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by Robert Buckley


erotic fictionOnly a blind person could keep his eyes off Gelsey.

When she came into a room everyone, male and female, interrupted their life for a moment and just gazed. And after she had settled into their midst, they were compelled to steal frequent glances.

Gelsey was like a fabulous creature out of a Nordic fantasy saga, with pale – practically white – blond hair that fell straight past her shoulders and framed a face so delicately pretty, one wondered if she could be of this earth. Flawless cream-hued skin, high cheekbones, and lively, ice-blue eyes – fringed with brows as pale as her hair – that gave the impression she was always contemplating some mischief. Her lips were pale pink cupid’s bows. To him, from the first day she enchanted him with her ethereal beauty, she seemed a sort of elfin princess or fairy.

She sat at her table reading a book as he approached. He counted the furtive glances from the other patrons, which turned to looks of disbelief and even dismay when she invited him to join her; as if it offended them that an unkempt, graceless dweeb like him should keep company with an angel.

“Catman! I didn’t think you were going to make it.” Her smile made his heart want to leap out of his chest. After seven years, she still had that effect on him.

“C’mon, Cat, sit down; I gotta ask you something really important.”

She’d dubbed him Cat or the Catman that first day in college, when she introduced herself after he laughed at a litany of droll observations she made at the expense of their fellow students and professors.

“Casper?” she’d responded to his name with a feigned expression of incredulity. “That’s what they used to call me when I was little ... like the ghost, because I’m practically albino.” She laughed at her self-deprecating aside.

“Nope, not Casper. You’re the Catman; wise and wily.”

He was? And that’s how they became the best of friends, and her salty humor and dry wit complemented his own wry view of the world spawned from a life of lonely invisibility. On campus they became the Princess and the Frog, as mismatched in appearance as any couple one could imagine. And while he basked in her company and her beauty, it also hurt. Because, they were, after all, just friends. He wasn’t her boyfriend.

But she had boyfriends, who were drawn to her like bees to a flower. And while he silently agonized, imagining her sharing her intimate charms with them, he kept the love he felt for her locked in some precious hidden place in his heart.

“So, Gels, what’s up? What’s with the frantic text?”

“Cat, you know you’re my very best friend.”

“Uh, yeah?”

“Damn it, Cat, we’re more than best friends, we’re soul mates ... well, soul buddies.”

“Uh, yeah ... and ...?”

“I couldn’t ask this of anyone else in the world.”

“Oh-oh, do you want me to kill someone?”

“Would you?” Her eyes narrowed, conveying the hatching of some conspiracy.


Her face brightened into a grin. “Had you going, didn’t I?”

He shook his head. “Okay, what’s your pleasure, princess? What quest are you sending me on now?”

“Uh ... do you know anything about enemas?”

He remained silent a moment, sort of like a pigeon knocked in the head with a stick.

“Cat? Enemas?” she pressed.

“Uh, enemas? Yeah.” He shrugged.

“Well, have you ever had one?”

“Yeah, when I was a little kid. My mom gave me a few.”

“Oh. Do they hurt?”

“Well, they don’t hurt exactly; they’re uncomfortable in a funky sort of way.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, all you’re doing is filling your colon with water until the pressure builds up enough to blast everything out of there.”

“Do you know how to give one?”

He shrugged. “Never have, but there isn’t much to it; you just stick a nozzle up your ass.”

“Eww! How’s that feel?”

“Gels, why do you want to know about enemas?”

“Cat, you know things are getting serious with Kyle and me.”

The pang in his chest felt like a gorilla had plucked his heartstring. Yes, he knew she and Kyle had crossed the line from just dating to something deeper. Kyle was everything Cat wasn’t: Tall, lean, handsome ... with an easy, confident personality. More important, he was a nice guy, and even Cat was happy for Gelsey, despite his breaking heart.

“Okay,” he replied. “So what does that have to do with enemas?”

“Cat, I couldn’t ask anyone else, except you.”


“Can you give me an enema?”

His hands clasped his head, and then vigorously massaged his skull.


“Um ... Gels. Sorry, that just isn’t something I expected anyone, much less you, would ever ask me in this lifetime.”

She giggled. “I’m sorry. I know how weird it sounds.”

“Yeah ... a little.”

“Cat, Kyle wants us to try anal sex, and I’m just being a little queasy about it.”

“Well, Gels, if you don’t want to do it, just tell him.”

“No, I do want to do it. It’s just ... I’m afraid what might happen.”

“Like what?”

“You know ... it’s dirty up there. What if he screws my ass and he comes out all covered in ... you know ... shit. That would make me feel so ... I couldn’t face him, that’s all.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t know from personal experience – of course – but, yeah, people do take enemas beforehand just to avoid that, or so I’ve heard.”

“So, will you do it?”

“Gelsey, you can give yourself an enema.”

“No, Cat, I couldn’t. Really, I tried sticking my finger in there, just to see what it felt like, but it was so weird.” She winced and squirmed in her seat.

“Yeah, but, Gels ... Kyle’s going to stick his ... you know ... in there.”

“That’s different. He’ll be doing it. I won’t be doing it to myself. Cat, I couldn’t give myself a shot either, if I had to ... it’s like that.”

“Okay, but still, Gels, you should get a girl to do it for you. How about your friend, Rina? She’s a nurse, isn’t she? She’d be perfect.”

“Rina’s a great kid, but she can’t keep her mouth shut. I don’t what the whole world to know my boyfriend is fucking me up the ass. That’s our business.”

“But, Gelsey, I can’t ... I’m not the one who should ...”

“Yes you are. I don’t trust anyone else to do this. Please, Cat, I want to be all clean for Kyle when we ... you know.”

“Aw, Jesus, Gels, I don’t know. I’d have to see your naked ass; won’t you be embarrassed?”

“Not if my best friend is doing the honors. Please, Cat, I can’t do it myself.”

Seven years, all through college, and those years since, and he’d never caught sight of her naked or even exposing her intimate anatomy. Sure, he’d seen her in a bikini, and even just a towel ... but that didn’t count.

But in the end, he couldn’t refuse her.

“Okay,” he said, more as a long resigned exhale.

“Thanks, Cat. Kyle’s coming over Saturday. You can come by a couple of hours before, okay?”

“Yeah ... okay.”

“So, what do we need? I’ll pay for it.”

“Well, we need to go to the drugstore. They have disposable enemas.”

“Disposable? What do you mean? You dispose of your poop after you use it?”

“No. You buy this little bottle with a nozzle, stick it up your ass and squeeze. Then you toss the bottle.”

“Oh, a little bottle?”

“Yeah, we’d likely need more than one. You’re probably better off going with the whole contraption.”


“An enema bag, with a hose and nozzle. They’re easy to use. Ever seen a douche bag?”

“You mean like my boss?”

“No, not her. She’s just a figurative douche bag.”

“No, not really.”

“Okay, well, it might look intimidating, but it’s really a pretty simple system.”

“Okay. Whatever you say; I’m relying on you.”




“I really do love you for this?”

There, she’d said that word, but if she only knew.

*    *    *

Cat and Gelsey left the café and walked to the huge drug store a block from where Gelsey worked. It was a chain store and the aisles were jammed with customers. He found the disposable enemas with no problem, but there was no sign of the apparatus he remembered from his childhood. They had to wait in line until he could ask one of the pharmacists.

The man did not respond with any expression, but wordlessly walked to the back of the store and returned with the kit. Like everyone else, the man found it difficult to drag his gaze away from Gelsey. Cat grinned inwardly wondering how horrified the man would be to think he’d be sticking the thing up Gelsey’s elfin ass.

Cat kept the apparatus and met Gelsey again after work. He returned with her to her apartment where he laid it out on her couch.

“Okay, first thing we do is fill the bag.”

“With what?”

“My mother used to use warm soapy water.”

“Really, that’s it?”

“Whacha think went up there ... oatmeal?”

“Okay, then what?”

“See this little clamp? Well we keep this closed while we slip this nozzle up your behind. We’ll lubricate it with some Vaseline or something.”

“It’s awfully long.”

“Yeah, well ... once it’s in it shouldn’t bother you too much.”

“Then what?”

“Then we release the clamp and the water flows into your behind.”

“How much?”

“Good question. Maybe a quart ... or more ... a gallon. I’m not sure exactly. I’ll try to look that up.”

Gelsey sat down and pressed her legs together. “You said it doesn’t hurt.”

“No, but you’ll feel the pressure build, and you’ll really want to go to the bathroom, but you’ll need to hold it as long as you can. Oh, and try not to eat anything for about eight hours before we do this. That’s about how long it takes food to travel through the body. We don’t want any backup showing up after we’ve cleaned you out.”

Gelsey exhaled like a spent bellows. “Okay. See you Saturday around 6?”

“Okay. You’re sure?”

“Yes. You’re the only one, Cat.” She stood and threw her arms around his neck. “Thanks.”

*    *    *

Cat arrived a little before six on Saturday and was greeted by Gelsey who wore socks and an oversized t-shirt that reached below her asscheeks.

“So, you still want to do this?”

“Yes. Um, where should we do it?”

“Well, the bathroom would be best.”

“It’s kind of cramped.”


Cat looked around her apartment for someplace to hang the bag.

“It works with gravity, so we have to hang this bag so that it’s above the level of your ass.”

“I guess it’ll have to be the bedroom. You can hang it over the closet door maybe, while I lie on the bed ... you think?”

Cat could see it was the only place it would work.

“Okay, I’ll go fill the bag. You get on your bed on your knees with your face flat against the bed so your behind will be sticking up.”


Cat left to fill the bag in the kitchenette sink. When he returned his heart skipped a beat as he beheld Gelsey’s naked ass and pink, puffy pussy, presented to him as if in supplication. His cock hardened with the thought he could easily whip it out and plunder her plump sex.

“Oh my God,” he sighed.

“Cat? You okay?”

“I ... I just never saw you naked before.”

She giggled. “I must look ridiculous.”

He shook his head silently. She didn’t see.

“Okay, I smeared some Vaseline on the nozzle. You ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.”

He hesitated a moment. “Gels, I gotta put my hand on your bum.”


He sucked in his breath and laid one hand on her left cheek. The sensation of soft, warm skin made his head swirl. He tried to steady himself as he aimed the nozzle at her pinkish-orange pucker.

“Okay, here it comes.”

“Ooo, ooo-ooo-ooo, gawd, that feels so strange.”

“Okay, it’s all the way in. Now relax, I’m going to release the water.”

“Okay ... whoa! Oh, shit.”

“Just breathe easy.”

“Oh ... oh-oh-oh ... it feels like little pins ... I have to go.”

“Not yet, there’s more ... wait until it’s all in.”

“Cat ... please, I can’t ... oh, my belly’s going to burst.”

“No it isn’t, c’mon, you can do it. Just a little while more.”

Her breath came in staccato pants. “Please ... Cat?”

“Okay, now hold it in; I’m going to take the nozzle out.”

“Ooooo, Cat, I’m gonna poop.”

“No you’re not. You’re going to hold it, and then you’re going to stand up and walk slowly to the bathroom.”

“I can’t ... I can’t, I can’t, I can’t ... oh, no, I can’t hold it, please, Cat.”

Cat placed two fingers against her pucker and pressed.

“C’mon, I’ll help you. Back up, then stand.”

It was all so surreal, with him bent pressing his fingers between her asscheeks like the Dutch boy plugging the dam as she waddled like a duck with a hernia toward the bathroom.

She began to cry, “I’m not going to make it.”

“Yes, you are, honey. You’re doing great.”

He maneuvered her so she could sit on the toilet quickly.

“I’m taking my fingers away now.”

She sat, a powerful whoosh followed.

“Whoa! Jesus. It’s still coming.”

Cat stepped outside and waited.

“Okay, Gels?”

“Yeah ... oh my gosh.” She began to giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“Jesus,” she laughed. “It was almost like coming. No wonder some people get addicted to them.”

Cat laughed. “Yeah, well, it’s the same principal; build up pressure then let it go all at once. How’s it looking in there?”

“Yuck. I never saw such stuff. Ick.”

“Clean yourself up. We should do one more just to make sure you’re all cleaned out.”

“Okay, give me a sec.”

Cat refilled the bag and hung it from the bedroom closet door.

Gelsey stepped in and rucked up her tee. “I think I’ll be better this time, now that I know what to expect.”

“Fine, assume the position.”

She climbed onto the bed and pressed her breasts to her knees. “Release the Kraken!”

“Quiet, you nut.”

Cat placed his hand on her cheek again, but before he inserted the nozzle, he leaned and kissed her there.

“Hey, what’s that for?”

“Good luck. Okay, here it comes.”

Gelsey began to pant again. “Jesus, this is so unnatural.”

Cat monitored the water level in the bag as Gelsey began to squeal.

“Oh, God, I have to go.”

“You can hold it.”

“No, please, Cat. Plug me up.”

“Okay, just a sec.” He removed the nozzle and placed his fingers against her anus again. Another penguin march to the bathroom followed. She moaned in relief as she expelled the water.

“How’s it look now?” he asked.

“Clear as water,” she said.

“Well ... I guess my work is done.”

Cat cleaned the nozzle and put the apparatus in an unused drawer in the kitchenette. He stood and realized he was trembling. He wanted to kiss her so badly, he wanted to hold her and snuggle her naked in her bed. He told himself to get a grip.

Gelsey dressed then retrieved some cheese and crackers from the fridge and popped open some wine. She toasted their success.

“An exquisite evacuation,” she said, and giggled.

Kyle arrived and Cat announced, “I should be going.”

“C’mon out with us, Cat,” Kyle invited. “We’re checking out that gourmet pizza joint that opened.”

“No thanks. I had pizza for breakfast. You guys have fun.”

“You sure, man. My treat?”

“Thanks, Kyle. Some other time.” Then he looked at Gelsey. “Take care of my angel.”

There was something in his tone. It sounded like a farewell more than a goodnight.

Gelsey followed him out into the hall.

“Cat?” She hugged him to her and said. “Thanks, Cat. I’m so glad we met. I’ll never have another friend as good as you.”

He tightened his embrace and kissed her cheek. “You too, Gels.”

He made it to the street before his eyes spilled their reservoir of tears.

© 2013 Robert Buckley. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio: Who is Robert Buckley? Read his bio on the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website.


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