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Flash Fiction
by Elizabeth Salem


Flash FictionHe slid another finger into her. She gasped.

“Are you close?” he said.

“I will be in a minute,” she said. She put her leg up on his shoulder.

“I like seeing you like this,” he said. “We should do this more often.”

She ground against his hand. “Too little time, most of the time.”

“Hey, you’re worth the time it takes,” he said. He cupped her face with his other hand, then slid down her to squeeze her breast.

“I’m sorry I take so long to come,” she breathed. “The kids…”

“Shh, don’t,” he said. He gave three quick pumps of his hand and she arched her back and moaned again. “Don’t worry so much. Seventeen years with you and I enjoy all the time it takes.”

“OK, I’m close now,” she said. She moved her hips in rhythm, grinding more and more against his hand.

She came like a wave cresting over his hand. He watched in amazement and relished all of her trickling down his arm.

The door slammed downstairs.

“Mom? Dad?”

© 2014 Elizabeth Salem. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.


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