guided my hand beneath the towel and under her shirt, directly to one of her breasts. I put one hand under her butt to help support her weight. She moaned into my mouth as I began to squeeze and caress her breasts with my other hand. They were slippery with sweat, but firm and springy. I teased her nipples erect, she pulled her mouth away slightly to gasp. Her sweet breath and earthy scent triggered animal lusts in my soul.

"Oh that feels so good," she said, giving me one more quick peck on the lips. "Let's go inside and see if it's cooling off."

She dropped down to the ground. We lifted the cover back into place, but didn't secure it. I picked up my tools, she embraced my arm again, leading me playfully to the van and then back into the bar. It barely registered that she locked the door behind us.

 Looking at the streamers on the registers, I could see that the cool air was pouring in.

"It will take a while for the place to cool down," I said. "All the internal surfaces need to chill as well as the air."

She drew another cold beer from the tap for me. I stood at the corner of the bar basking in my own abilities.

"Oh, I can feel it already," she said closing her eyes, inhaling the stream of deliciously chilled air. It's only four o'clock, staff isn't due until five. We open at six. Do you think it will be cool by then?"

"Should be, if the coolant doesn't leak out."

"I can't thank you enough," she said a few decibels above a whisper. "This place belonged to my family." She inched her way to the corner where I was standing.  "I've dreamed about owing it for years and now it's mine." She knelt down at my feet. "Would you stay for a while to be sure it's working?"

Before I could answer she started pulling at my zipper. My cock sprang out like a jack-in-the-box. She pressed her nose into my hot sweaty cock, coating her lips with a mixture of my sweat and pre-cum.

"Oh, you smell and taste so good," she purred.

She licked the rim of my erection like the top of a popsicle, then licked my entire shaft, finally putting the head into her mouth, popping it in and out. I trembled with anticipation, lust ran through my body with such fury, I had to suck in a few deep breaths to steady myself, fearing I might melt in her mouth.

She took in my length slowly, returning to the head between deeper and deeper plunges. A strangled cry ripped from my throat when she took all of me. My balls clenched to release a load but she stopped her sweet torture, prolonging my agony. I wound my hands into her thick mop of short blond hair, unable to resist the urge to thrust my aching cock into her mouth. Her hum of satisfaction vibrated through my whole body. My knees started to buckle when I lost control and blasted my load. She  swallowed every drop of my essence. She tucked my flaccid cock back into my pants and stood.

"That's just the start," she said, flashing me an impish grin, dabbing the last of my cum from her lips.

She began bustling around the bar, doing prep work, flashing her firm little ass whenever she bent down—an ass that begged for some spanking as I fantasized about driving my swollen cock into her plump pussy, doggy style. I could feel her thrusting back to meet my plunges, driving my cock all they way to her lungs, the sweet sound of her cries of ecstasy fueling my fury.

After a few silent sips of beer, the blood began flowing to my brain again. I was dizzy and  a little panic stricken. "Tracy, this is my busy time. I've got several more emergency calls to get to."

"That's okay," she said with an inviting glow. "Just be back by closing. We're only staying open until ten tonight. I should be able to pay you then."

Chapter 2

I've bragged that I could do  my job in my sleep. I went about my service calls asleep with wet dreams, recalling her urgent kisses, her nubile tongue flicking all around the head of my cock, sending shivers up my spine, full lips caressing my aching erection as she fed me into her soft, wet mouth, the tingle of her fingernails teasing my balls into tight formation, her hum of delight vibrating through me from head to toe, my hips thrusting in spasm as I came, the slurping sound of her swallowing, her lusty smile of appreciation.

My work took me into the evening. In August, in Minnesota, the sun hangs in the western horizon until well past 9:00 PM. The golden rays of a clear day mixing with the dust of the western horizon produces a palate of colors—violet, purple, magenta with red and orange trim higher up in the sky. Even the sunset reminded me of pussy, the the bright reds and purplish hues of the outer lips leading to the dark opening and surrender to the night.

My final call took me out to the suburb of Eden Prairie, which still has enough farming that though open the windows of my van, transfixed by the sunset, my nostrils were assailed by the aroma of freshly cut clover—its natural sweetness mixed with the damp air yielding a close second to the titillating scent of  a woman's sex.

The little storefront bar/ grill was buzzing when I arrived a around nine thirty, sunset had yielded to darkness.

There was an energy radiating from the building that made me nostalgic.  Seventy-five years ago when the building and houses were new, this place was undoubtedly a neighborhood fixture— where everyone knew your name—a welcome retreat from an anonymous life spent in service of the heavy industry in the area. The industry died and the neighborhood with it. This part of town went through long decline, but like Lazarus, it was coming to life again as urban hipsters found value in reclaiming older homes and  rediscovered the joy of a few beers at a local watering hole with friends and neighbors.

Despite the large crowd, it was still cool inside. I inhaled the chilled air greedily. My eyes found Tracy in a moment. She was a whirling dervish. A thirty-something at most, she seemed in total command of the arena, a welcoming grin was fixed on her face, as she dashed from place to place. The soaking wet T-shirt had been replaced by a powder blue, button down cotton blouse, open to the edge of her breasts and tied off just beneath them. Her taut midriff  was accented with a diamond stud in her navel. Buns of steel taunted me, corralled by a pair of skin tight, low cut jeans.

She burst into an eager grin when she caught sight of me, dashing over and dragging me to the edge of the bar like a long lost relative.

"Hey everybody," she began, as she stood on a step stool. "Here's the guy who made it cool in here tonight. Thank you Dave Roche of Ace Mechanical."

She pointed at me with both hands like a game show host, relishing in my embarrassment.

Glasses were raised, cheers and clapping rolled around the bar and nearby tables. I waived politely, feeling my face turning beet red. The commotion died quickly. She put a large beer in front of me and giggled as she took me into her gaze.

"Thanks for coming," she said. "I was afraid you might not make it back in time."

I took several greedy gulps of the cold beer trying to collect my thoughts, my erection robbing me of the blood my brain needed for sensible activities.

"Tracy, congratulations. I am amazed by this crowd, and you, you seem to know everything about this business, were you born in a bar?"

"Almost," she said, radiant with pride. "Two generations of my family owned this place. I started slinging hash, pouring beer, bussing tables and rousting drunks when I was only ten."

"Amazing. What happened?"

"The world changed," she said, her smile quickly fading to a frown. "The plants closed, the jobs left, so did the people. My parents hung on, but lost the place ten years ago."

"Where are they now?"

"They both passed away."

"Oh Tracy, I'm sorry to hear that. What about you?"

"I drifted away  and chased dreams everywhere. I came back here a little while ago, tired and broke." She paused as if to let some bad memories pass. "I found the place was in foreclosure and in terrible disrepair. I've begged borrowed and stolen to bring it back to life."

"This is amazing. I hope you're proud. I'm sure your parents and grandparents are resting a little easier."

She brushed away a tear and gave me a quick hug.

"Oh, you've got to try one of my buffalo chicken burgers. It'll knock your socks off."

I was glad for the diversion.

"I'd love to. I'm starving."

She dashed over to the grill area at the end of the bar, whispered something to the cook and pointed back at me. I turned to take in the scene while Tracy made the rounds. She returned with my plate of burger and fries and stood in front of me like a school girl waiting for approval. It was a taste sensation, rich, spicy, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth. I had to catch myself from drooling.

"Oh Tracy, this is terrific. What did you call it?"

"Buffalo chicken burger," she said, pronouncing each word carefully. "Its organic, cage free, ground chicken, my secret spice stash, mixed with lumps of feta cheese."

"You're going to be the hamburger champ of Minneapolis."

"It's chicken," she said, wiggling her nose.

"I think I'm going to have an orgasm," I said, draining my beer before sinking my teeth into another bite.

"Later." She winked and took off again.

I nearly choked on my burger.

Chapter 3

I was still savoring the last of my meal when she began shooing the patrons out. I dabbed my mouth and rose to leave.

"Where do you think you're going buster," she said in a manager's voice.

"You said you were closing at ten."

"To the public." She flashed a lusty grin. "Besides, I can't pay you until I close out the cash registers."

"Tracy, all I did was put a little refrigerant into your system. I've drunk and eaten far more than that. I don't know how long it will work either."

Her face fell to sadness. "This has been the happiest night of my life in many years. I'd like to share more of  it." She leaned closer. "Will you stay with me?"

I could only nod. Her tender look returned.

She put the Energizer Bunny to shame, cleaning and fussing, even after the last of the help departed. She was glowing again, I wanted to lick the sweat off  her.

Cash drawers counted out and tucked into the safe along with the matching cash register tapes, she sat on the stool next to me, making lists and notes, occasionally dropping her hand down to my thigh for a couple of quick strokes.

The liquid Viagra of tap beer she continued serving me was overworking my gonads. I'd been hard since fifteen minutes after she blew my mind in the late afternoon. Like the commercial implies, an erection lasting over four hours threatens sanity, making the promise of release more tantalizing.

"You're a fanatic," I said, breaking her concentration.

"Today was just a warm-up," she said, still in management mode. "Tomorrow we open earlier and close later. First delivery comes at 7:00 AM."

"Wow. That's a long day."

"It's what it takes. It's all about managing margins."

"Did you earn an MBA while I was gone?"

"No. I've just done this for a long time." She looked up, but it was as if her mind was far away. "First here for my parents, then for others all around the country. Bar and restaurant management is all I've ever done."

"Doesn't seem like it leaves you with much time for socializing."

"It doesn't and it kills relationships."

"Oooh, I hear some bitterness there," I said, snickering.

She huffed. "Yeah, I've had my share of relationships with guys who just wanted to pour beer for their buddies." She shook her head in disgust, then warmed with a feral glint, stroking my leg again. "But sometimes my hormones get the best of me."

"What happens then?" I asked, playing dumb.

"I pick out a guy and decide that he's going to get lucky for a night."

"Where does that leave me?"

"You're it." She flicked her eyebrows.

A moral dilemma loomed: should I tell Donny Tierney what he missed by turning the job down?

"I'm still going to pay your though," she said. She shifted her voice from manager to the sultry tone of a woman in heat, "Business and pleasure are two different accounts in my books."

I shrugged my shoulders. "It was nothing, Tracy. My company will make so much money from all the people who asked me for a card after you introduced me, I should pay you a finders fee." I took another  sip of beer. "Besides, you'll be lucky if your AC lasts until the end of the season."

"I think I know who to call."

"Just remember, you have to ask for me."

"I don't know," she teased, sliding her hand all the way up my thigh, grabbing my package. "Let's see how you do tonight."

She reached over the bar, flipped a couple of switches, shutting off the outside and overhead lights, took me by the hand, silently leading  me to the back of the building, up a narrow flight of stairs.

Chapter 4

We climbed the stairway to heaven. The old treads and risers groaned  in protest  to my 200 pound frame. I had to duck at the doorway, but it opened up to a spacious one room apartment. Windows on the East and South walls promised plenty of light, but I suspected the old single pane windows might be drafty in the cold Minnesota winters. A queen sized bed in a large metal frame sat adjacent to the stairwell. On the other side of the bed a small kitchenette with an undersized stove and refrigerator bracketed a double sink that looked like it was original to the building. The kitchen was appointed with low grade cabinets in bad need of refinishing. A small table with four chairs bridged the transition to the living area where a single couch faced a small television. The bathroom was the only private area.

Tracy moved ahead of me with no hint of shame.. Many women her age would be embarrassed by such humble digs. But in the guy world, anywhere sex happens is a Playboy Penthouse.

"Well, here's my heaven," she said.

"I've lived in far worse."

It was true.

We stood between the end of the bed and the bathroom.

"I really need a shower," Tracy said.

"So do I."

"We'll help save the planet if we do it together," she said with a coy smile. "There's just enough room for two."

She ran a finger from my lips to the first button on my shirt. Taking me in with her hungry, pale blue eyes. She carefully undid the rest of the buttons, bouncing up to kiss me lightly on the lips as she opened each one. Task complete, she nuzzled into my chest.

"Your scent makes me wet," she whispered.

I untied her shirt. Her chest was heaving behind her push up bra as I finished.

"It's a front loader," she said, as she opened it, her firm ripe fruit glistening, as the bra fell away.

I leaned down and began licking the sweat from her breasts, teasing her nipples with my tongue.

She drew a halting breath each time I took one in my mouth.

We tugged at each other's belts and zippers.

Clothes dispatched, she led me to the small bathroom. The shower was barely more than a metal box, but with an overhead fixture that promised a tropical rain.

She embraced me as we tucked ourselves into the phone booth sized space, grabbing my butt cheeks.

"I spent so much time admiring your front today, I didn't see that you had such a powerful backside," said Tracy, giving my cheeks a squeeze. "But I suppose you can't drive a railroad spike with a tack hammer."

I laughed out loud. "Tracy, where did you hear guy talk like that?"

"Are you kidding? I've been bartending all my life among guys who are all talk and no dick."

I pulled her into me to hide my embarrassment. The crush of her firms breasts and naked sex into me made my cock spring to life."

She pushed back enough to look at my growing erection.

"I love making cocks hard."

She turned back far enough to start the water.

The gentle stream fell like soft rain. She turned far enough out of the way to stroke me to a full erection. We lathered and rinsed each other over and over with all the care of bathing a newborn. Eventually I folded her into my arms with her back toward me, fondling her breasts with one hand while I cupped her pussy with the other. She tucked her head beneath my chin and occasionally reached up to kiss my neck, moaning as I caressed her sex. The sudden end of the hot water supply sent us scurrying out of the shower, laughing.

We wrapped ourselves in towels and padded over to the edge of the bed. I pulled her towel away and gently guided her on to the edge of the bed on her back with her legs cradled by my arms. I began with soft kisses on her inner thighs, forcing her legs wider as I descended, eventually finding my way to her shaved pussy. I circled all around her outer lips with kisses and quick laps of my tongue. Each time my five o'clock shadow brushed her inner thighs she giggled and stirred as if sparks were shooting from my chin.

I used two fingers to gently pinch her mons on either side of her clit, moving my hand up and down slowly. Her mouth opened in a soft moan, her hips began to rock to the measure of my stroking. Her pussy plumped like ripe fruit in the hot summer sun. I teased her outer lips apart, her pussy glistening with her juices. With just the tip of my tongue I began to touch the area next to her clit as softly as if petting a butterfly. She took a big breath behind peaceful closed eyes. I stayed right at that spot. Her breaths became deeper, she rocked her hips in a larger arc to meet the enticing explorer.

"Oh that feels soo good," she whispered.

I held the rhythm of my lapping, feeling the change come over her. Her rocking became punctuated with small jerks and deep moans. She began drawing strong breaths between clenched teeth, I stopped my torture and moved my tongue down her pussy toward her opening which was flowing with her love juice. I licked all around the dark moist entry then began teasing the opening with the tip of one finger, licking just above it. At first she was rigid with anticipation, then began rocking as I slipped one finger, then two into her passage pressing down on the muscles of her sex, still licking the area above. Her moans turned to gasps as I impaled her deeper and harder with my fingers. She shuddered in surrender to an orgasm, the muscles of her sex pulsing around my fingers, her back arched and face contorted in the beautiful agony.

I slowed my pace to allow her to enjoy the sensation, moist heat radiated from every pore in her body.

"Don't stop," she pleaded.

I twisted my fingers upward and found her G-spot, stroking it with a curling motion. Her eyes shot open in surprise as I began, but squeezed shut as a powerful orgasm rolled through her. She jerked in hard spasms, silent cries stuck in her circled lips. Her back arched as if something wild fought to escape.

She pulled me up from my perch at her gate.

"I can't take anymore. Put on that condom and fuck me before I go out of my mind."

I turned her on to the bed, sat up on the edge, opened the foil pack and sheathed myself. Once armed, I began snaking my way between her splayed legs, kissing along her abdomen as I ascended, careful not to let the latex covered spike touch anything.  She started panting in anticipation as I came closer. I cruised passed her breasts, the dark chocolate nipples stood rock hard. She pulled my face urgently to hers, kissed me with desperate desire, then reached over her head to clutch the bars of the headboard.

"Fuck me hard,"  she whispered, her voice rasping.

She was so wet I slid in easily, ramming her hard from the first thrust.

"Oh, Oh yes! Your so big. Shove that cock in me."

I slowed my pace, making long strokes, wanting to extend the torture the way she had tortured me that afternoon.

"No. No don't stop, " she gasped. "Harder. Feed my pussy. I need your cock in my pussy."

I rammed myself to the hilt for several quick thrusts. She bucked, trying to meet my thrusts with her own.

She released her hands from the head board bars, dug her nails into my back, babbling in near hysteria. Her frenzy drove me to another level. I thrust and grunted wildly as I blasted into her like a howitzer.

Her gasps of ecstasy fell to quiet cooing. We laid face to face, her eyes staring in disbelief.

"Wow," she whispered after nearly a minute of pure silence, "That's the best I've had in a long time."

"Me too," I said, lost for better words.

We rubbed noses and gave each other little pecks of kisses.

"I need some water," she said, pushing me off of her. "There's some in the fridge."

I got up obediently, removed the condom and fetched the water like a good dog. We propped up the pillows against the headboard. She took the water and gulped it greedily, then nestled under my arm. As I finished, I set the water on the bedside table, noticing the Hitachi vibrator. I grabbed it playfully and brandished it around like a sword.

"When my ex got one of these, she told me she only needed me for killing spiders."

Tracy looked at me. I could see she was doing some calculus in her head. This wasn't a good time for ex talk. I mentally kicked myself.

"Yeah," she said with a sigh, "it's a quick way to an intense orgasm, but there's nothing like a big cock inside of me under the weight of a stud like you."

I realized I should shut up and stay in the moment. "Thank you. This has really been a special night for me."

We lay silently in our bliss. We drifted off to sleep in each other arms.

I have only been with women who are one and done, so I was confused, when in my sleep, I felt her carefully stroking my shrunken penis. I was sure it was a dream, but I awoke to her kissing my eyes, stroking my growing erection.

"I haven't had enough of you yet," she whispered over a devilish smirk.

She coaxed me on to my back, reached over to the night stand for another condom, taking great delight in rolling it on to my erection. She straddled me, reached down and guided my cock to her opening. She eased me in gradually, her peaceful visage morphing into a more serious grimace of passion, soft moans floating from her lips.

She sat back far enough that I could watcher her from head to pussy.

"It feels like you're going to go right through me," she said, placing a hand over her lower abdomen as she rode my pole up and down.

Her heat rose as if she was stoking a fire. She ground her pussy against the base of my cock. Her juices began to flow, her nipples turned to chocolate kisses, she leaned forward so I could tease and flick them. She put her hands on top of mine, her head dropped as her gentle rocking grew to measured fury.  She drew sharper breaths through clenched teeth.

"Oh Ohhh," she moaned, "You feel so good. I can't hold back."

She released my hands, threw her head back and braced herself with her arms behind her back clutching my legs. From my vantage point it was the greatest show on earth. I laid still so she could keep control. She raised her gleaming pussy above the bottom of my shaft, impaling herself with a series of hard jerks, each one releasing a cry of ecstasy. Then, like a merry go round coming to the end, she slowed the pace of her thrusts, came forward again and covered my mouth with a hot wet kiss. Her sweat moistened breasts crushed against my chest, still heaving with heavy breaths, her sex pulsing around my cock in the after shocks of an orgasm. I drew her close and wrapped my arms around her while tremors rolled through her body.

"Wow," she whispered in my ear, "I've never had an orgasm like that before. You're terrific."

"I didn't do anything but enjoy a wonderful show."

"Exactly. Most of the time, when I'm on top, the guy tries to thrust and it throws me off my rhythm. You just let me have this at my own pace. Sometimes a woman needs that too."

"There's nothing more erotic to me that seeing, feeling and hearing a woman in the throes of an orgasm—especially if I had any part in it."

She kept her face close to my ear but I could feel her snicker. "Is that why you guys like watching two girls get it on?"

"Hadn't thought of it that way, but you could be right. I've always thought lesbians have more fun."

"Really?" she asked raising her head to look at me.

I got lost for a moment in her pale blue eyes, begging in wonder. "Yeah, there's no danger of pregnancy, little risk of STD's and a partner who understands your sexual rhythms."

I felt suddenly bold. "Have you had women lovers?"

"No, but in the bar business, you get hit on by everybody."

She slid off of me grimacing in pleasure as my still erect cock slipped from inside her. She slipped the condom off and stroked me. "I've thought about it, but I like these better for now."

"They are a source of great adventure and trouble. Mostly trouble to be honest."

She braced herself on one elbow and used her other hand to trace my face with her finger tip.

"Why do you say that?"

"It's too easy to fuck first and think second."

"Is that what you did with me?"

"Tracy, I wanted you the moment I laid eyes on you."

"I'm flattered." She batted her eyes playfully.

"I don't mean romantically, Tracy. I mean throw you on the bar and fuck you like a wild man."

"Oooh, sounds like fun."

The lust in her look told me she wasn't kidding.

I shook my head in disbelief. "I've never met a woman like you before."

She smiled. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"Do I need to send roses for this wonderful time I've had?"

"You shouldn't have to ask. You should just do it. Do I have to send you an engraved invitation?"

"For what?"

"To come back again sometime and fuck me on the bar like a wild man."

"Do you have a date in mind."

"No. I'll always be here. You just come by some evening near closing when you're really in the rut."

I couldn't help but grin. "You are one hot lady."

"Thanks. Just one thing though."


"I don't want commitment. I just can't do that while I'm trying to make a go of it here. I just need you to come by from time to time and fuck me hard like you did tonight."

Chapter 5

I was right about her AC unit. She called again about two weeks later. There was no saving the system this time.

It was a big job for a hot September Saturday. This time I couldn't give it away, but she had room on the credit card now. I stayed at the bar after I finished. She made goo-goo eyes at me all evening, teasing me with her ass and peek-a-boo breasts. By closing time I was so hot for her, I thought I was going to lose my load before we even started. It took all my flagging will power to wait until the staff had gone.

The Energizer Bunny wouldn't stop. Unable to wait a moment longer, I followed her back to the utility room like a thief. I grabbed her from behind, spun her around and tore her blouse open. Her look of surprise quickly morphed into a visage of craven desire. Her nipples sprang rock hard before I even touched them. I filled my hand with her breasts like a guy raiding a candy jar, pulling her in close with an arm behind her back. She gasped in delight as I twisted and squeezed the little nubs, first resting her hands on my shoulders then clutching me tight as I twisted harder. Pain and pleasure seemed to be the same thing for her.

I slid my hand down her belly and popped the button. Her plump pussy had soaked her panties before my hand arrived. She covered my mouth in a wet kiss as I began massaging her mons. She moaned into my mouth, shooting vibrations though me like a bolts of electricity. I pushed her pants down farther and teased a finger inside of her panties. She started rocking her crotch over my hand, her juices flowing like a river. I slipped one finger, then two into her passage. I impaled her hard, forcing my fingers through the resistance of her sex. Her kiss turned from frantic exploring to surrender.  She rode my hand for several more thrusts that lifted her off the floor then pulled away to gasp and pant. Grasping my invading hand forcefully, she yanked it out of her cunt, popped one of my wet fingers into her mouth and sucked on it like a popsicle. Her eyes closed in delight.

"Taste me," she whispered, as she put the other finger to my lips.

The scent and taste went directly to some part of my brain that has no words, only animal desires.

Furious with lust, I had her jeans off in a moment. She tugged at my belt and zipper, my jeans fell in a heap at my feet. She took me into her gaze as she began to stroke my swollen cock. With only tatters of her blouse remaining, she look so vulnerable, I had to have her right there. I hoisted her up on to my cock, plunging deeply into her, she cried out as I entered. I pushed her up against the wall, humping her like some kind of beast. She  wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, gasping, crying, kissing me, breaking away quickly as she was overcome with spasms of ecstasy.

I laid her out on top of the dryer, the perfect height for banging. I pulled her legs over the edge and around my shoulders, only beginning to satisfy my need to pound my cock as deeply into her as I could. She sucked big gulps of air and expelled them forcefully with each thrust as if I was pushing on her lungs like a bellows.

"The bar," she moaned. "You promised to do me on the bar."

The cave man was loose, I couldn't form words, only grunts. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants. Still impaled on my rhino horn, I carried her from the utility room back out to the bar area, her legs tight around my middle, my hands under her butt. She was thrashing and moaning as we reached our destination. I had to lift her off to lay her out on the bar. She shrieked when her back hit the cold surface.  It was too high to fuck her standing, so I followed up to the bar top. I entered her again and began thrusting. Her sweat quickly made the surface slippery. She wrapped her legs around mine and met my plunges with thrusts of her own. I raised up on my arms to keep from crushing her, my thrusts making her breasts bounce. She turned her head to the side and stiffened like a board just as my load arrived. Her hips made a tiny spasm with each pulse of my cock. She went limp as I finished with a few more plunges.

Spent, I tried to keep my weight off her heaving chest. It was a full minute of listening to her coo before she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," she said. "A good hard fuck."

I had to get off of the bar, the hard surface was killing my knees. She giggled as I slipped out. She stayed there on her back like fresh killed, naked prey. I pulled up a stool, grabbed a bar towel for the seat, reached above her for a glass and then over her shining pussy to the tap for a cold beer.

"Help yourself," she said laughing.

"I think I did."

"Oh you did. It was just what I wanted."

She raised one leg, bent at the knee and turned toward me, unashamed of her nakedness. "This is the part of the male fantasy where I turn into a beer and a ham sandwich, right?"

"The beer and the sight of you naked and satisfied is all I need."

"Oh I am satisfied." She flashed a lusty grin.

I took a gulp, hoping something intelligent would come from my mouth. It didn't. "Tracy I was so hot for you all night, I though I was going to loose my load while the whole crowd was here."

"Next time," she said.

"Next time what? Come in my pants?"

"No, pull out and come all over me; cover me with your jism." She sighed. "I had an orgasm yesterday just thinking about your big muscular body standing over me, stroking your dick and shooting your wad on my breasts."

I took another gulp of beer wondering how this woman had divined all of my fantasies.

She put on that delightful grin. "And after that you've got to tie me up and drive me insane with my vibrator."

I had to stop and wonder if I was dreaming. "Well, cooling season is almost over and your furnace doesn't look too long for this world either."

"Do I have to wait that long?"

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