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A Fragile Desire

by Robert Buckley


EROTIC FICTIONTim hated malls, big stores and shopping in general. He especially hated shopping with his wife. He could think of any number of ways they could have spent a rare weekday off together, but she had implored him to drive her to the mall. If her car wasn’t in the shop she would have gone anyway – by herself.

He looked at his watch, then at his wife as she selected items from a rack, the same severe skirts and pants she wore to work every day. A mannequin caught his eye, displaying a skirt with a modest slit that extended just a little higher than the knee.

“Hey, Lil, how about something like this?”

Lily turned away from the rack toward Tim. Her eyes followed the line of his finger indicating the mannequin. Lily peered over her glasses at Tim, as if to convey are you kidding?

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. Tim caught up to her as she started toward the fitting rooms.

“What’s the matter with that skirt? I think you’d look cute in it.”

“Tim, I can’t be looking ‘cute’ on the job. I interview at-risk teenagers every day for crissakes. I have to be professional, authoritarian; I’m not supposed to be exciting their libidos ... they’re excited enough as it is.”

“So don’t wear it on the job. We could go out someplace.”

“Honey, let me just try these on, okay?”

That was it; end of conversation.

He watched her disappear into the fitting rooms. A sudden pang of loss hit him. It was her hair; he missed her long hair, the way it used to fall like a deep brown shawl over her pale shoulders. After she got her promotion she had it cut, real short, severe, like her work outfits.

She was so proud to have been promoted head of her department. He was proud of her too. The extra income was a boon too.

But something had changed, or maybe it had been changing all along and her promotion just accelerated his sense that their life had become oppressively uninteresting. He had noticed their conversations had become starchy, perfunctory. Their routines were more rigid. There was no spontaneity.

Their sex life had also become routine. Lily seemed to regard it as part of her nightly get-ready-for-bed ritual, no more or less special than putting on face cream. He was sure she faked her orgasms, as half-heartedly as one would fake a cough.

He wished they could be more adventurous, but then he figured he was just as blameworthy for his predicament. Neither he nor Lily was a libertine; they had come into their marriage virginal. Just seeing each other naked and having straight missionary sex was a big deal at first. The most outlandish thing they had ever done was skinny dip in a forest pond while hiking. Tim wanted to have sex, but Lily was terrified someone would happen by.

After their first child was born, Tim tried talking dirty. She seemed to respond at first, and soon he was weaving elaborate erotic fantasies in her ear as he plowed her from behind. Her enthusiasm began to fade over time, however, and he gave up when it occurred to him he might as well have been whispering up her ass as in her ear.

After a lengthy hiatus, he decided to try it again, just the night before. He began to spin a story about taking her to a neighborhood bar where he would strip her in front of the mostly male patrons and then lift her atop the pool table.

He just got to the part where he was to publicly ravish her when she blurted, “Oh, you have to pick up Megan at band tomorrow.”

It was right out of the blue. His cock shrank inside her.


“Yeah, I forgot to tell you. Okay, go ahead.”

“Go ahead?”


He rolled off her. “Go to sleep.”

“Well, I’m sorry, but it just popped into my head, and I might have forgotten in the morning.”

“It’s okay. I’ll be sure to pick up Megan tomorrow. Please, go to sleep.”

She expelled a sigh of resignation and yanked at the bedclothes. He lay there stewing until he sensed she’d fallen asleep. Then he got up and went downstairs where he sat in the dark until he nodded off.

When they found him in the morning he told the kids he had gotten up early to make breakfast.

Later, Lily came down and apologized.

“Tim, I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

“We have the whole day off.”

“Could you take me shopping?”


“Please? Look, next weekend is our getaway. I promise you, I’ll be all relaxed and we’ll have a good time, just the two of us.”

“What about this weekend?”

“Honey, I had to take a lot of work home with me. Anyway, my period’s started.”

Tim shook his head.

“So, you’ll take me shopping?”

“Yeah, sure ... what the hell else is there to do?”

*    *    *

Both Megan and Marie were staying over at friends’ houses on Saturday. With the kids away it would have been a perfect night to try ... what? Anything, Tim thought. But Lily had spent most of the morning and the afternoon poring over files from work.

“How much longer are you going to be at that?” he asked.

“You kidding? The backlog is incredible; the previous director must have sat on his hands all three years he was there. I’m just trying to organize these cases and try to divide them among fifteen caseworkers. They better approve overtime or new hires. Of course, the governor’s under the gun to cut the budget. Honey, I’m sorry, this is really important.”

Yeah,” Tim said. “I know. All I do is keep a few hundred tons of shit from backing up into everybody’s house or office.”

Lily glared over her glasses.

“Hey, I was just being facetious ... or was that feces-shish?”

She rolled her eyes.

“Jeesh, have a sense of humor at least.”

The awkward moment was relieved by the phone ringing. Tim went to answer, returning a moment later.

“I’m going to meet up with Ralph and Gino at Majors.”

“Okay,” Lily said, without looking up from her work. “Have fun.”

He didn’t say anything. He grabbed his jacket and left.

*    *    *

Ralph used to be Tim’s supervisor at the treatment plant before he began his own landscaping business. Gino also worked at the plant. He was in his mid twenties while Ralph was in his forties. That left Tim about in the middle at 36.

They gathered at a corner table at Majors Pub away from the television so they could hear each other talk.

Ralph bought the first round.

“Gentlemen, here’s to loose shoes and tight pussy.” Ralph laughed and clinked his glass to Tim’s and Gino’s.

“So, Tim, how’s it feel to not be the breadwinner in the family?” Ralph asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“C’mon, I know what you’re making. And your wife’s salary was right there in the paper.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t care if it is public record, what business is it what anyone makes?”

Ralph shrugged.

“Gee, Tim,” Gino said. “How much does Lily make?”

“More than him,” Ralph said, and chuckled.

Tim didn’t answer.

“C’mon, Tim, I’m just razzing you. Though some guys would have a big problem with it.”

“Why should it be a problem?” Tim replied, then licked beer froth from his upper lip.

“It shouldn’t. Hey, today who cares where the money comes from or who gets it?”

“Well, it’s not a problem with Lily and me.” Tim said.

“Tim, my friend, I get the impression you were going to add something to that last statement.”


Ralph grinned. “I dunno. You have the look of a guy who’s ... frustrated?”

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re getting at, Ralph. I’m living the dream.”

All three unleashed an explosive laugh.

“Ah, Jeez,” Ralph said, flicking a tear from his eye with his thumb. “Really, man, everything okay?”

Tim caught his breath. “Yeah ... I guess. Ah, shit, it’s gonna be a lost weekend at my house.”


“Lily brought tons of work home. I might as well be living alone. Anyway, it’s her time of month.”

“Oh,” Gino piped up. “Mandy too.”


“Yeah, told me first thing this morning, she’s riding the cotton pony. No nookie for me.”

“Jesus, listen to you guys,” Ralph grinned and shook his head.

“What?” Tim said, putting down his glass.

“Jesus, Gino, you ain’t even cracked thirty yet and she’s putting you off; and Tim, I’ve seen Lily since she got that big job.”

“What are you implying, Ralph?”

“Don’t get me wrong, either of you guys. I’m just saying, especially you, Tim, like maybe you should think about jumpstarting your marriage.”

Tim felt the blood rush to his face, but an instant later it began to drain away. Was it so obvious that his married life was in the doldrums?

“So who are you? Dear Fucking Abby?”

Ralph laughed and ordered another round.

“Guys, I’ve been there. Shelly doesn’t get periods anymore, thank Christ. But, there was a time when she used to look forward to them. At least I thought so.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look, it’s bound to happen. You live with a person long enough, you both get set in your ways. Sex ... well it just isn’t that big a deal anymore, but you remember how it felt when it was a big deal. You want to get that feeling back. I did.”

“So ... what did you do about it?”

“I’ll tell you, but you guys have to understand ...”

“What?” Gino asked.

“Yeah, what?” Tim pressed.

“It has to stay right here, right between us. You can’t tell anyone, not even your wives. Now, can I trust you?”

“Jesus, Ralph. Okay, I won’t tell a soul.”

“Me neither,” Gino added.

“Okay, see ... the problem, I think, is that you start to think of your wife in sexless terms.”


“Okay, you think of her as your wife ... not your lover, not the object of your desire. She’s your wife, more like your partner, your co-parent ... see? She’s the mother of your children, the person you file a joint income tax with. She’s not the person you want to have sex with.”

“Of course I want to have sex with Lily; that’s the problem.”

“No you don’t, Tim. Not that Lily. You want Lily to be hot, sexy, game for anything. Is that the Lily you left at home today?”

Tim sat a moment. “No ... I guess not. So, what am I supposed to do about it?”

“Okay, I’m going to tell you a little story about Shelly and me. It’s a true story ... no BS, I promise you. And I’m going to tell you that I don’t recommend this for everyone, but it worked for me and Shel.”


“All right. Shel and I were in the same rut as you guys not too long ago. It was like all the air went out of our relationship ... our love life was nil. And the worst of it was, I didn’t think Shelly even gave a shit.

“So we were into our forties by then, the kids were older and getting ready to go off on their own. I figured here’s our chance to get things cooking again, right? But Shelly just didn’t seem to have any interest.

“Then one day I overheard her talking to her sister about some model, or maybe she was an actress. No matter. Shel made some remark about how this chick better live it up then because in a few years she was going to fade into obscurity and guys wouldn’t even see her.

“So, I got to thinking, maybe she needs to feel desired again.”

“Yeah, but you still desired her, didn’t you?” Tim asked. “I desire Lily; at least I desire a real sex life with her that’s a little more exciting than brushing your teeth.”

“Whacha do, Ralph?” Gino asked, his voice like a plea.

“We had to travel out to Illinois for a wedding. Shelly’s brother’s youngest was getting married. The bride’s father booked a whole floor of rooms at a downtown hotel for some of the guests who were coming from out of town. We could have stayed at his place. He had this mansion outside of Chicago – shit this guy’s got more bucks than God, I tell ya.”

“Yeah, so ...?”

“So, we figure, since he’s picking up the tab, we’d stay at the hotel. The first night we had dinner at a place across the street. Nice joint. Shelly looked really good. She wore a dress her sister had picked out for her. Shelly ... she’s not a skinny girl, you know? And this dress had a little slit up the side. She thought her thighs looked too big in it, but I convinced her to wear it. Well, anyway, at the restaurant I noticed this guy checking her out where she’s showing some skin. Then I noticed the waiter kind of back step and take a peek.

“Later when I told her, she told me I was full of shit. And I’m telling her that these guys were really checking her out. Anyway, to shorten the story, I made a bet with her. I said we’d go to the hotel lounge and have a couple of drinks, then I would pretend to leave, and I bet her some guy would try to pick her up, or at least flirt with her.”

“And she went for that?” Tim asked, incredulous.

Ralph shrugged. “Hey, she was betting against herself.”

“So, what happened?” Gino asked.

“Well, we went to the lounge and we had a couple of drinks. Add those to the couple we had at dinner and we were feeling pretty mellow by then. And then, as I’m getting up to leave her, she says, ‘And what if a guy does want to pick me up?’”

“Well, I couldn’t tell you why, but I just said, ‘What if he does?’"

“And she says, ‘What if he wants me to go with him?’"

“And I say ... ‘That’s up to you.’”

“You said what?”

“Yeah ... I amazed even myself. Not only that, but I turned back to her and said, ‘You’ve got your own key.’”

“Jesus, Ralph, you invited your wife to go off with another man?”

“Yeah. Do you believe it?”

“I ... you really did?”

Gino hung on to their words with his mouth agape.

“So,” Ralph continued. “I took a walk around the lobby, then came back in the lounge and sat in the back in a dark little corner and watched Shelly.”

“Anything ... anybody?”


“Oh, well ...”

“About an hour went by, and I could tell she was getting ready to call it quits. Anyway, there’s a guy, looked to be about my age. He was tall, though, in really good shape. Had a military sort of haircut, square jaw. He was sitting at the table next to me.”


“So I leaned over and I said, ‘That girl at the bar looks lonely.’ And without even looking in my direction, he says, ‘I wouldn’t call her a girl.’

“Well, you know, that kind of pissed me off, but then he says, ‘I’ve been watching her for a while. She’s not a working girl.’

“Well, that caught me off guard, but I played along and asked him what made him think so. He says he’s a state cop, but that he used to be a city cop and he used to work vice. He said he could spot a working girl. Then he turns to face me and says, ‘So what’s the story here, mister?’

“Well, no shit, I didn’t know what the fuck to say. So, I decide to tell him the truth and about my bet with Shelly. And this guy looks her over again and says, ‘That’s a fine looking woman you have there. What if I were to go up there and make conversation with her?’

“Well, I’ve got fucking butterflies in my stomach the size of 747s. So I tell him to go ahead with my blessing. Then he says, ‘How far do you want this to go?’

“Well, don’t ask me to explain why, other than I wanted ... I really wanted to know how far it would go. So I told him, ‘As far as she wants it to go.’”

“He stood up and looked at me, and asked, ‘Sure? No problem?’ And I said, ‘No ... no problem.’”

“Jesus, Ralph, what’d he do?”

“He went over and started talking to her, bought her another drink, they laughed and talked, and after about twenty or thirty minutes, they left the bar. She took his arm and off they went. She spotted me just before they went out the door. I’ll never forget her expression.”

“Why ... what expression?”

“You know ... it was just a second, but I could see she was nervous, but excited too ... You guys are gonna think there’s something really fucked-up wrong with me ... but, I thought my cock was going to come right through my pants. Shit, did I get a hard on.”

“Jesus, Ralph ... are you shitting us?”

“Guys, don’t ask me to explain it. But when I got my wits together I started thinking. I didn’t really know who this guy was, or where he’d taken her. So I started getting a little panicky. I got up and looked around the lobby and spotted an elevator door close, but I didn’t see who got on. So I figured I’d go up to our room, but then I figured, if that’s where they went I didn’t want to barge in on them like some jealous asshole.”

“Why the hell not?” Tim demanded.

Ralph shrugged. “I guess ... I had given the guy my word. And I had told Shel it was okay.”

“What did you do then?” Gino asked, his voice hoarse.

“I just hung around the lobby. Went back in the lounge and had another drink, but I was afraid of getting shitfaced, so I went out for a walk around the block and came back in. Truth is, I didn’t know what to do. The agita, you have no idea.

“After a while the hotel people were giving me strange looks. I checked my watch and it’s about 2 a.m. So I decide to go up to the room. Well, I’m not even sure if that’s where they went, but I figure I better be quiet. So I slipped the card key in the door and stepped inside like some damned thief. The room was dark except for a dim little lamp in the corner, but it was enough to see. You came into a little hall before you got to the bed. I peeked around the corner and there they were."

“There they were?”

“Shel was lying on her back on one side of the bed. She kinda had one arm arcing over her head. She was naked. The sheet just barely covered her hips, but everything else, her belly and her tits were right there in the open. The rest of the bedclothes were either on the floor or bunched up in piles. The guy was lying next to her face down. One of his arms was lying across her belly. They were out of it. They must have fucked themselves senseless."

“Jesus, Ralph,” Tim croaked. “What did you do then?”

“I left.”

“What?” Tim and Gino said at once.

“Yeah. I just left.”

“If I found Mandy in bed with another guy ... I’da fucking killed them both.” Gino said.

“Yeah, well, I didn’t.”

“But, Ralph,” Tim said. “How’d that make you feel? To see her with him like that? Knowing she had ...?”

“Fucked him? I don’t think I can describe what I was feeling then. At least not so you’d understand. My head was swirling with call kinds of emotions. Jealousy, yeah, big-time jealousy, but I was proud too.”


“Yeah, pride, can you believe it? Pride and jealousy all mixed together. See, Tim, I was proud of Shelly, the rush that came over me ... that she had attracted another man, that this guy really wanted her. Wow.”

“I ... Ralph, I’d like to understand.”

“Hey, that wasn’t all. I also felt ashamed. Yeah ... wondering if I had pimped my own wife. But the hell of it is, even the shame made it hot. Yeah ... jealousy, pride, and this really deep burning shame. I’m looking at my wife strewn across a bed with another guy like some slut ... and I have a boner that was painful, it was so huge.

“Did you kill him then?” Gino pressed.

“No, you knucklehead. I got the fuck out of there. I went out and got some air and eventually found a diner that opened up early. You know what I did? I ordered myself some hash and eggs ... hash and fucking eggs.

“Anyway, the sun was coming up. I went back to the hotel and up to our room. The guy was gone. Shel was still sleeping. Meanwhile, I was exhausted, having been up all night. I climbed into bed with her, and – as fucking tired as I was – I fucked her brainless.”

“Even after ...”

“I swear it was like her cunt was full of jelly. I just imagined I was sliding into that guy’s creamload. Shelly came wide awake and fucked me back just as hard. Guys, it was the most powerful fuck I ever had with any woman.

“We were barely able to get up and get ready for the wedding that afternoon. Shel never said a thing all day, and neither did I. But, I got to tell you. We’ve gotten a ton of mileage out of Shelly’s fuck with that guy. It jumpstarted our sex life.”

“Was that the only time, Ralph? One and done?” Tim asked.

“We tried a couple of other times, but it wasn’t as good as the first time. One guy acted like he was doing us a favor, a real twit. And another time the guy’s wife came banging on the door. Scared the shit out of Shelly; she didn’t know he was married. After that we decided we had all the inspiration we needed.”

“Jesus, Ralph,” Tim said. “I’m glad it turned out all right for you, but, even if I were inclined, I seriously doubt Lily would go for that.”

“That’s what I thought about Shel. Hell, if you had asked me about giving my wife to another guy before this all happened, I’d have slugged you.”

“Shit, Ralph,” Gino sneered. “Did that really happen? Or are you shitting us?”

Ralph stood and smiled. “Gents, I gotta go drain the snake.”

After he had left their table, Gino pressed Tim. “Is he bullshitting? ... He must be bullshitting.”

Tim shook his head. “I don’t know.”

*    *    *

Tim found Lily still poring over her files when he came home. He peeked into the study and realized she was so involved in her work she hadn't even noticed he'd returned.

He stood in the doorway, watching her, and tried to imagine her with another man, caressing her, kissing her ... fucking her. He envisioned her naked, a man pressing his mouth to her breast. Butterflies took flight in his stomach; he felt giddy. He let the vision continue to reel out in his head.

He imagined Lily lying back, opening her arms and her legs to this strange man, he penetrating her and she clasping her arms behind his neck. His head spun as he experienced a wave of excitement and guilt.

"Oh, you're home."

Tim almost stumbled backward at Lily's greeting.

"How much did you guys have to drink?"


"You're all flushed and ... well, a bit unsteady on your feet."

"No ... I'm fine. I just had a couple of beers."

"Okay ... if you say so."

"Um ... you want to take a shower?"


"With me."

"You sure you only had a couple of beers?"

"C'mon, we haven't done that in a while."

"I'm having my period ... no."


"Go ahead and take one, if you want."


Later, Tim stood beneath the shower spray, his forehead and one hand pressed against the tiles. With his other he worked his cock. He created an elaborate fantasy about Lily. She was surrounded in a room of admiring men; their admiration turned to lust. They crowded around her and removed her clothing as she made only half-hearted attempts to fend them off. She was stripped naked. They held her aloft in their arms, her legs spread apart as each lined up to press his cock into her cunt.

Tim ejaculated against the tiles.

"Oh my god ... what am I thinking?"

*    *    *

Throughout the week Tim tried to suppress his speculations about Lily. Could she – would she, under any circumstance, allow herself to be seduced? He could imagine it, sure; but he couldn't believe it. What was more unsettling to Tim was his own pernicious curiosity about whether she could be seduced.

They had been planning an extended weekend getaway since before her promotion and he had insisted they not cancel it. It was a package they purchased from a resort hotel not too far from home. They made arrangements for their daughters to visit with Lily's sister.

By the time they were ready to go at week's end, Tim's imaginings had become less intrusive. He had decided Ralph's story had fucked with his head. He suspected that was Ralph's intention all along. After all, Tim had met Shelly; she never struck him as a sexually adventurous woman. Ralph probably made up the whole story.

Then he caught Lily slipping a few files from work into her suitcase.

"Aw, c'mon, Lil. You said no work while we're away."

"It's just a few. There's bound to be some downtime."

"Our whole life is downtime lately."

Lily seemed to physically recoil from his remark.

"Okay," she said in apology. "You're right. I promised."

She took his arm. "Let's go."

"Okay ... okay, then."

The hotel was surrounded by woods on one side and an award-winning golf course on the other. Lily looked longingly at the course. She used to play from time to time with women friends. Tim had no interest in the game.

A valet took away their car as a bellhop took charge of their bags. The lobby was bright and buzzing with people in leisure attire. Tim noted a leggy blond in a short tennis skirt and wondered if Lily could be cajoled into wearing one like it.

Their room was light and airy and immediately Tim began to relax. He sensed Lily did too. She fell back onto the king-plus sized bed and spread her arms.

"Ahhh! I could get lost in this bed."

Tim knelt between her knees. An impulse seized him and he began to kiss her legs.

"Oh!" Lily squeaked.

He pushed her skirt up as his kisses progressed up her thighs.

"Okay ... stop now. Jeesh! We've just got here."

Tim hooked his finger around the crotch of her panties and pulled it aside.

"No, Tim, no!"

But his tongue had already slipped between the lips of her pussy.

"Oh, jeez!"

He pinned her thighs under his arms and extended his tongue, licking up and over her clit.

Lilly squeaked and moaned in irregular intervals. She tried to lift her legs but he held them fast. He heard her fists pound the bed.

"Okay! Now ... no more ... stop!"

He accelerated his pace.

"Jeeesus! Tim ... no, I'm gonna pee."

Her thighs clasped his face in a fleshy vice and her belly undulated.


Her thighs relaxed and he raised his head to grin at her. But her eyes were closed; she was still thrashing. All at once he felt he was looking at another woman, a sex-driven wanton. His cock ached for her.

She calmed, then moaned as she raised herself onto her elbows.

"You bastard," she sighed.

"Didn't you like it?"

"You taught me all the dirty things about sex."


"Tim, you're always coming up with ... you know, stuff."

"I've eaten your pussy before."

"When you say it like that it makes it sound even worse."

"What do you mean, 'worse'? You liked it, didn't you? You came like ... well ..."

"Like what?"

"Like a woman who likes having her pussy licked. I'm sorry, but 'performing cunnilingus' just has too goddamned many syllables."

He stood up. "Christ, Lily, you're the only woman who can complain about an orgasm."

"I'm not complaining. I'm just saying ... I would never dream of doing some things that you make me do."

"I make you do?"

"Okay ... that didn't come out right. Tim, it's just, sometimes I wonder if you think of me as ..."

"A sexy, desirable woman? For crying out loud, isn't that a terrible thing to think."

"Honey ... okay. Let's just ... table this for now. Let's change and get some lunch. Okay?"

She stood and strode into the bathroom.

Tim shook his head. "What the fuck?" he sighed.

When she emerged she stood a moment at the threshold.

"Aren't you going to wash your face?"

"Yeah," he said. As he stepped past her he mumbled, "Couldn't have my face smelling of pussy, could we?"



He looked at himself in the mirror. With a few swipes of the washcloth he wiped the residue of her pussy juice from his cheeks.

When he stepped out of the bathroom she stood before him in a tight pastel pink t-shirt and a white denim skirt he had never seen her wear before. It wasn't as short as the skirt the blond in the lobby wore, but it was the shortest thing he'd seen on Lily in a long time.

He grinned.

"What?" she said.

"Um ... you look ... nice."

 Nice? She looked hot, especially her pale, bare legs. He wanted to kiss them again.

"I forgot I had this. Must have bought it a year ago."

"Well ... I like it."

"Hmm. Okay, I'm all set."

"Uh, right behind you."

Tim followed a few steps behind her. He noted a few appreciative looks from random men, and two full one-eighty head turns as Lily passed.

She's so damned oblivious, he thought. Each time she drew a glance a butterfly launched itself in his stomach.

They were seated in a restaurant that opened onto the golf course.

"Why'd you stop playing?" he asked.



"You're so dead set against the game."

"I just never caught on to chasing a little dimpled ball around an oversized lawn."

"A waste of good real estate, you called it."

"Doesn't mean you can't play, just because I have no interest in the game."

"It's not as easy to find a group of women to play. Brenda and Kelly live so far away now."

The waitress brought their drinks. He watched Lily sip from her Mojito.

"So, what do you want to do?" he asked.

"I don't know. Maybe just stroll around and relax. Or maybe not; maybe I'll check out the gym or the spa."

"I meant together."


"Shoot, or swim in?"

"Swim of course."


"Not until a couple of hours after lunch, though."

"Sure," he said, his tone lackadaisical. He thought they should be locked in their room, fucking like animals. He imagined ripping her tee off and leaving it hanging in shreds with her tits poking through and fucking her with that cute white skirt rucked up to her hips.

"We're not talking," he said, almost as a sigh.


He shrugged, but said no more. He felt as if they were just taking up space.

He looked past her noting couples at their tables talking, laughing, animated. Then he noticed the man sitting alone at a table nearly directly behind Lily. He seemed to be studying a loose-leaf notebook.

A notion came into his head.

"Hmm, you have an admirer."


There's a guy behind you who has been scoping you out since we got here.

"Shut up."


"Who," she asked and began to turn.

"Nooo! Don't just turn around."


"Okay, just shift in your chair a little, be nonchalant."

"Oh, for crying out loud ..."

He knew the timing had to be absolutely perfect – and it was. As Lily turned to look, the man looked up. They were looking right at each other. The man smiled and Lily turned back in her seat, her cheeks reddening.

"Oh, my god. He's going to think I was checking him out. That's so embarrassing."

"Why are you embarrassed? He's the one who was checking you out."

The man turned his attention back to his notes.

"I think he's smitten."

"Stop it, Tim."

He waited for her curiosity to get the better of her. Would she sneak another look at him?

She tried to be surreptitious, but again the timing was perfect. She glanced over her shoulder just as he looked up again. His eyes locked with hers and he smiled again.

"Oh, no!" she said as she whipped her head around. "Is he still looking this way."

"No ... he's looking right at you."

"This is ridiculous," she said. "I'm sitting here with my husband. Why would he even think ...

"I don't blame him."


"Checking you out."

"He is not."

"Your legs."


"I bet that's what caught his attention first."

"Stop it, Tim."

"Okay, fine."

The waitress brought their food. Lily sat stiffly as she ate, adamantly facing straight ahead.

Inwardly Tim congratulated himself. He had made Lily think in terms of her attractiveness to other men. Maybe it would translate into some renewed passion in their bed.

The man gestured to the waitress. He said something to her as she leaned over, but all the time he was looking straight at Lily.

He signed his check and stood.

Holy shit! Tim thought, as the man strode right to their table.

Lily couldn't see him coming. She jumped when he turned to her and said, "Excuse me. Have we met?"

Tim watched as Lily gulped whatever she had in her mouth.

"Um ... met?"

"I'm sorry," the man said and smiled. "I didn't mean to intrude on your lunch. My name is Perry Anders."

Tim thought he detected a tremor in Lily's shoulders.

He was a good looking guy, about six feet, average build. Up close Tim thought he looked to be in his mid thirties, or maybe a bit younger. His face was rather boyish, he thought.

"Mr. Anders," Tim said. "Nice to meet you." he extended his hand, but Perry could barely drag his gaze from Lily.

"I'm Tim Spence and this is my wife, Lily."

"Lily ... I adore that name. You don't encounter it much these days. Lil ... I'm sorry, Mrs. Spence, have you ever modeled?"

"Excuse me?"

"Well, the truth is, I took you for one of our photographic models. You see, I'm working for the resort owners and one of the things I arrange is promotional brochures. I was expecting a woman for a promotional photo array."

Lily couldn't hide the color that now flushed her cheeks.

"I ... I never thought I'd ever be mistaken for a model."

"Oh, let me explain. I know the word conjures up visions of waifish, malnourished girls ... runway and fashion models. But there are many varieties of women who lend their unique beauty. There is a type appropriate to each case. For instance, the owners aren't marketing to a younger, twenty-something demographic. Not at this facility anyway. They want to attract a youngish but mature clientele."

"Oh, I understand mature," Lily said, affecting a chuckle.

"No, Mrs. ... may I call you Lily?"


"Lily, from my table I could see that you project a special attractiveness: young, pretty, but with – wisdom, if you will – a quiet maturity that manifests itself as grace and poise ... and confidence. You wear it like an aura. You are ... I hope your husband appreciates this is sincere admiration ... but you are a very lovely woman."

Lily moved in a way that told Tim she was rolling her hips in her seat. Maybe this guy was full of shit; but, he was very good.

"Perry! There you are."

The young woman was sleek, tanned and toned. Her hair a dark blonde streaked with highlights and tied behind her in a lustrous ponytail. Tim's jaw fell a bit; he caught himself and closed his mouth. But Lily ... did she look disappointed?

Perry hugged the young woman. She appeared to be younger than he.

"Tams ... I'd like you to meet Lily and Tim. I mistook Lily for the model we've been waiting for. This is my sister, Tamasin. We work together."

"Oh ... sister." Lily smiled. "That's a lovely name. He calls you Tams?"

She thought she was his wife, Tim thought, and inwardly chuckled.

"It's a very ancient name," Perry explained. "Each generation in our family some woman has had to wear it. This time it was my sister's turn."

"I'll tolerate Tams, but never Tami. Hi!" She and Lily shook hands.

"Perry, she is lovely. Lily have you modeled before?"

"Not ever ... I just never ..."

"Your skin ... it's like buttermilk. You would photograph beautifully."

"Um, thank you."

"I apologize again," Perry said. "I've intruded on you so much. I'm sure you have plans."

"We were just really thinking of what to do," Lily said, a bit hurriedly, Tim thought.

"Do you golf? The course here is first-rate."

"I don't anymore," said Lily. "Tim doesn't."

"Oh, that's too bad," Perry said. "I was planning to play the entire course tomorrow. Research, you know, but it has to be done." He winked.

"I wish ..." Lily began.

"Lily," Tamasin said. "Why don't you play with Perry tomorrow. I'll kidnap Tim. Then we can all meet for dinner in the evening. I promise not to be wicked with your husband."

"I ... well ..." Lily looked toward Tim.

Tim felt like his finger was on a trigger. Should he pull it?

"Um ... honey, why don't you? You never get to play and I know you miss it. I think I can trust Mr. Anders with you ... he seems to be a gentleman."

"Oh, yes," Tamasin said. "My brother is an inveterate gentleman. And he loves golf – I think it's a silly game myself."

"I'm with you, Tamasin," Tim chuckled.

"Well, then it's a date all around," she said." But right now, I'm on my way to the spa. Work, you know."

She leaned toward Lily. Tim noted the muscle flex in her calf.

"Lily, this is work for me, but they have two Asian girls on staff here who are legendary masseuses. I'm told they'll leave you in rapture. Come with me. The guys can keep themselves busy a couple of hours."

"Um ..." Again she looked at Tim.

"Sure," Perry said. "Tim, join me for a drink and a chat while the ladies are being pampered."

"Uh ... yeah, okay."

Tamasin took Lily's hand and lifted her out of her seat. "C'mon, Lil."

"The lounge has been redone quite nicely," Perry said. "It's this way."

Tim stood and followed him.

"What are you having?" Perry inquired.

"Uh, gin and tonic."

"Done. Sounds good."

He ordered the drinks and carried them to a table. The two sat and sipped.

"So, what's going on here, Tim?"


"That was a deft maneuver you executed in the restaurant."

Tim felt like a cannonball had dropped into his stomach. His ears began to burn.

"Uh ... I don't know ..."

"You got Lily to look in my direction. Very subtle, no one would have suspected, but you see, I'm sort of an old hand at this."

Tim wondered if he should tell him to fuck off, and try to salvage his dignity.

"Look, Tim ... it's okay."

"What's okay?"

"You wanting your wife to be with another man."


"Okay, settle yourself. Let's be honest. I've been down this road before ... many times."

"What are you saying; that you're some kind of gigolo?"

"Not at all. I adore women like Lily. What I told her, about her innate, mature beauty? That wasn't bullshit. And I'll tell you something about Lily; in the brief time I spoke to her, observed her, I can tell she's like a kernel of corn about to pop."

"Huh?" Was it true? Had he sized her up so quickly. Was she really?

"She's conservative. Are you Catholic?"

Tim nodded. "Lily goes to church ... me, not so much anymore."

"Uh-huh. Catholic schools?"

"Lily ... yes, all the way through from kindergarten through college."

"She keeps her curiosity and yearnings at bay. She's very good at it, but the pressure becomes tremendous. She's somewhat aware of it; she's even afraid of slipping. It would not take much to let go."

"Let go?"

"Tim, we can shake hands and walk away from this, but after all, you fired the first shot. Please understand that what I'm about to tell you isn't braggadocio; it's a fact. I'm not trying to be arrogant about it. I enjoy seducing women such as Lily."

"What ... are you saying?"

"I can seduce your wife; it'll happen very quickly from what I've observed of Lily. It'll almost be too easy."

"You just met her."

"Do you want her seduced?"

"What do you ...?"

"Tim ... it isn't about manliness; it's about desire. You're wondering if there's another aspect to the woman you married, the woman who bore your children. Something veiled. You want to take away that veil; it excites you."

"I don't know if I ..."

"Okay, perhaps you don't want her seduced ... fucked by another man. But you're curious whether she could be. "

Tim's brows lifted.

"Ah-ha. That's it. You wonder if she has it in her. I can tell you she most certainly does. Tomorrow I will do it, unless you tell me to back off."

"You expect me to ... what? Bet on my wife's virtue?"

"Nothing as gauche as a wager, Tim. Just satisfaction for a healthy curiosity. A gentlemen's agreement, if you see it that way."

Tim swallowed. "She won't."

"But you want to know. Shall we see then?"

"Knock yourself out."

Perry laughed and raised his glass. "I'll drink to that."

*    *    *

Tamasin rang up her brother on his cellphone almost two hours later. Tim had tried to pace himself, but he was feeling buzzed from a battery of gin and tonics.

"The ladies wish to meet us by the pool," Perry said. "Tams and Lily took advantage of the resort's swim shop. My sister has a astute eye for what makes a woman look good; she's helped Lily pick out a suit."

"Hmm? But she has ..."

"Not to worry, Tim, I'm sure Tams put it on her expense account. Just like these drinks are going on mine."

Perry stood and Tim followed him to the pool. Tamasin and Lily arrived a moment later clad in white terry robes.

Lily held her robe together in a fist.

"Wait until you see this," Tamasin said. "C'mon, Lil, show them."

"It's not ... uh, what I would usually pick out for myself," Lily said, her voice apologetic. She cast a glance at Tim.

Tamasin reached over and took hold of Lily's earlobe between her thumb and finger and gave it a tug. Tim was astounded; it was a gentle tug, but it gave all the appearance that Tamasin had corrected Lily as if she were a child.

"C'mon, Lily. What, do I have to unveil you like a work of art? Which you are, by the way."

Tamasin then took Lily's robe off her shoulders.

It was a one-piece, a fiery pink and white concoction that accentuated Lily's legs and pushed up her breasts. Tim had to step back and take in his breath. Her cleavage was deep and shadowed. Tim's cock stirred. Then without a thought he looked to see if Perry had responded in a similar way.

"Tams, you've outdone yourself. She is indeed a work of art."

"Lil ...," Tim said. "You look ... amazing."

Lily blushed, but she soon relaxed and smiled.

A surge of jealousy made Tim want to take her in his arms, shelter her.

Then Tamasin doffed her robe revealing a barely there bikini comprised of tiny triangles of fabric. She had a sleek, swimmer's body. She flashed a blinding smile and made a beeline for the pool, taking to the air in a dive like she'd been fired out of a torpedo tube.

"I have some business to attend to," Perry said. "Lily, tomorrow at 9 o'clock sharp. I'll meet you in the pro shop and have a set of clubs selected for you. That okay?"

"Yes, thanks. Looking forward to it."

"Tim, my sister has some sort of plans for you. I take no responsibility, however." He laughed.

Tim accompanied Lily to a lounger and sat beside her. He had noted again the appreciative glances of most of the men, and even some of the women as Lily walked by.

"Aren't you going to take a swim?" he asked.

"Aren't you?"

"My suit is still up in the room. I can get it."

"No ... just stay with me ... okay?"

"Yeah, sure."

They watched Tamasin glide through the water like a porpoise.

"It seems we've made new friends," Lily said.

"Yeah ... a bit fast, if you ask me."

"They're nice enough," Lily said.


Tamasin emerged from the pool and strode toward them, her tanned body glistening.

"That felt great," she said. "Almost as good as ..." She winked at Lily who blushed in return.

"Huh?" Tim said.

"I had our masseuses perform a special technique for me and Lily." She grinned. "A legitimate technique ... but one that might get you indicted in some states."

Tim glanced at Lily whose cheeks had reddened.

"Well, gotta get back to work. See you both in the a.m.?"

Lily and Tim nodded.

That night Tim cajoled Lily into sleeping nude, but she had demurred at his overtures for sex. Instead she spooned against him as he planted soft kisses to her back while his cock remained torturously hard.

"What was she talking about?" he said. "About your massage?"

"Oh, nothing."


Lily lay quietly. Tim decided not to pursue his inquiry.

Then Lily answered. "It was a very deep massage ... especially ..."


"She spent a lot of time on my ..."


"Groin ... I guess."


Tim said no more. Soon Lily fell asleep.

*    *    *

They met for breakfast, then Perry took Lily's arm and escorted her to the pro shop. Tim watched them go with a sense of excitement and unease. Was it too late to stop this? Would she tumble as easily as he said she would.


He snapped out of his reverie.

"Hi, there." Tamasin said.

"Oh ... uh ... so what are we ...?"

"I'm taking you with me to see some primitives."

"Excuse me."

She laughed. "See, this resort was built to be self-contained. They counted on guests staying here and not venturing into the countryside. But the new owners want to incorporate the surrounding communities as part of its attraction. I'm going to scout some locations nearby. One village is a veritable flea market, and one shop in particular specializes in folk art and primitives.

"I'm not much for antique art."

"That's okay. We'll get some sunshine and have lunch and Lily can have her round of golf ... or whatever."

"Huh? Whatever?"

"Oh, Tim," she laughed. "C'mon, let's go."

She drove a jade green Jaguar and as she worked the clutch Tim stole glances at the way her thigh muscles articulated. They explored the village and its shops as Tamasin explained the value of various objects as if she were a docent at a museum.

They found a small diner and decided to take lunch.

Midway through their meal, she produced a cellphone and held it to her ear.

"Hi, handsome," she said. "Yes, how are things going ... did I interrupt? Oh, good. Well ..." She cast a sultry glance toward Tim. "We'll be late ... quite late I'm afraid."

Tim sat up and frowned. He assumed she was talking to Perry, but what was this business about being late?

"Yeah, my Jag is acting up again. I'm having it looked at, but you know, the locals don't see machinery like that often. Okay ... see you at dinner ... maybe."

She grinned as she bit her lip and rang off.

"What ... there's nothing wrong with your car."

"It's all part of the plan."

"Huh? What plan?"

She set her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her hand like a flirtatious teenager.

"C'mon, Tim. You know. My brother's going to fuck your wife."

Jesus, who the hell are these people? It echoed in Tim's mind. But he couldn't respond.

"It's sort of a hobby with Perry," she said. "He enjoys seducing a certain type; God knows he could have any woman he wanted."

Tim coughed. "Any woman?"

Tamasin raised one eyebrow into an arch. "Oh, naughty Tim. Was that supposed to upset me? Well, truth is, I'd fuck my brother in a heartbeat. He won't, though."

"You're probably too young for him, anyway."

She laughed. It seemed genuine, not feigned or forced. "Probably, Tim."

"You're both ..."


"Pretty fucking odd."

She shrugged and grinned. "I suppose we are by ordinary standards. We've always been close. I have another older brother and a younger sister. They might as well be strangers to me and Perry. They don't approve of us.

"You see, my oldest brother was almost in his teens when my parents had Perry and then me a few years later. My younger sister is eight years separated from me. Perry and I slept in the same room until I reached my teens."

"Unconventional parents?"

"Not too. They separated us. But by then we were closer than twins."


"So, Perry often enlists me in his seductions. And I have to say I enjoy them ... if vicariously."

"Oh? And who do you vicariously screw? Your brother, or the woman?"

"I think you're trying to goad me, Tim. I'm really enjoying our conversation. You're surprisingly sophisticated, not at all the dullard suburban dweller. Lily told me you are an engineer?"

"Stationary engineer ... at a sewage treatment plant. I guess you could say I'm experienced in dealing with shit."

Tamasin burst out laughing. "Oh, my God. You're funny, Tim. Let's go someplace and fuck."


"By now Perry has had his way with Lily. I certainly had fun priming her for him."

"Priming her?"

"The massage. Really, what is it about Asians? Those girls, the things they did with their hands to me and Lily. Poor Lily ... she flowed like a river after she came. How embarrassed she was when the masseuse had to wipe her down with a washcloth."

Tim gulped.

"Now, I imagine she's quivering with lust, and shame and desire, leaking Perry's essential fluids. It hardly seems fair that you should be left out of the proceedings. Especially since ... well, you're not an eager cuckold, are you?"


"Perry told me. See, men usually ask Perry to fuck their wives. They get off on the humiliation of surrendering their wives to him. You didn't. You don't want him to screw Lily as much as you want to know if she will let him. It's not her getting screwed that excites you; it's knowing your woman is capable of taking a lover, that she is capable of becoming a slut. That's what gets your gears spinning. Well, I'm sure you'll know by tonight."


"I've made arrangements for a late dinner for the four of us. That'll give Perry and Lily time to enjoy each other. You didn't think he was just going to toss her on the ground and bang her once like a Neanderthal, did you? My brother is an artist."

"How will I even know if he really ..."

"Oh ... I'd take his word for it, but he always finds a way to let the husband know."

"Maybe she'll slap his face and tell him to get lost."

Tamasin made a pout and shook her head. "Not a chance, but that isn't what you really want, though, is it?"

Did he? He admitted to himself that all along the notion excited him. Still, he imagined slapping this young girl's face. She probably needed a spanking, and not an erotic one.

"So, what are we supposed to do while your car is being ... repaired."

"Was I not succinct? Let's fuck. I've noticed you adoring my legs. Wouldn't you like me to squeeze your head between them? Aw, Tim, c'mon, you're not home. Doggie fuck me. I like to have my pony tail pulled when I'm taken from behind."

"Listen to the way you talk, young lady."

She laughed. But her insouciant expression momentarily fled from her face. "You're serious?"

"Tami ... you're a beautiful girl. But you're fucking scary."

She gazed at him a moment, as if for the first time in her life she wasn't entirely sure of herself.

"You don't want to fuck me?"

"Oh, I didn't say that. I'd love to ... but I won't. There's a difference."

"Hmm. Now I really want you to fuck me."

"You'll need to live with disappointment, then."

"Well, I can't take you back yet."

"Fine, let's go for a ride. The countryside is beautiful."

"So you can ogle my legs?"

"Beautiful country."

She grinned. "C'mon, then. And don't call me Tami."

*    *    *

They entered the resort gate around 10 o'clock. Tamasin had killed some time by pulling over, stripping off and bathing in a roadside brook while Tim stood guard. Watching her frolic, Tim momentarily thought he might change his mind and screw her after all, but he hated to give her the satisfaction.

As the valet drove off with her Jaguar, she took Tim's arm.

"Shouldn't we freshen up?" Tim asked.

"Nah," she replied.

Tim's gut twisted as they entered the near-empty dining room. Perry and Lily sat at a table close to a corner. Only one other couple chatted quietly at the opposite side of the room. Perry waved to Tim and Tamasin.

Tim's eyes riveted to Lily as he sat.

"So, how was your day?" Tamasin said. Her chipper voice was beginning to grate on Tim.

"Had a marvelous time, didn't we, Lil," Perry said. He reached around Lily's shoulders and gave her arm a squeeze. He kept one eye on Tim as he did so.

"Your wife is an incredible golfer, Tim. I told her she could qualify for the LPGA."

Lily hadn't lifted her gaze from the table since Tim joined them. Finally, she smiled, although Tim thought it a furtive, nervous smile.

"Lily," Tamasin said, "Did my brother teach you any new ... uh, tricks?"

Lily cleared her throat. "He's quite a ... golfer."

"Hmm." Tamasin leaned toward Lily. "So, you had a very good time ... huh?"

"I ..." Lily's head snapped to one side.

"Well ... did you?" She persisted, and tugged Lily's ear again.

"Ow! Yes ... I did."

"Lily ... you look so hot," Tamasin said as she withdrew her hand.


"You got a nice cinnamon sunburn ... it really brings out your dark blue eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if every man in this place is lusting after you."

Lily's eyes met Tim's. He tried to read her thoughts.

There was an unbearable pause in the conversation as Tim stifled a question he was dying to ask: Do you have anything you want to tell me, Lil?

Perry spoke up. "I'm afraid Tams and I have been called to Houston. We'll be back, but probably not before you and Lily leave, Tim."

"Oh? Tomorrow is our last day."

"We'll be gone first thing in the a.m. Well, to new friends, then. May all your wishes come true."

He raised his glass. Tim raised his glass too, but he didn't drink.

Later, alone in the elevator, Lily asked, "How was your day?"

"That girl is screwy."


"I guess I didn't realize people like that existed."

"Like what?"

"I dunno. Like they go through life with too much time on their hands."

They stepped off at their floor. Lily walked to their door and waited for Tim to slide in the card key. She leaned against the wall, her head to one side.

"You feeling okay, Lil?"

"Just tired. It was a long day."

Once inside their room, Lily went straight to the bathroom. Tim stripped to his shorts and laid back on the bed trying to fathom his wife's mood.

Had she screwed Perry? Maybe he made a move on her and she fought him off. Could she be carrying his cum inside her?

She stepped out of the bathroom wearing a nightshirt and turned off the lights. She slid beside him in the bed and turned her back to him.

"Our last day is tomorrow and we haven't had sex once since we got here," Tim said.

"I'm just tired, Tim. It was a long day."

Tim allowed her to lay quietly for a moment before he tugged her shoulder. As she rolled onto her back he straddled her and lifted her nightshirt up to her belly.

"Tim, no ... please?"

He ignored her, except for kissing her roughly along her collarbone and sliding his hand up her sides until they swooped over her breasts. He squeezed her tits and pushed her thighs aside with his knees. His cock nudged her pussy lips, then he pressed into her.

Her cunt was amazingly slick; it clenched him as she tried to lift her hips. He slid into her even deeper. Her channel felt like hot jelly.

Tim swiveled his hips, corkscrewing his cock inside her. Was she lubricated with Perry's jism? The thought made him crazy with lust and jealousy. A high-pitched whine buzzed his eardrums and seemed to go on for a long time. He realized it was Lily. She convulsed when she came. His own spasms were so powerful they hurt.

They didn't speak or embrace later. After taking a moment to catch his breath, Tim stood away from the bed and tottered to the bathroom. He stepped into the shower and just let the water flow over him.

When he returned to bed, Lily lay sleeping in a fetal clutch. He slid in beside her, but left her alone.

*    *    *

Tim woke early and dressed. He left Lily sleeping and made his way to the resort's coffee shop. The day's first customer, he ordered a coffee and a croissant. He thought he might encounter Perry and Tamasin. Perry did say they'd leave first thing in the morning.

He finished his light breakfast. With no sign of the siblings, he decided to go back to his room and rouse Lily. Passing through the lobby, the roar of an engine drew his attention. For a split second he watched Perry and Tamasin pull away in her Jaguar.

He was glad to see them go; he hoped he'd never run onto them or their like again.

A soft finger tap on his shoulder caused him to turn. Lily stood before him.

"Had breakfast yet?" she asked.

"Yeah, but I could have another coffee."

They returned to the cafe. Lily ordered a fruit cup.

Tim watched her swirl the chunks of honeydew and cantaloupe in their bowl.

"Let's go home," she said.

"We have another night."

"I know. But ... I want to go home."

"Okay ... right after breakfast?"

"I'm done," she said.

They didn't speak on the ride home. The house was quiet. Their daughters wouldn't be home for another day.

Tim put their bags down in the foyer and walked through the house to the back deck.

Lily followed him, but only to say, "I'm going to lie down for a while."

"Okay." he said without looking back. He settled onto a lounge chair.

He must have dozed off. The sky had turned pink-orange. He rose and entered the house. It felt empty. He started upstairs and entered his bedroom.

Lily stepped out of the bathroom, a towel draped haphazardly off her shoulder as she rubbed her hair dry with one corner.

Tim just stared. Her casual nakedness made his cock stir and he caught his breath.

She noticed him standing at the door.

"Oh ... I just needed a shower."

"Yeah." He wanted to ask her, if only to tell her it was all right. Suddenly he hated himself for his duplicity.

Then she turned her back to him and the towel slipped from her grasp. His eyes tracked its fall and his gaze settled on her right buttock.

"What ... what's that on your ass?" he said.

"Huh?" She turned and raised her hip toward the full-length mirror in the corner. Instantly her hand slapped across the spot; she responded with a strangling gasp.

Tim strode to her and grabbed her wrist, pulling her hand away.

"Tim, no!"

"Oh, my God ... he signed his name on your ass?"

Lily tried to step away, her arms shielding her breasts. Her chin trembled.

Perry had done it; he'd fucked her. Then the arrogant bastard signed his name to her. His fucked-up sister said he was an artist. So he signed his work, in red felt-tip pen.

"Oh, God, I didn't know," Lily said.

"Didn't know? That he signed his name on your ass, and you didn't know? How the hell did he do that, Lil?'

"When ... when ..." She sobbed convulsively. "I'm sor ... sor ... sorreee!"

"Yeah, when, Lil. Calm down; tell me everything."

"No, Tim."

"Yes, Lily ... everything!"

"He said ... he said ..."


"That you and his sister ... that she ... you ... Did you fuck her?"

"What? No!"

"But ..."

"Was that supposed to make it easier, Lil, thinking I was fucking that pathological tart? That it was just staying even so it was okay?"

"I ... I don't know." Her tears flowed in torrents over her cheeks.

Her distress, her guilt were arousing him. She trembled, her arms positioned as if to hide her nakedness from him. His cock pressed against his crotch.

"How did he do that, Lily, without you realizing it? How'd he get you out of your clothes?"

"Please, don't make me. I'm so sorry."

"Look at me, Lil. Settle down and tell me ... what happened?"

Her chin trembled so much she could barely speak. She reached for the towel to cover herself, but he snatched it away.

"You tell me while you're nude."

"Oh, God, Tim."

"Tell me."

Trembling as if caught in a chilling breeze, she began.

"On the course ... I think it was the fifth hole. No one was around. A party started after us, but they were two holes behind us."


"He was telling me ... things like ... how sexy I looked. He said he was very attracted to me. He just ... I don't know, told me things about myself. The way he spoke ... I just ... I don't know, I felt light-headed. I couldn't believe this man was saying such things to me."

"And you were responding."

"Oh, Tim ... please ..."

"Keep going."

"He said, 'Lily, I'm going to take your clothes off ... right here. Someone could see you ... see us."


"He undressed me. Tim, my head was swirling; he did it so quickly. He made me stand naked on the green. I could hear people ... the other party approaching. Then he made me get down on my hands and knees and he ... he ..."

"Fucked you?"

She nodded her head, closed her eyes and squeezed out more tears.

"Then what?"

"He said he wouldn't stop until I came for him. He said he didn't care if we were discovered, that anyone would think I was ... I was ..."


"That I was a whore. He called me a whore. He said he might have to let the other golfers fuck me too."

"Jesus. Why didn't you tell him to leave you alone? Why didn't you scream?"

"Because, Tim, I did ... I did feel like a whore. Tim, I wanted to feel like a whore. I don't know what came over me. Oh, God, Tim, I wanted Perry to fuck me, I wanted anyone else to come and fuck me too. I was so ashamed because I wanted them all to see me."

She sniffed and choked back a cough. "He must have signed his name on me after I came. I thought I would pass out. I lay flat on the green; I couldn't move. Then he pushed his fingers into me and his thumb pressed against ... my ... my anus. He said, 'Get up, Lily. Don't make me lift you up like a six-pack.'"

Tim staggered back. He was furious, but his cock ached for release.

"What happened then?"

"We dressed. We came back to the hotel. He took me to his room. He did things to me there."

"Did things to you? Like against your will?"

She shook her head and sobbed. "No ... I did anything he wanted. It was the way he talked to me, Tim. I just surrendered everything to him. I felt so helpless, and I liked it."

"You sucked his cock?"

"Oh, Tim. Don't ..."

"You sucked his cock?"

"Yes," she answered, her voice a whimper.

"Did he fuck you in your ass?"

She nodded.

"You ... you told me you'd never."

"Tim, we'd fucked for three hours. I was exhausted; he spread my cheeks with his fingers and just pushed into me. I just laid there and let him. I felt so dirty ... like a complete whore. And ... and ..."


"I liked being dirty ... I liked it. I'm so sorry"

He took her hand and led her to the bed.

"What? What are you doing?"

"I'm going to fuck you, you fucking whore ... you fucking slut."

"But ..."

He pushed her back onto the bed. She didn't move except to separate her thighs.

He fell upon her with no preliminaries and thrust his cock inside her, swiveling his hips, driving into her. She closed her legs around him.

"Fucking whore ... fucking whore," he hissed into her ear.

Her nails raked his back. He slipped his arms beneath her legs and lifted her ass off the bed, all the while plumbing the depths of her cunt.

When he came it felt like his cock had exploded. Lily writhed beneath him. Then his cock softened and retreated. He rolled off her, but she continued to work her clit with her fingers. A moment later she shrieked at the ceiling.

*    *    *

It was dark in the room. The sun had set.

"Lily," he whispered.

"Yes." Her reply was a soft as a child's breath.

"I'm sorry. I set you up."

"What ... what?"

"I wanted to know ... if you could be seduced."

"Why ... why, Tim?"

"I thought ... I hoped you could be more ... more ..."


"I ... that's not it, exactly. I just ... I wanted you to be more than a wife, a partner."

"You wanted me to be a whore?"

"I wanted you to make me crazy with lust for you. I thought if another man wanted you it would ... ah, shit, I can't explain it. There was no passion in our lives, Lily. I missed that. Yeah, I guess I wanted you to be a whore, the kind of woman every guy wants to jump. Okay ... I'm a fucking pervert; I pimped you to that oily prick because he said he could make you ... he said you wanted it too."

Lily remained silent. After a moment Tim began to sit up, but she took hold of his shoulder and made him lie down again.

"I feel so dirty, Tim. So dirty ... so filthy."

"I ... I do too. I'm ashamed, Lil."

He flinched as she took his cock into her hands. Her mouth slipped over the tip and she swirled her tongue around the tender flesh.

"I want to be your whore, Tim. I want to be your filthy slut."

"Jesus ...  Lily!" Jism oozed from the tip of his cock. She dabbed it over her lips, and licked them.

*    *    *

Two days later Tim manned the grill for a backyard cookout. The girls and their friends splashed in the pool as the adults chatted and swigged beers on the deck.

Tim lifted a burger dripping with grease and onions onto a bun and handed it to Ralph.

"Thanks, Pal. That ought to close off the old arteries."

"Don't sweat it; beer dissolves cholesterol."

Ralph chuckled. "Hand me some of that steak sauce. Hey, by the way, Lily looks great. I never noticed she had such great legs before; she could be a model, ya know?"

"Where do you get off making remarks about my wife like that?"

"Well, why doncha punch me in the nose?" Ralph replied and guffawed. "Girl looks that good, you better keep an eye on her. She's pretty tempting."

Tim lifted his bottle of Sam Adams and clinked it to Ralph's. "I'll drink to that."

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