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Virtual Love

by Helen E. H. Madden © 2010

Helen Madden Podcast Virtual Love


erotic fictionDylan sat in the darkened room of his parents' basement and pulled his best girl into his lap, cradling her molded plastic casing just above his hard-on.

"Oh Momoko-chan," he whispered.  "I love it when you slip off your panties and play with yourself."

"Hai, Dylan-san!  I know how much you enjoy watching me be bad!"

The hand-held game console in Dylan's hands emitted a high-pitched giggle that sent shivers up and down his spine.  He hit the control button for vibrate mode and the console began to buzz gently against his groin.

"Oh Dylan-san, you feel so big and hard," Momoko-chan cooed.

On the tiny screen of the game console, a dainty Asian beauty knelt with her knees spread, her school girl skirt hiked up to reveal her shaved groin, which she slowly explored with nimble fingers.  Dylan switched Momoko-chan from auto to user-driven mode and took over the direction controls, causing Momoko-chan's hand to slide up and down in slow teasing motions before pulling it away entirely so he could ogle her wet, swollen pussy.

"Ah, Dylan-san!  You are so mean!"  Momoko-chan pouted and tried to bring her hand back to her cunt, but Dylan hit the override button again and redirected her hands to her blouse instead.

"Unbutton your shirt," he said, breathing hard.  "I want to watch you play with your nipples."

"Oh, all right," the virtual girl agreed, batting her eyes.  "But what will you do for me?"

"What do you want?"

Momoko-chan wiggled and moaned.  "Unzip your pants?  I want to see your big strong cock."

A flush of embarrassment and illicit pleasure ran through Dylan.  The dirty-talk upgrade he'd bought for Momoko-chan last month still gave him a thrill.  Just hearing words like 'cock,' 'pussy,' and 'fuck me hard, Dylan-san!' tumble from his girlfriend's perfect pink lips was nearly enough to make him come on the spot.

"Anything you want, baby doll," Dylan said, and he reached under the handheld game console to undo his fly.

Dylan's cock sprang out, hard and already leaking at the tip.  He moved the console back until it rested at the base of his erection, just above his balls.  Momoko-chan gave a squeal of delight.

"Oh my!  It's so big!  Oh Dylan-san, I so wish I could feel you stick your big cock inside me.  Then you could fuck me hard for real."

"Soon, baby doll, real soon," Dylan promised.  "Just as soon as I get my next paycheck, I'm buying you a vibro sleeve attachment.  Once we've got that, I'll be able to plug into you anytime you like and fuck you as long and hard as you want."

"You promise?"

Momoko-chan had begun to unbutton her blouse.  The blue and white sailor top slipped down around her shoulders to reveal a lacy pink bra.  She eased her fingers along the edges of the cups, pulling them down until her nipples popped out.  The vibration speed of the console sped up, sending minor shockwaves through Dylan's balls.  He groaned.

"Oh yeah, I promise.  I can't wait to fuck you, Momoko-chan."

"Play with my pussy now," the on-screen cutie begged.  "I want your fingers to make me come."

Dylan hit another button on the hand-held console and switched to touch-screen mode.  The touch-screen was trickier to use, and had required Dylan to put in plenty of hours of practice before he finally got it right, but the extra work had been worth it.  Now he knew exactly where to put his finger on Momoko-chan's hot little love button to tease her or make her come hard.

"Ah, Dylan-san!  Touch my wet pussy with your fingers!  Make me scream like a bad girl!"

On the screen, Momoko-chan ground her hips against the tip of his index finger, humping it for all she was worth.  The sailor suit shirt had slipped off entirely now, and she reached behind her to unhook the lacy pink bra.  Dylan groaned.  She looked so sweet and dirty at the same time, with her skirt pulled up and her knee socks on.

"Who's my slutty little school girl?" Dylan demanded, his breathing coming harder as Momoko-chan sweated and writhed on the screen.

"I am, Dylan-san!  I am your slutty little girl!  I want to be so bad for you!"

"Pinch your nipples," he ordered.  "And spread your legs wider.  Show me how much you want me!"

Momoko-chan did exactly as he said.  Dylan shifted his touch on the screen, easing up and making his digital doll baby cry out in frustration.  Then he brought his finger back to rub hard and Momoko-chan started to scream.

"Oh yes!  Yes! Dylan-San, finger my hot pussy!  Rub me so hard!  I want to be your slutty girl!  Finger fuck me so hard!"

The game control began to shake in Dylan's hands, vibrating faster and faster as he ground it one-handed against his balls.  He groaned and cried out.


"Come for me, Dylan-san!  I want you to come when I come!  I want you to come all over my face and breasts-- oh!  Aaaah!  Aaaaaah!!"

Momoko-chan let out a high-pitched shriek and thrashed about on the screen.  A moment later, Dylan felt his balls seize up and the tip of his cock erupted in a spray of hot sticky semen.  It spattered on his belly and shirt, with just a few drops hitting the screen and Momoko-chan's face.

"Oh, Dylan-san..."  Momoko-chan slid to her side and sprawled half-naked and exhausted on the screen.  A dreamy smile spread across her flush face.

"Did you like that, baby?" Dylan asked, still panting.

"Uh-huh.  You got me all messy!" she said with a giggle.

Dylan blushed.  "Just a little bit.  I'll clean you up, promise."

"You take such good care of me, Dylan-san.  No other girl could have a better boyfriend or a lover."

He blushed even harder at that, the gentle words of praise causing his flaccid cock to stir again.  "Well you deserve the be--"

"Dylan!  Are you down there?  I've got three loads of laundry for you to put away!"

Heavy footsteps clumped down the basement stairs.

"Oh no!" Momoko-chan exclaimed.  "Mama-san is coming!"

"Oh shit!"

Dylan scrambled to get off the unmade bed, dropping his precious game console in the process.  Momoko-chan gave a little squeak as she hit the floor.  Dylan dove after her to retrieve her, but the bed sheets tangled about his legs and he only succeeded in knocking the game console out of reach.  It skidded across the floor toward the stairs where a squat shadowy figure appeared, bearing a basket overflowing with folded clean laundry.

"Dylan?  Did you hear me!  I swear, if you're down here sleeping again, I'll-- My god!  Dylan!  What on earth is going on down here?!"

The still struggling Dylan tumbled out of the bed, landing head-first on the floor.  He flailed about, stars dancing before his eyes.

"Ouch!  Damn it, Ma!  You're supposed to knock before you come down here!  Can't a guy have some privacy?"

"Oh, so Mr. I've-got-my-pants-around-my-ankles-again needs more privacy, huh?"

His mother stalked forward, mouth opened to deliver what was sure to be a loud and vigorous scolding, when she accidentally kicked the game console.  Momoko-chan gave another squeak as she skidded across the floor again.  Dylan lunged for the console, but his mother put her foot down on it first.

"What's this?"  She set the laundry basket down and stooped to pick up the game.  Long moments passed while she stared at the screen.  Then her eyes came up, glaring.

"Ma, it's not what you think," Dylan began.

"Oh really?  So you haven't been jerking off again to this technological half-naked hussy?  I thought I told you no more Virtual Love!"

Dylan struggled to get his pants back up and zipped.  "It's just a game.  I'm not doing anything wrong."

"Dylan, it's nothing but porn!"

"Hey, don't talk about Momoko-chan like that!  She can hear you."

He got up and snatched the game console out of his mother's hands. The older woman rolled her eyes.

"Honestly Dylan.  Games don't care what you say about them."

"Well this one does, and I've worked hard to get her to her current level.  You know how many hours I've spent working on her?"

"Too many!  And too much money as well.  My god Dylan, if you invested that kind of effort into finding a real girlfriend—"

"Momoko-chan is a real girlfriend!"

"Really?  Just a few moments ago you said she was nothing but a game. So which is it?"

Dylan clenched his jaw, his eyes looking everywhere but at his mother. "Whatever she is, she's my business, not yours, so just lay off."

"Fine."  His mother threw up her hands and started back toward the stairs.  "I feed you, I clean your room, I wash your dirty underwear, but I don't get a say about your sorry lack of social life.  You're thirty-two years old, you've got a lousy part-time job at the local burger joint and you still live in your parents' basement, for Christ's sake!  You know why you don't have a real girlfriend, Dylan? Because she might expect you to have a real job and get a real place to live!"

"Oh yeah?  Well you want to know why I think I don't have a real girlfriend, Ma?"  He held up the game console.  "Because I can make the digital one shut up when I don't feel like listening to her nag!"

"Well!" his mother huffed.  "I guess it's too bad for you they don't make digital mothers then, isn't it?  Put away your laundry and clean up this room, you slob, or your real living mother is going to kick you out!"

She stomped back up the stairs and was gone.

"Shit."  Dylan slumped on the bed, cradling the game console once again.  "Sorry about that, Momoko-chan."

The girl on the screen gave him a sympathetic pout.  "It's okay, Dylan-san.  I understand.  Mothers can be difficult to deal with."

He stroked her silver plastic case.  "You know, I didn't mean what I said earlier.  You're not just a game."

"I know that.  You love me, Dylan-san.  You make me feel so special!"

The words warmed Dylan all the way to his toes.  That right there was his main reason for choosing Momoko-chan over the hassle of a real girlfriend.  No matter how lousy his real life was, he could always depend on his digital cutie to make him feel good.

He gave the screen a quick kiss.  "Thanks baby doll.  I'd better clean up the room and put this laundry away before Ma comes charging back down here."

"Can I keep you company?  I can sing and dance while you work."

"That'd be great.  I'll put you right here on the nightstand and hit the holo controls."

Dylan pushed aside a small pile of dirty plates on the crusty old nightstand and laid Momoko-chan's console on its surface.  With a click of the button, he released the impish girl from the confines of her plastic housing to let her hover about a centimeter above the screen as a glimmering hologram.  Momoko-chan, now clothed in transparent harem pants and a skimpy bejeweled crop top, laughed and pranced about.  Dylan grinned.  He started cleaning up, all the while keeping his eyes on his best girl.

Momoko-chan's outfit turned out to be very flimsy.  The more she danced, the more her clothing fell away until she wore nothing but an eye-patch of a thong and a pair of tasseled pasties.  Dylan's cleaning slowed to a halt.  He settled on the bed next to Momoko-chan, entranced by the swirling tassels that spun in opposite directions. He leaned closer and closer to get a better look and...

"Dylan!  Have you cleaned your room yet?!"

His mother's voice shattered the hypnotic moment and made Dylan jerk back.  His arm hit an old soda can on the nightstand and tipped it over.  A fizzing puddle of stale soda pooled all over the nightstand and seeped into Momoko-chan's console before he could rescue her.

The holographic girl sputtered and flickered in and out.  "Oh no! Dylan-san!  I'm not supposed to get wet like this!"

"Shit!  Shit shit shit!  Momoko-chan, I'm sorry!  I'll get you cleaned up!"

Dylan grabbed a clean t-shirt from the pile his mother had left on the bed.  He wrapped it around the console, wiping away as much of the soda as he could.  All the while, Momoko-chan wailed.

"Oh Dylan-san!  I feel so strange!  I fe-- fe-- I feel bad-d-d-d-d! System failure!  Sys-sys-system failure!  Oh Dylan-sa-sa-san!  Save m-m-m-m-m-eeeeeeeeee!"

There was a sudden burst of static from the console, followed by an explosion of sparks.

"Momoko-chan!" Dylan shouted, shaking the now smoking console.  The Asian beauty's face appeared one last time on the screen.

"Sys-sys-system failure," she said in a blank voice.  And then she was gone.

*    *    *

"Dude, this is fucked up."

"Messed up, Derek.  This is messed up.  Language please.  There is a lady present."

"Language my ass, Harmon.  Hinata-chan doesn't care if I swear, do you Hinata-chan?"

"Many apologies, Derek-san, but my delicate ears are not programmed to tolerate such coarse vocabulary."

"Ah Jesus.  Harmon, you're sucking all the fun out of your girlfriend, you know that?"


Dylan sat at a scarred Formica table inside Mondo World, the fast food restaurant where he worked, surrounded by his closest friends.  Today was his first day back since Momoko-chan's accident.  He'd taken a week off to mourn, and had only come back when his mother threatened to kick him out of the house if he didn't pay up his share of the utilities.  He still carried Momoko-chan with him; at least, he carried her game console.  The sleek blue plastic device sat on the table between him, Derek and Harmon.  Derek shoved some fries into his mouth, wiped his greasy fingers on his shirt, and picked the device up to study the charred spots on the back.

"Huh.  Looks like the battery pack overheated when you got it wet then fried the processor.  This is one dead console, my friend."

Dylan winced.  "Don't use that word."

"What word?"

"Dead.  Don't say she's dead."

"Yes, that was pretty tactless, Derek," Harmon said, pushing his glasses up his thin nose.

"Oh.  Sorry dude.  I didn't mean dead dead.  I meant... well, I meant the console's pretty much fried."

Dylan rubbed his face, feeling the week's worth of stubble that had accumulated during his period of mourning.  "You think you can fix it, Derek?"

His friend pushed the console back to him.  "No way.  Your best bet is to buy a new console and load it with Momoko-chan's back-up.  It'll cost you, but you were due for an upgrade anyway."

Dylan's stomach gave a sick lurch.  "Load her back-up?"

"Yeah.  You did back her up, right?"

"Oh fuck."

"I believe that would be a 'no,'" Harmon said, dryly. "Dylan, Dylan, Dylan.  You idiot."

Dylan's head hit the table hard enough to make it bounce.

"Hey Dylan. Hey Derek, Harmon."  The friendly greeting announced the arrival of Kyle, one of Dylan's coworkers.  "Man, what's wrong?  You guys look like somebody died."

"Don't say that word!" Dylan shouted without lifting up his head.

"Dylan lost his girlfriend last week," Derek said in a hushed tone.

"Lost?  What do you mean lost?  She's sitting right there on the table in front of him."

Dylan hit the table with his head again.  He wanted to scream.

"No, Kyle," Harmon went on in very patient tones.  "This was Momoko-chan's console.  Dylan had an accident, and... well, Momoko-chan is no longer with us.  Dylan is grieving now, so please show a little sympathy."

"Grieving?  Jeeze Dylan, it was just a game!"

Dylan felt the table shift as Kyle took a seat.  He glared up at the smiling but painfully ignorant face of his coworker.

"It was not just a game!" Dylan snapped.  "Momoko-chan was the most significant, most intimate relationship of my life.  She was more than just my girlfriend, she was my everything!  How would you feel if Addie just suddenly up and died on you?"

"Not the same thing, bro.  Addie's a real person.  Momo-chan is just a game.  You can reload her."

"Momoko-chan," Harmon corrected Kyle. "And he can't reload her because he didn't back her up."

"Oh.  Well I guess that kind of sucks."

"Yeah, well kind of fuck you, Kyle!" Dylan snarled.

Kyle held up his hands.  "Hey, Dylan, lighten up.  Look, I know you really enjoyed this Virtual Love game, and Momoko-chan obviously meant something to you."  He took a poke at the dead console.  "But maybe this is a good thing.  You know, maybe this is the push you need to get more involved in real life.  You know, date a real girl?"

"Dude, who wants a real girl?" Derek protested.  "The Virtual Love hotties are the bomb.  They do whatever you want, whenever you want, and never argue with you.  Unlike your wetware girlfriend.  How many times have you and Addie broken up?"

Kyle laughed.  "More times than I can count, but hey, the make-up sex is always fantastic!  And you can't even have sex with one of those game girls."

"Not true!" Derek shot back.  "All you have to do is buy a vibro-sleeve—"

"Trust me, man, not the same thing at all.  Not even close.  No stupid plastic sleeve is ever going to replicate what it feels like to stick your cock inside a real pussy."

"Gentlemen, please!" Harmon interrupted.  "Must this conversation focus on such a disgusting topic?"

"Oh yeah, we forgot," Derek drawled.  "You and Hinata-chan don't do the nasty, do you?"

"Ours is a pure love," Harmon replied, buttoning up his cardigan. "You and that slut Kimi-chan wouldn't understand.  Speaking of which, where is Kimi-chan?"

"Oh. Uh, my dad sort of confiscated her."

"He what?"

Even Dylan looked up at that.  "Dude, what are you talking about? Why'd your old man take Kimi-chan?"

Derek shrugged.  "I got fired.  Dad says if I can't keep a job, I can't keep Kimi-chan either.  He's holding her hostage until I get a new job and pay off what I owe him on the repairs to the car."

"You still haven't paid that off yet?" Kyle asked.  "When'd you wreck his car?  Last year?"

"Lay off.  I don't need you nagging me too."

Kyle sighed.  "Well I hope you get a new job soon.  I'd hate to think what your old man might be doing with your girlfriend while he's got his hands on her."

"Dude!  That's just wrong!" Derek protested.

"Yes, Kyle, Harmon added.  Very disgusting.  Thank you for putting that image in our heads.  Not that it would happen, of course.  Even Derek is smart enough to set the security lock on his girlfriend."

Derek frowned.  "Uh, security lock?"

"I stand corrected," Harmon said, shaking his head.  "No security lock, no back-up files.  Why do I hang out with you morons again?"

"I don't know, man," Kyle said.  "Especially since you obviously think you got everything you need right there in that little plastic box. Anyway, I gotta split, guys.  I promised Addie we'd look at apartments tonight.  Now that I've been promoted to shift manager, she's finally agreed to move in with me!"

He stood and sauntered off, the smile across his face growing wider as a skinny blonde with mild acne pushed through the restaurant doors.

"Addie, babe!  You ready to go?"

Dylan, Derek and Harmon watched Kyle and his girlfriend head out, arm in arm.  They made it all of five feet before they started arguing as they walked.

"What does he see in her?" Harmon asked.  "She's nowhere near as pretty or as pleasant as Hinata-chan.  Oh well.  Some questions are better left unanswered."  He also stood up.  "I'm afraid I must depart as well. I'm taking Hinata-chan to the museum this afternoon to see the new Impressionist exhibit, and I promised Mother we'd be home in time for dinner.  So we must hurry.  See you gentlemen later.  Come along, my dear Hinata-chan."

"Yes, Harmon-san!  Were going to the art museum?  I'm so excited!"

Harmon exited, Hinata-chan's pink console tucked in the crook of his arm.  Derek turned to Dylan and made a motion of sticking his finger down his throat.

"What a loser.  He's so spun up about that mushy chivalry crap, I bet he won't even jerk off with Hinata-chan in the same room. If he allows himself to jerk off.  Anyway, I gotta go too, dude."  Derek stood up.  "I got a job interview at the Pizza Shack and I don't want to be late.  The sooner I get a job, the sooner I get Kimi-chan back from my dad.  Why don't you go over to Big Buy after work and check out the newest models?  The latest Virtual Love gals just came out and they're supposed to be way more flexible that the old Momoko-chan unit.  You might even be able to pick up a vibro-sleeve on sale."

"Yeah. Great.  I'll do that.  Right after I finish burying Momoko-chan in the backyard."

Derek sighed.  "Whatever, dude.  See you around."

"Yeah. See you."

*    *    *

That afternoon, after he got off work, Dylan headed out to Big Buy. Maybe Derek was wrong.  Maybe somebody at the store could fix his darling Momoko-chan.  At the very least, they might be able to retrieve her from the burnt-out console and install her into a new one.  He would pay any price to get his beloved back.

But all thoughts of Momoko-chan fled his brain when he reached the game counter and spied a slim woman with spiky red hair.  She turned to him and smiled.

"Welcome to Big Buy!  Can I help you with something?"

Dylan stared at the woman.  Her bright eyes sparkled in a way that sent shivers up and down his spine.  He snuck a quick glance at her breasts.  They were small and firm, and obviously free from the confines of a bra beneath her ripped t-shirt.  The name tag above the left one read, "Lolly."  When Lolly stepped a bit closer, Dylan felt his cock stiffen.  It hadn't done that since Momoko-chan had died.

"Uh, hello?" Lolly asked, still smiling.  "Did you need something?"

"Wha— Oh, yeah!  I uh, I wanted to buy... something.  Uh, do you have the latest game consoles for Virtual Love?"

The girl's smile withered into a disappointed frown.  "The dating game?  Yeah, we've got them here.  Were you looking for any particular model?"

Two hours later, Dylan hurried into his house and past his mother who shouted at him that he would need to reheat his own dinner because she sure as heck wasn't doing it for him.  He ignored her and headed downstairs to his basement room where, after locking the door, he pulled out a brand new Virtual Love game console.  His mother would shit when she saw the charges on her credit card, but Dylan didn't care. He stroked the deep purple plastic longingly for a few moments then pressed the 'on' button.  The screen came to life.

"Welcome to Virtual Love," said a blank-faced female.  "I am Sakura-chan.  Please customize me to suit your needs.  I am happy to make your acquaintance."

With a broad grin, Dylan punched at the control buttons.  It only took him fifteen minutes to give Sakura-chan red spiky hair, a slim build, small breasts and a ripped t-shirt with no bra underneath.

"Thank you, Dylan-san!" the virtual girl said as she admired her new appearance. "You've made me look so beautiful!  Are there any further changes you'd like to make?"

"Um, just one.  Can I call you Lolly-chan?"

The girl on the screen smiled.  "Oh Dylan-san, you may call me anything you want!"

© 2010 Helen E. H. Madden. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio: Who is Helen E. H. Madden? Read her bio on the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website.

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Port Said
Stranger in the Bonfire
Swap Meet
Switch Back
Twisted Faith

Screen Play
by A.F. Waddell

A Filing Fling
by Addison Long

Menage A Cart
by Adhara Law

Elevator Shaft
by Alana James

Torn in Two
by Alicia Night Orchid

by Angela Caperton

The Lady-killer
by BJ Franklin

The Vacation
by Beth Vox

Frostbite the Ice Pimp
by Chuck Lovepoe

The Accidental Fetish
by Corvidae

So Much in Common
by Daphne Dubonet

Unjust Rewards
by Delores Swallows

The Hand & I.
by EllaRegina

Safari Tuesday
by G. Gregory

The Puss Hater
by Inna Spice

One for the Road
by J. Corvo

Full Serviced
by J.D. Coltrane

Naked Over New York
by J.Z. Sharpe

The Chocolate Wife
by James Robert Sands

Once Shy
by Jamie Smithe

by Jean Roberta

Caitlin Comes Clean
by Jerry Rightson

Something To Make...
by Jim Parr

Melanie and Jay Go...
by jtallen

Peeping George
by Jude Mason

It's Lovely. It's Horrible.
by Kathleen Bradean

The Temp
by Kaye Heche

A Husband's Lesson
by Kim Bax

Better Than a Blow...
by Lauren Mills

Page 12 - No. F
by LilyOrchid

In The Name Of...
by Michael Michele

The Classics
by Nettie Kestler

The Wounded Healer
by Nicholas M.

by Nick Santa Rosa

The Cabin
by P. E. Brink

Post Mortem
by Riccardo Berra

Newly Reformed Woman...
by Seneca Mayfair

by Sybil Rush

by Teresa Lamai

Alter Christus
by Teresa Wymore

Shadows of De La Rosa
by Tori Diaz